just automotive & electrical ltd. 12 holmes road manurewa / over charge and bad behavior.

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my car stereo wire at the back came off and i had no right tools to open the stereo unit, so i went to this company (just automotive & electrical ltd. 12 holmes road manurewa) to get my stereo wire fixed. the guy opened the unit and fixed it. it took him only 5 minutes.
but he charged me $95.30 just for a 5 minute job. i told him he is charging too much and the $95.30 does not sound reasonable. he started arguing with me and starting threatening me to pay otherwise he will take my car and put it into his garage workshop. when i asked for the bill he refused and so i refused to pay the money. i wanted the bill, but he did not gave me the bill. he in fact took my car and drove it into his garage and took my car keys as well. i finally had to call the police. and then the police helped me getting my car back. but still i had to pay $95.30 for that 5 minute minor job.
a total rip off!!!

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  • Sh
      10th of Feb, 2010
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    that company should be blacklisted!

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  • Hs
      29th of Oct, 2010

    hi, i had very similar dealings with this company, fortunaly not as bad as experience! there must be other's out there like us.

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  • Mu
      8th of Nov, 2010

    Hi there.

    I indeed have had a really bad experience with this company!!

    Just last week my partner was leaving work at midnight, only to drive out of his work gate to hear something fall and the car thump over it, getting out of the car he found that the crank shaft pulley had FALLEN out, this of which we had taken the car to this workshop 2 months prior to get fixed!! After taking it in to be diagnosed the mechanic told us that he would need to replace the engine as it would be the cheaper and better option, so we trusted him and got him to do the work (after of course getting a quote) after the quote he conveniently found a few other things that he would have to do otherwise he would not give us the 3 month warranty! We told him we only had such n such amount to get the work done as we'd taken a loan out to get it fixed. He would not budge in price and just kept saying we would have to come up with it or not warranty, explaining to him I had just had a baby n already had 2 young children we did not have that kind of money laying around. We ended up not paying the extra, for the 1st lot of work he it was said to take 2 days, after the 2 days it was always tomorrow for the whole week and a half later, promising a courtesy car, always tomorrow again, we never got to see it.

    So, here comes the fun, after calling him about the crank shaft falling out he told us we would have to pay the outstanding $160 if he was to do the work, understandingly, we paid up. He towed it from where we'd left it, rang to say it would be ready tomorrow, to our surprise it was! We went in to pick it up, my partner started the car...all I could hear, being about 50 meters away, in a car with windows up...rattling!!! My car, at it's worse, never rattled that bad before!!! My partner went in and said mate, you've made my car worse? Nah, nah mate, I fixed what needed to be fixed. My partner disagreeing asked him to come out and listen to it, so he did, telling us its ok, I fixed what I was ment to, not my problem now! Hearing this made my partner and I a bit angry, asking why it sounded this way now he said he didn't know and didn't care. We asked him to fix what ever he had done or give our money back and we'd leave it at that, all he could say was I don't care, take it somewhere else! My partner wasn't happy with this, as I don't think anyone else would be. The mechanic was going to walk inside and leave it as that. My partner an I wanted answers, wanted something to be done with what he had done to our car. So my partner was wanting the mechanic to talk to us about it, sort something out. The mechanic 'not caring' kept trying to walk inside but my partner would stand in-front of him asking him, just sort something out with us, if you've done nothing wrong why are you trying to ignore the problem? Long story short, police were called, mechanic tried to say my partner had assaulted him etc. Police unfortunately could not do anything except trespass my partner from the mechanics!

    From the 2nd day, when we were ment to get our car back, we had nothing but poor service, lies and bad work on our car, which the mechanic knew would be carrying children!!!
    Lucky for him my children were not in the car and my partner was going slow at the time of the piece falling out of the engine!!!

    I am in the process of taking this through the courts, placing a complaint with the mta and going through the Civil Defence Burea as well.

    Oh and did I mention, I luckily recorded the whole ordeal! You made my car worse, I don't care! <<< Don't think that's gonna go down to well with the people that I will be dealing with about this! Hopefully this will help all the others that have dealt with this place too!!

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  • Hu
      12th of Nov, 2010

    I had a flat battery so I called just automotive 24 hour mobile at 5.30pm as I needed to get back to the Mount from Auckland, they said that a mechanic will be there soon, by 7pm no mechanic so I called again, she said he is coming, 7.30pm still no mechanic, I called again, she said he will be there soon, by 8pm I had enough so I called and the rude office woman said basically don't get my tits in a tangle he is coming! I was almost in tears by this time and my sis told me that’s not on, well 8.30 pm still no mobile mechanic so I rang for the fourth time and guess what? the rude woman said no one can come!!!... WHAT I said, I told her this is not on, she just laughed and told me I was upset because I had to get back to the Mount, I was quite surprised to be Insulted in such a manner, I couldn't believed it?" In tears I goggled another 24 hour mobile mechanic and by 9pm i was on my way home.yay thanks to this great guy whom I would love to mention but sadly this is a complaint. If this is how Aucklanders are treated I’m so glad I don't live there. Over Rated, VERY VERY RUDE STAF[censored]

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  • T1
      25th of Apr, 2011

    3 weeks ago i rang them up to ask for a guy to come scan my car (i live in central auckland btw). I own a Mazda RX-8 and choose for them to come take a look at it because they advertise on how they specialize on rotary engines. The engine fault light was on and just wanted to know what was wrong and the girl said to me that a mechanic will be on his way (this was at 1pm) i waited at home and it 6pm when he finally arrived. Took him 10 minutes to scan the car and tell me that he doesnt know whats wrong with it and that it needs to be towed to take a look at whats wrong.
    They tow it away that night and said they will ring me the next morning with an update...4 days later i still hadnt heard from them so i ring up and ask whats happened? The guy says hes not sure yet nd needs some more time 2 days pass nd i still havent heard anything so i again had to ring up. They guy says that theres something wrong with the engine ( kidding the engine fault light was on...i dont need to be a mechanic to know that) and then he told me it would cost to fix it and if my mechanical warranty (which i have with vero) would cover for this. He said Yes it would. So i gave him my policy number and asked him to ring me back when he gets the OKay from them. half a week pasts by and i havent heard anything from them. SO i again have to ring them (even though they said they would ring me back) and the guy said that he can't contact them and asked me to do it. I ring up my insurance company and found out that they have been blacklisted... I ring up the company again and tell them that my insurance company does not deal with you, and asks why they had lied to me before and told me that they do deal with vero. The guy then blames vero for being rude and says that i should just pay for it and get it fixed.
    I decided to get it fixed but from a company that my insurance has recommended. So i ring up just autos again to tell them that i will be getting it fixed else where so if they could send me an invoice for their services nd i can collect my vehicle...Turns out that i can't drive it and they need to deliver it to the other garage... i ask the girl to send me an invoice (at 3pm) so i can quickly go to the bank and transfer the money ... it was 6pm nd all the banks had already closed up ... 3 days later i got the invoice and you know what? i was shocked!
    the invoice had the following:
    Call out $68.50 (they don't mention a call out fee, but i guess that was my fault for not knowing)
    Scan $75 (guy told me it would be $60)
    Tow $60
    another tow to other garage $70
    Labour $117 (Wtf what labour? they didnt even do anything to it...)
    and then about 60 bucks for tax -.-
    i paid around $450 for them to tell me that theres a faulty engine light on (which i could figure out just by seeing it) They dont tell me why its faulty ... This company is just a scam...theres no point ever going there

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  • Ag
      17th of May, 2011

    I wonder if its the company or the 'consumers'. They seem nice enough and competent to me, me and my family and friends have used them for 7 years, and had nothing but the best service, always on time and great staff. I think they offer an amazing service, if something goes wrong they fix it, they offer free call outs, they are 24/7, what more do you want? I would not go anywhere else but to Just Automotive for my services and repairs. You guys are sad.

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  • Tk
      2nd of Feb, 2019

    @AG Smith you related

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  • Vi
      27th of May, 2011

    Well, I wish I had found this site before my bad unprofessional experience, it all started when my fan belt broke in greenlane, managed to park up at the BP servo, my wife found this just automotive on the net and rang, they said they can't come out that night and will come first thing in the morning although they say 24 hour mobile mechanic, told my wife that I won't need a lift to work as my car will ready, rang in the morning, lady says we can't come, huh? I said I’m waiting, so she goes away, I’m left waiting on the phone for like 10 minutes. Then she tells me they definitely can't come. So now I’m stuck, my wife is at work, and I have taken time off from my job. had to pay $55 to catch a cab to work then $55 back after work to my car where I met another 24 hour mobile mechanic and got my car up and running on the time arranged. I wouldn't have minded if they just said NO, instead leading my on, Very disappointed and wasted my hard earned cash.

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  • Wi
      3rd of Jun, 2011

    I still can't see what people are complaining about? One of you says its their fault, another admits to being abusive towards the staff, and another says they didnt come, yet told me so anyway? Prehaps you should reasses yourselves rather than blaming hardworking people?

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  • Mu
      3rd of Jun, 2011

    lmao, this is so 'the mechanic'!!! Who admits to being abusive? I just read through all the listings and didn't see that anywhere, the person who said they didn't come...ummm what they are saying is that was the service they were MENT TO RECEIVE...but DID NOT! And someone saying it was their fault? What down pour did you come down in? Hard working people?! Yea, must be hard work ripping people off and putting lives in danger aye!!!

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  • Te
      5th of Jun, 2011

    We have evaluated your concerns, and although we understand you were upset at the time, this is certianly an inappropiate place to voice them if you have exaggerated the truth, and this certainly is not what this site is for. We are happy to offer futher assistance where needed, as we understand you may not be happy, and wish to provide the best service possible. Complaints for any company is seen as a way to only improve on services, or negotiate and come to an agreement in a civilised manner. Mummy of 3, we apologise if you are upset, however the abusive display called intimidation and harrassment left us no choice but to call the police. If you and your husband were willing to talk through your concerns, I am 100% sure we would have come to an agreement on some terms. We have written in to this site for your comments to be removed, and will email them a copy of the police report also. Shish, if you refused to pay your bill, and this is concidered theft, after attempting to help you again we had to call the police as you began to harrass the staff after they explained your invoice to you. The police asked you to settle you account with this company, and we thank you for complying with that. But again we are sorry you feel this way, and hope you understand what the police advised of you. T1195, we are sincerly sorry you feel this way, and we would like to assist you further if we could. We would like to explain that we are not blacklisted from any insurance company, and Vero can confirm that also. You have the right to choose where you will have your car repaired. Hopefully your vehicle concern has been rectifed. Huhanamoto, we are still trying to find this person on our records. If you called and did not recieve a call out, we apologise. When a call out is booked in it is dispatched at the time, and we cannot find the dispatch time, or the phone call recording saying anything resembling what you have described, only leaving us to believe this is a spam or extremely exaggerated truth about this company and in which case, I dont believe that is what this site is for. We are happy to resolve any concerns in a civilised manner, and negotiate an agreement on reasonable terms if you are not happy, as we aim to satisfy your vehicle needs and requests on a solutions based positive attitude. Please feel free to call us or email us in writing, and we will be open to discuss and hopefully resolve any concerns you may have. Kind Regards Management

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  • Tk
      2nd of Feb, 2019

    @Teamleader123 Chose not to call you after reading this

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  • Mu
      5th of Jun, 2011

    This is ment to be a complaints board so how is it the wrong place? As for us willing to talk through our concerns, that is exactly what we TRIED to do numerous amounts of times! Abuse, intimidation? Having it all recorded and being shown to numerous police members, i have been told there was NO abuse and t'was the mechanic who was using intimidation. When the police were called they totally understood where we were coming from and agreed the service was not appropriate. I did not REFUSE to pay the bill, I had rung them and told them I could not afford it that moment. We had agreed to part payments!! So, it's almost like, nah you didn't pay it all up front, I won't fix your car properly? The main problem I have with this is that 5 people (or even more) could possibly be dead in result of the poor service. No sorry or anything!! And you want this comment removed for that???

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  • Mu
      7th of Jun, 2011

    Long story short, no exaggeration, nothing but the truth!
    Negotiate something in a civilized manner? You mean like how my partner and i tried to but we were turned away? We would have Loved to have gotten things sorted, instead we were left with a dangerous vehicle and ALOT of money down the drain! As you may remember, I had recorded the whole ordeal, after police & MTA members viewing it, we were told there was no 'harrasment' my partner did not lay a hand on you or any colleges, verbal abuse was bounced around by BOTH parties. The police did not ask us to settle the account with you, we had done that the day prior to picking up the vehicle, if you look at the police report and our invoice you would see that.
    Is there anyway you can justify the poor service on the vehicle? The main thing needing to be repaired was the piece that fell off the car! Now, you knew that we had children in the car (not that, that should make a difference) but in saying that, you'd know how safe we'd expect the vehicle to be. Had we been on the motorway going 100k's with our children in the vehicle lives could have been lost! All we wanted from this was an apology and money refunded for the job that was clearly not done correctly! I'm sure you'd expect the same if it was you in our shoes would you not?

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  • Ka
      18th of Aug, 2011

    They suck! I want to add another complaint!
    BEWARE! I was provided a curteosy car (about an hour after waiting around), that wasn't registered and warranted, much to my disgust once I realised when I was on the road. Then it broke down on the road!! The price to get work the work done on my car was cheap and the work was good. I was given a WOF, however when I went to pay my car registration a month later I'm told that I can't because I don't have a WOF showing on the national system. Receptionist has no idea of customer service and is telling me I don't have a WOF although I've got the paperwork and sticker on my windscreen?? A Joke!

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  • Ju
      19th of Sep, 2011

    Yes they suck big time, left my son waiting for hours on the side of the motorway promising they were coming out to repair his car, 5 hours later and stress they told him they are to busy, idiots total utter idiots, Consumers BEAWARE!!!

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  • Yu
      19th of Sep, 2011

    I wish Id know about this site earlier. I was ripped by this company TWICE. First job was 2 years ago. They have a coupon in the local directory stating "free towing" so I rang and spoke them asking if they could test my car to see whats wrong and then from there I take the free towing option. But apparently they "tested and scanned" the car, and then told me they didnt know what was wrong and had to take it back to the workshop. Their timing...rubbish. Customer service? The girl is useless, unfriendly and seemed more content on her makeup than serving me and my inquiry. They said it would take them a few hours and they would call me... 2 days later I rang them they told me what was wrong. Anyway in the end I paid 300 bucks for something I know now I couldve done myself for less than 100. Second time was them coming to check whats wrong with my car. It took 5 minutes for him to say it was the immobiliser and needs to be taken out. I did a callout by the way (even though Im only down the road I have 3 kids under 5yrs) and WITHOUT my permission the guy took the immobiliser out, wouldnt give it to me... and charged me 160. WTF? I didnt appreciate being dealt with in such a unappropiate manner. They need to be shut down I dont understand how they operate. YES, both times they fixed the problems, but the manner in which they carried it out is beyond belief. They dont appreciate their customers if you ask me. Ring me anytime 2684657. I will gladly complain to your superiors

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  • Jw
      26th of Sep, 2011

    I’m very disappointed in this company, they blatantly lied to my elderly mother who’s had nothing but trouble since they conned her into some special service deal on her car, she has gone back to her regular repairer to put things right, they stated that their workmanship was well below the average standard, after several phone calls to just automotive to discuss their hugely inflated invoice I her given up as the troll on the end of the line knows everything!!! I will be telling everyone I know to stay clear of this so called company. 

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  • Sw
      21st of Nov, 2011

    Just Automotive are cons. Dont be tempted by the voucher for free towing to their garage as I was. I was told by the call out guy that it was probably just the starter motor or spark plugs. They ended up charging me a bit over 800 dollars in total without so much as a phone call to let me know what they were repairing. Upon reviewing the invoice, I found they had included an oil and filter change, air filter, a couple of other things as well as a ridiculous amount for labour, I didnt ask for a bloody servicing! It was particularly hard for me considering I'm a student and ended up having to borrow money to pay for it.

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  • Fo
      26th of May, 2012

    These guys are complete cowboys, the whole business is based on ripping the public off. There should be a law against it (hang on...I think there is!!!)

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  • Mr
      29th of Jun, 2012

    ...Awful service
    My husband and I had a mobile mechanic service come to us, I am still amazed by the horrible customer service we received, our car was taken to a workshop in Manurewa to have a part replaced (apparently it couldn’t be done at our hm, Huh?) after days waiting and no phone call I rang them. The people working there treat you as if you're bothering them and you're the stupidest person on the face of the earth. We are elderly people and its very upsetting being treated in such a rude matter, the final bill was horrendously inflated according to the MTA, shame on you Just Automotive!

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  • Sa
      10th of Jul, 2012

    BEWARE...THESE GUYS WILL RIP YOU OFF!!! bunch of useless and doggy wannabe mechanics, they Tamper with your car, no repairs was done then give you a bill shock in thousands, even threatening their customers, this is not how to do business, Police has been contacted, even Target & Fair Go. Shame on you! just check out their other BAD feedback I'm not the only unhappy customer. They should change their name to JUST RIP OFF AUTOMOTIVE!!!

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  • Ge
      15th of Jul, 2012

    I had had to deal with this rip off company! My car wouldn't start one day so I called 'just automotive' to come and fix it. they said it needs to be towed back to their workshop. He told me to rip out an add in the yellow pages to get the tow for free! so i did and the next morning it was towed. I received a quote a few days later for $3500 saying i needed a completely new motor! I decided not to continue with the work and went to pick up the car. They wouldn't release my car without paying $200+ for towing, call out and a hrs work! i argued the voucher for free tow etc and ended up paying $170 so they would release my car. The following day i called mobile mechanics (another company) to come look at it for a 2nd opinion, and I'm glad i did all that was wrong was the car was flooded and he fixed it with in 20 min for $80!!!

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  • Ce
      23rd of Oct, 2012


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  • Ce
      12th of Nov, 2012


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  • Ca
      20th of Nov, 2012

    I recently engaged this company to do an at home service of my 2003 Nissan Avenir as I had previously used Hometune but decided to give this crowd a go. Upon searching the internet for mobile mechanics I made contact with them and booked a technician who was to turn up the following morning. After finally arriving at 3pm, the tech hooked the car up for a diagnostic check and took the car for a 3 minute drive with me, and advised that the car need to be towed back to their facility for some urgent maintenance. The tech arranged for their transporter to collect the car that afternoon, but alas was not collected until mid the following day (thanks...really hated having to take an extra day off work waiting for them to turn up), and was subsequently taken to their yard for repairs.
    Despite phoning this crowd every second day over a nine day period to establish exactly what they had found to be the so called cause, I was finally told that the 3rd an 4th gears needed replacing (this is a CVT transmission) and that they were ordering from Nissan ex Japan. Naturally as this was the first time I had heard of such a problem (considering the car was originally only booked in for a tune up for engine mis-firing) I was somewhat taken aback and a bit stunned to find that they wanted to rip the transmission out...the tech advised the repairs would probably be in the $3500 range.
    After doing a Google on the company i found this message board of complaints and immediately smelt a rat (if only i had seen this first), and consequently contacted them to advise that no further work was to be done on the car, and that I would be collecting the vehicle the following day. Upon asking if the vehicle was in a drivable state, i was informed that it was and would be able to be picked up (although they were quite insistent that they should continue wit the repairs given that they had already started and that i'd only be paying more labour for someone else to do what they were intending).
    Arriving the next morning unannounced at their workshop to collect the vehicle, I was informed by the receptionist (who quickly made a phone call to the tech) that the car wasn't in fact ready, and after an hour and a half of waiting, the car was "magically" reinstalled...this despite the fact that when i turned up unannounced, the car was actually parked outside in an neighboring business' carpark and certainly didn't appear in pieces...quite the contrary as the vehicle was actually driven into the workshop for the reinstall...i suspect that they hadn't even done anything with the vehicle as the tech was quick under the bonnet fidgeting around with diagnostics etc.
    Having finally got my hands back on the car and parting with $491.00 (for what I'm not exactly sure as, despite them having had the car for 9 days, the labour content was a mere 2.5 hours), I drove it home, and the following day took it into a transmission workshop dealing specifically with CVT transmissions and advised them of the supposed problem, asking if they could rectify, and leaving the car with them over the weekend (the guy there said he would have a look and suggested the car be ready on the Monday afternoon). The rates quoted for the repair (given that he would also do a complete transmission fluid flush and also replace the input and output sensors as well as the stepper motor) was going to be around the $1500.00 mark, however i was surprised when I went to collect the car to find that they advised the transmission was fine with no problems at all, no transmission flush required as the fluid was in excellent condition, no problems at all with the gears, sensors or stepper motor. He surprised me by adding that he would not charge me anything at all, as "there really wasn't anything for us to repair...the CVT is in good condition", and the problems i'd been advised by Just Automotive were a mechanical issue and not transmission related at all!!!
    Luckily a friend had referred me onto a reputable mechanic he used about 2kms away from the transmission crowd were, so off i hopped to see what they could find.
    After 40mins on the diagnostics and $170.00 later, they had found that Just Automotive had replaced an intake gasket but hadn't disconnected the battery upon unplugging the sensors, and alas the ECU had "scrambled and confused itself" and was overcompensating by trying to correct an issue that wasn't actually there. All that was required was for a reset to be performed and "WALLAH"...perfect working car!!!
    What surprised me more was that this mechanic had just worked on a car the day prior that someone else had taken to Just Automotive, and mysteriously enough, they were also advised that the transmission was stuffed and needed replacing, cost to be $ was found only to be a distributor cap not seated correctly thus misfiring.
    Target or Fair Go really need to get in and see this crowd as they really are trying to take people for a ride.

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  • Fe
      19th of Feb, 2013

    Anyone who reads these comments in advance - choose another panel beater

    In january my car got stuck somewhere in auckland on the weekend thus I called them to get road assistance. Arriving after 30min I was quite happy. Doing a quick check with the error memory I was told that they couldnt really identify the error and it has to be towed.
    Okay after driving me home they stated they would give me a call on monday. After hadn't received one I eventually called on tuesday and got told that there had to be several repairs done to get the car repaired. I aggreed and after 3 days I received the car back without any further problems, besides from me always had to call them and they never called back although said everytime.

    After receiving the car back it took me another 3-4 days of emails and calls to finally get my warranty for the repairs.

    So now, nearly a month later I got another small issue with my car and I went to a workshop next to my house and they told me that there was a small oil leakage probably the rocker cover gasket (which has been replaced in january). Okay I called just automotive to make an arrangement, which by the way took me another 5 emails and calls. Eventually I was told to come over and due to the fact that I haven't been there before I first walked in to the wrong workshop. As I told the guy to which company I would like to go he laughed at me and said bro you don't really want to go there and told me some stories he heard about it. Suspiciously I went to the right shop and entered the office where I met the receptionist with whom I phoned a couple of times before. At first she was phoning for approx 10 minutes with different persons before I got her attention. I told her who I am and my concern and she said that all mechanics are currently on the road but it shouldnt take too long. Meanwhile I saw a flyer of the workshop with the ad of free towing. Telling her about that she stated that it is only valid if I would have said this at the point of time when the car was towed. Upset with this I started discussing with her and she became very rude, interrupting me while I was talking and saying the she wants to help the next customer. Startled I asked her whether it might be possible to finish our conversation first. She told me that the mechanic is waiting outside for me and that we can discuss later on the entire night, in a very sarcastic way. Asking me from which country I am from because in her country it is handled this way made me quite angry as well. In my opinion that's a no-go being not supportive to a customer.

    Anyway I went outside and after 5 minutes the mechanic arrived with an obvious expression of 'i dont care'. he looked into the car and found the leakage inside the distributor which also has been replaced by them. because of not having this particular seal in the workshop it should be ordererd and then replaced tomorrow. He further told me to better speak with the girl from the office. So I went back inside the office and waited for another 10 minutes for her finishing phoning. Explaining the situation she said yes she will order the part and I can come back tomorrow. To confirm this I asked whether this part is part of the warranty whereupon I was told thats not quite sure although it is inside the distributor they replaced. Bummer I told her that it is quite urgent because I wont be in auckland from the weekend on any more. Calling just automotive the next day (not necessary to mention i had to call) i was told to wait a minute. after approx 6 minutes of waiting i hung up and tried again later on. Same situation occured and after I called a third time within a day I got told the part might not be here until next week ( probably knowing that next week is too late for me).

    After all this I happily spend the money for repairing the leakage somewhere else instead of going in this place a second time and sacrifice precious time and money.

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  • Se
      10th of Apr, 2013

    How I wished I had seen all this before engaging the 'services' of this terrible company. Unfortunately they have created a flash looking image of themselves with a completely different name: Auckland Mobile Mechanics, so trying to find out who and where they physically are was a challenge. I have literally never, ever dealt with such a liar before in all my life - and that is the receptionist/call centre person!

    She pretended throughout all the calls to be working from a completely different location to the workshop where our car was taken, "our Manukau branch", she called it. As soon as the car was towed away (because they claimed they couldn't fix it as a mobile job), it was phonecall after phonecall (us to them), trying to get some sort of answer as to what was going on, how long it would take - and where the hell were they??! The person answering the phone would on almost every single occasion, put you straight on hold and then come back on the line and talk over you for few minutes while you try to get your words out...then say she had to go and that she'd call you back within the 'half', 'hour', or 'in the afternoon'...NEVER did. Always had to ring back. Told by receptionist woman and Simon (two different calls), 'we'll get back to you before tonight' ...guess what? DIDN'T! Final call of the night to them and the guy, Simon promised they'd call "first thing in the morning with a quote and idea of timing". First thing! That's what he said. Absolutely sounded reasonable. Note of course that no-one ever does the basic customer service thing of saying "sorry for the wait".

    Anwyays...morning comes...and goes...and we call them at lunchtime...aarggh. More runaround conversations, then AMAZINGLY, mid-afternoon a call comes through from them!! "Just letting you know your car is fixed. How would you like to pay for that so I can organise the car being transported back to you?" I was so stunned and happy that it took a moment before I realised that I still hadn't had a quote from them! $500!! The woman says "oh it's $278 for parts and the rest is labour" a total idiot I paid. I know, I know, I am a ### for doing that but I was just so desperate to have the car back. Of course my next question was..."what time will the car arrive?". "Oh" she said, "later this afternoon or tomorrow morning". What? No!! I need the car now, like yesterday actually. I asked her where they were so I could just come down and pick it up myself. "It's at our Manukau branch...don't worry..we'll bring it to you". No, no, no, thank you...I pleaded...I do not need you to transport it to me, I will come and get it. I MUST come and get it, as I cannot wait until tomorrow! Surely this will be less hassle for you guys if I just come and collect it??? She leaves the phone for a minute and then comes back on, claiming she's super busy and tells me she'll ring me straight back. Does she? No, she does not.

    I cannot believe I am still being ridiculously polite to this woman. The only reason I am still being polite - but very clearly stating the urgency of the situation - is that I believe she is some central call-centre person trying to coordinate incoming calls for multiple workshops and mobile vans. But...yet again...she does not call back - I have to call her...and does she apologise or way. Guess what...a couple more calls later (us to them), no tow-truck, still no idea where in Manukau the workshop is, and finally told that there's a problem with a part, but they had it now but the car would now not be ready until tomorrow. WTH!! I mean, if I could write those letters any larger, and pulsating like a temple-vein on a person about to have a heart attack - I would! Reminding her that she had called me and told me THE CAR was FIXED - and that she had made me pay for it already - was completely pointless. NO APOLOGY even. Nothing. Just a sort of 'these things happen' kind of comment as she rang off. Oh, wait, no. She did say the car would be delivered in the morning...sometime between early morning and mid-morning-ish.

    No points for guessing what happened? delivery of car. Multiple phonecalls to the company again and same woman handling these calls. She eventually tells us that the part still hasn't arrived yet. AAARRGGH...holy cow. Seriously?? However, she is on its way and should be here - whoops - at the Manukau branch - within an hour. Too late missy...I heard you say the word 'here' now incredibly suspicious about the setup. She again promises to call. More than an hour goes call, not even one to say "am so sorry, the courier still hasn't arrived" (and maybe throw in an "I'm so sorry to have been telling you massive fibs the entire time"). I am finally beside myself with frustration. I call again and ask firmly and repeatedly for the address of the Manukau branch so that I can get down and ready to take the car the second it is finished. She puts me on hold 'to look up the address'..and comes back on and says "30 Holmes Road, Manukau". "Thir-tee, 3-0?" I repeat back to her. "Yes, 30 Holmes pretty sure'. "Ok, I say, so is the workshop called 'Auckland Mobile Mechanics" (yes, really - I REALLY thought to ask that. It occurred to me that maybe they'd subcontracted it out to another business). Her answer: "yes, it's Auckland Mobile Mechanics".

    I then google this listing...I check the yellow again. Then I google 30 Holmes Road and mechanic...and get a few businesses on that road but none at #30. So in despair, I drive down there - it's a looong way from my house. Up and down the road I go...there's NO number 30!! Neither is there a business called Auckland Mobile Mechanics!! There are other workshops though...

    So I call her and double-check that the number is right and she goes all vague and ums and ahhs..."oh, yeah, am not sure of the number but it is a kind of yellow building near an orange building"...Okay, thanks man. I find a building which matches that description and walk in and there's a receptionist behind the desk. I tell her why I'm there...she doesn't seem surprised to see me (but I think that maybe immediately goes into the story about the missing courier (bear in mind that by this time it is now a couple of hours after when the part should have arrived, and I've not received a phonecall). Strangely her voice and manner of speaking is EXACTLY like the woman I've been talking to on the '0508' number...but this woman keeps referring the 'them' whenever I mention all the other calls. She also says "I wish they'd told me there was some sort of rush on this"...of course I have an internal meltdown at this comment and tell her I have been going on about the rush in every, single phonecall to the poor person on the 0508 number. I even say "she must be very busy"...and this chick here agrees and says, 'Yes, they are really busy - they take lots of phonecalls'. Looked me straight in the face as she said this.

    At this moment I have to go sick to my stomach with worry now. That and the alarm-bells going off like crazy in my head that she and the call-centre person are one-in-the-same...and that this incredibly crumbly looking business (not that that means they can't be good mechanics in there)...which bears no resemblance to the one advertised with glowing all front and no substance - or worse. So many things this woman is saying is a direct spin-off from things I'd talked about with the call-centre chick and yet this woman was definitely going out of her way to make it clear that the 0508 team were other people. As I turned to walk outside though, I noticed a thing on the wall...certificates authorising this business to issue WOFs etc...and also a written notice of their complaints procedure...signed by SIMON SINGH. What??? Wasn't I talking to a Simon about the car - is this the same guy - here - in 'the manukau branch' - (which has a complelely different name btw) - when, wait, what?

    Standing around outside, I then get a phonecall on my cellphone! I answer it. It's a woman and she introduces herself as calling from Auckland Mobile Mechanics to day they have just had word from A (not 'the') courier to say he was 10 to 15 minutes away from delivering the needed part to the Manukau workshop. Oh, wait...did I mention the workshop is in Manurewa? Thank GOD!! Finally. She assures me the 'technician' has said that the job will only take 10-15 minutes to complete once the part arrives. At some point between that call and the courier arriving (25mins later), I look at my phone and notice that the number that called me was in fact the same phone number signwritten above the garage I was standing outside; Just would IS the same person!! Could this get any more ridiculous. I can see myself on Target or FairGo looking like a complete ### as I admit I was thoroughly duped, scammed and screwed over. Gah! But I just want that car fixed and out the door. Please GOD!!

    Amazingly 15 minutes later the car comes hooning out of the workshop and tears up the road and back again and am given the keys. Then just checking the boot and WHOAH, what the hell?!! Someone has scratched a major line around a bit of rust in the boot - plus scraped back the paint - and, wait for it - created a HOLE larger than the old 50cent piece! There was NO hole before the car was taken to this garage, not hole when the car was loaded onto the tow truck. In fact, I had run my hand over it at the way you could make a hole without a serious amount of effort.

    March back inside and proceed to have the most frustrating, crazy, anger-inducing conversation with the woman behind the desk. She is a MASTER at still so freakin' appalled that I can barely speak. She did admit though that they could have done it while doing a WOF inspection, or preparing for one...but I doubt she'll remember any of this in the morning. In the end, she simply put her head down and told me to talk to one of the technicians, as this just wasn't her area of expertise. Guess what the technician did? He wouldn't talk about it, except to say 'yeah, you won't get a WOF with a rust hold like that', and put some black electrical tape over it.

    Now we have to spend more money to repair that hole (and yes, we would have needed to do something about the rust anyway)...but for them to put a HOLE in it, thus rendering the boot useless as soon as it rains was beyond the pale.

    Oh yeah, went back inside and asked for my invoice at least so that I could actually see what I'd paid for. Was told by now grouchy woman (why she thought she had grounds for being grouchy is beyond me), that "they" - the Auckland Mobile Mechanics company - normally emails the invoices...which is really weird because when I had asked for it the previous day (and of course been talking to same person), had been told that a paper invoice would be left in the car...She huffed and puffed and made a great deal out of the hassle of it all but then claimed to have emailed the invoice to me (after I'd spelled my name a couple of times). I walked back outside...and logged onto my email via my phone...nothing. Gave her the courtesy of 5 minutes...checked again...nothing. went back inside, told her I wanted it now please. Amazingly she was able to print it in like seconds. Seriously, what the heck. Then she starts sort of heckling me that we really need to get a WOF and that way the rust will be sorted. Well yes, but it won't be with you all-stars, that's for sure.

    So now we need a reliable mechanic to double-check what's actually been done (and maybe these guys really did do a good job of fixing the original problem...don't know..the car goes...which is a major plus..but what parts did we pay for? how many hours are represented by the astronomical labour charge? were the parts new?). I fear we will not get a straight answer from the call centre / receptionist woman, and whilst I again try to speak with the owner, Simon Singh (no luck so far)...Obviously I will need to also get the car to a panel beater to repair this crazy-[censored] and get a warrant, and if these guys hadn't screwed up the customer service parts sooo badly (they need to fire that woman's bum, or send her on an intense customer service course), I may well have left the car with them to do the whole job. I may never have known that the flash looking website and yellow pages ads and oh so amazing Facebook page were actually a front for a regular little garage, trying to look like a huge company. I don't know if they're rip-off artists by design or just incredibly disorganised from having created a massive issue for themselves with all the flash advertising. There's nothing worse than advertising amazing everything and then delivering crappy nothingness. They might have amazing mechanics there - but I'll never know because the manner in which I was dealt with from after the tow-truck left (he was actually very nice and helpful), has been appalling. If that woman worked for me in any business, I would have to fire her.

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  • Pa
      12th of Apr, 2013, or.r_qf.&fp=36cfe596a1da659c&biw=1366&bih=597

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  • Be
      20th of May, 2013

    Sad that I didnt see this thread before engaging them for servicing on my car.

    They quoted me $60 for the tow but since i was backing out of them fixing (due to seeing these comments) they upped it to $85. and claimed it was GST. Trying to show them thats more than GST just ended up me getting a call from Simon telling me i was abusing his staff. He was very very very rude and wanted to get my address so he could 'come round and sort it out' i ended up calling the police due to the threats he was making

    They were trying to make me pay $295 for a 'rare' part that i found at a parts shop down the road for $95

    These guys are a bunch of cowboys. I have added this to their Yelp! so hopefully this will be more obvious to people in the future.

    This place has been blacklisted by all the major insurance companies

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  • Tr
      20th of Nov, 2013

    Definitely the worst business I have had the misfortune to deal with.
    Used their mobile service van for 10K service on my RX8 as they advertise as rotary specialists. Use the tactic of finding a lot of problem and have to tow back to the workshop. Take the key and disable the car.
    No doubt some repairs necessary but stupidly duped into over $2, 000 repairs, which they upgraded by another $500 without my authority.

    Pity I didn't check this site out first. Avoid these guys like the plague.

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  • Bi
      16th of Dec, 2013

    I rang these guys as the engine light on my Holden commodore came on, I had the same problems as the people above, told the mechanic was on his way, waited hours and many phone calls to say he’s on his way, when they finally turned up the guy said my car is not communicating with his lap, the next day came the tow truck to take it to the shop to fix it, I asked them to let me know how much before going ahead with any repairs, They went ahead and fixed it without ringing me and I got a bill for $1046.19 and they wouldn’t give my car back until I paid it, I paid the bill and that was on the 3/10/2013 ...after endless phone calls and promises that they didn’t keep, I got my car back eventually and the invoice said new computer, labour and freight and scan and gst $ 1046.19. it is now the 17/12/2013 and the engine warning light has come back on, the car hasn’t even done 1000 kms as its only a weekend car and I am back with the same problem. I ring them on Monday morning, told the story and gave them the invoice number, they said someone will be out there today to look at it, it now Tuesday arvo, still no mechanic and now when I try and ring them, I get an answer machine, I’m going to cut my losses and go elsewhere, The girl on the phone just tells lies as she has done to others . DONT TAKE YOUR CAR TO THESE POEPLE 24/7MECHANICS AND JUST AUTOMOTIVE IN HOLMES RD MANUKAU THEY ARE A RIP OFF AND UN PROFESSIONAL.

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  • Sh
      17th of Aug, 2014

    Hi i recently go trípode off by this people...i wouldnt call it a company...same thing that happened to all of you happened to me.. The police says it's not a crime they can't do anything. What did you guys do? Did anybody go to court? Was it worth it? I wud like to get in contact with any of you

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  • Pa
      15th of Sep, 2018

    @Sheylaguerra I really wish we could do something. How do we do this. I am still numb over my experience the last 5 days.

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  • Ra
      31st of Aug, 2014

    everyone please share this page

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  • Ra
      31st of Aug, 2014

    Mobile Mechanics Auckland community

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  • Am
      2nd of Sep, 2014

    do you mean (mobile mechanicsAuckland) on facebook?

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  • Sh
      8th of Oct, 2014

    What a pleasure it gives me after accidentally visiting this site today & realising that my one particular complaint made in 2010 has fulfilled my desire of showing this company's true colour. Guys please do not ever go to this place... bloody looters!!! Shish 09/10/2014

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  • Cu
      10th of Oct, 2014

    I had a mobile mechanic to view my come to my place to diagnose my car. he towed my car and on the same day they deducted $1228 from my card for repairs and parts. they did not give me an invoice or even told me what they were deducting. then they called me again and gave a list of things that was wrong with the car and wanted to fix it without me agreeing to any of it. i had to call my bank to put a temporary block on card. beware these--- guys are absolutely shocking.

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  • Ch
      31st of Oct, 2014

    Hi All,

    I am really shocked so many people still continue getting ripper off by these dodgy mechanics, I had similar experience with these guys in July, made me pay for a cam belt change when it was just the matter of replacing spark plugs, I have lodged a case against these guys in ministry of justice and have an hearing in the second week of November, need to get these guys get out of business.

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  • Pe
      10th of Jan, 2015

    If only I'd seen these comments a few days ago...
    Just don't go to this mechanic, ultimate rip off!

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  • Sh
      15th of Oct, 2015

    This is a rip off company. I was also ripped off by this company. I am talking to fairgo to air my complaints.
    If anyone else wants to join the fairgo group, please contact me on 0211191324. There are so many complaints about this company.

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  • Mr
      20th of Oct, 2015

    Company is registered as,
    Simon SINGH 800 shares
    28 Corrofin Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland, 2013, New Zealand

    Angelene SINGH
    28 Corrofin Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland, 2013, New Zealand

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