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Judge Karen Nygaard / Injustice

1 Tucson, AZ, United States Review updated:

This was the judge in a case w/regards to my ex-husband and my children. My ex-husband lives in another state, but has "visitation" w/my kids during the summer. During a visit w/his father, my son was severly injured and will be disfigured for the rest of his life. We went to court, I wanted supervised visitation and my ex wanted custody. I have physical and legal custody of the children. I provided evidence of history of domestic violence, drug use and bipolar tendencies, he even lied on the stand-which was brought to the judges attention post hearing. He manipulates the system, my children and apparently this judge. My son has been seeing a psychiatrist since he was injured, whom also submitted a statement to the judge stating that my son was afraid of his father, his father on numerous occassions has threatened to kidnap my children, the drug use that my son has witnessed in his fathers care and stated it would be in the best interest of my kids that the visits w/their father be supervised until he was found to be competent to care for them. JUDGE NYGAARD DID NOT CARE. My ex has even come to Tucson to try and sign my kids out of school w/out my knowledge. JUDGE NYGAARD DOES NOT CARE. SHE DEFINATELY FAVORS THE MEN. HOW COULD ANYBODY ALLOW THIS? I BELIEVE THAT IT IS GOING TO TAKE SOMETHING MORE DEVESTATING TO HAPPEN BEFORE SHE MIGHT FIGURE IT OUT. IN THE MEANTIME, I AM TO FOLLOW THE RULING AND ALLOW MY EX TO UNDERMINE MY AUTHORITY IN FRONT OF MY KIDS, BELITTLE ME AND MANIPULATE THEM. HE BELIEVES THAT HE CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING AND JUDGE NYGAARD JUST HANDED HIM HER SEAL OF APPROVAL.

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  • Pr
      16th of May, 2009
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    Document anything and everything. Take pictures of anything that may seem strange. Take them to the doctor when they get back from their dads and have the doctor run drug test on the children and do a physical exam on them. Tell the kids that it is just a check up. Then file an appeal on the last judges ruling.

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    Why do you want supervised. If I were you I would document everytime that "father" abused your son. Report it to the police, get a lawyer to make sure he never sees his children. That ### is not a father. I work out. I am pretty tall. I would love to meet this "father" and straighten him out myself. Anyone that can disfigure their child for life does not deserve to have care of their children. He gave up that right the first time he abused them. I hope it does not take something more devistating before something happens. Don't just get that ### have supervised visiting rights. Keep that ### away from your kids altogether.

    I don't know much what you can do but you can tell your story on The site is mainly for helping capture the fugitives they profile on this site, but it is also used to help in situations like this. I hope you are reading this and go to the America's Most wanted site to ask for advice. (you have to wait 48 hours before you can post to deter spam) Tell them about how Karen Nyggard dealt with this. Let everyone know. I live in Canada, but if I am correct judges in the US are elected?

    That ### does not deserve to see his children.

  • Ji
      16th of May, 2009
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    WOW! If your statement is accurate you should file an appeal and ask for a change of venue in case the "Judge" Nygaard is on the docket.

  • Br
      17th of May, 2009
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    OK with my son I went through about the same situation and even had pics, witnesses and my son was shaken, he even told the judge he would kill us... U must get social services involved they can step in and take his rights for good trust me they will!

  • Se
      13th of Jun, 2009
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    i am currently going through a custody battle in her court right now. i have a new attorney after firing the last one and i know shes trying but my children are suffering and i dont know what to do. the judge will not listen to any of the facts; only my ex husbands lies and fabrications supported by a biased and unethical cps supervisor! I NEED HELP DESPERATELY! and really quick. i have been fighting this for a year by myself and im so tired. i dont know where to go. everyone seems to give me names and numbers of someone else who passes the buck like they did. doesnt anyone know how to work this system how its SUPPOSED to work?! you know, good over evil, justice and the american way?! all ive seen is spiteful child abusers winning and the pure of heart people watch as their precious babies cry out for the promise of a safe and loving home that every child should be entitled to, yet are shown nothing but a lesson in manipulation and lies. i cant watch my son go through this anymore. please help me with some information on some kind of lead on an advocate or volunteer who can help guide me through this while i wait for the lawyer to call. PLEASE!!!

  • St
      13th of Jun, 2009
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    Im sorry and I really do understand. This judge is suppose to be doing what is in the "childs best interest" and apparently doesnt. I provided in black and white, his criminal records including domestic violence in two states, drug charges and a statement from my sons psychiatrist- who stated that it would be in my kids best interest for their visits to be supervised because he does have a violent and manipulative history and had threatened to kidnap my kids. My son already caught on fire under his fathers care nearly two years ago and was hospitalized for nearly a month and still undergoing medical treatment - to me, this was complete negligence - to her, a childhood accident. Im sorry, but falling off your bike is a childhood accident. The judge shows complete favoritism towards the male, Im not sure why. Now, my ex believes he can get away with doing what ever he wants and my daughter still has to go to his house for summer time visitation in another state. It is very hard, but this is the ruling that was given. All that I can suggest is that you request a new judge - SERIOUSLY - in the state of Arizona you can do this once without reason. I believe it would make a big difference and this is what I plan to do if we end up going back to court again. I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a better outcome then I did.

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    Look like I said in your other letter. The "father" does not deserve to see his children at all.Not even supervised visits. I also suggested that you may get better feedback on the the america's Most Wanted forums. The members of those forums are very deducated to helping children. Police officers, social workers frequiently visit that site and the will have a better idea of any further action you can take.

    I have to say the system is not the best. Parents lose their children for spanking their children, and at the same time children are kept at home with their drugged up, drunk parents.

  • Sm
      18th of Jun, 2009
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    after hearing your story, i am even more worried about mine. i dont want anything to happen to my children physically. the emotional trauma they are enduring sickens me as it is. i feel like i am fighting an uphill battle (one i am prepared to fight) with the cps supervis0r perjuring herself on the stand, the judge seeming to have a whole lot of leaniency with my ex husband and absolutely NO patience (or listening skills, for that matter) when it comes to me and the actual FACTS of the case. my children confessed to the cps appointed therapist that my exhusbands girlfriend was physically abusive toward them, yet cps took no action and told me that if i wanted anything to come of it, i could call the child abuse hotline and "start from scratch" ; it would eventually make its way around to their department. my children were temporarily placed with my ex husband by way of "voluntary safety plan" (there was nothing voluntary about it, with the threat of court action if i didnt sign) because of a bad, but brief period in my life. cps' argument was that the abusive girlfriend was not a safety risk or hazard, but i was because i have a mental illness. i have bi polar disorder and am very high functioning. (as a matter of fact, i have collected more case law, statutes and legal presidences to support my case than my attorneys have even been aware exsisted. ) i am preparing for another "review hearing" before judge nygaard in july, but i dont know what to do with all of this case documentation and such . my attorney said that we will not be able to argue any of it then. and i am still continuing to receive nothing but "referrals elsewhere" by everyone i contact for help. does anyone have ANY suggestions?!

  • Wo
      2nd of Jan, 2010
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    I have delt with nygaard also and she is bias against women, in court she stated to me that she was happily married with children and I shouldn't have an issue since I am the one who decided to be a single parent, she is outright bias, she is unfair and the only reason I got what I did in court is because i spent 10k on lawyer, I also have a friend who had her and same thing, her interest are not for the children and their well being that is for sure!

  • Mo
      29th of Jan, 2010
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    Ok so last night i received a letter from judge Nygaard on my ex husbands and my case... He was suppose to be drug testing hemissed the first two intail test to get clean, then he missed the last two test becasue she did nothing aboutthe first two tests that he missed. She sent a leter stating that he missed th test and ordered him to appear before her( mind you she ordered him to appear) I called her office to see if Ineeded to be there they told me that I did not need to be there. He did not appear before her and she dissmissed it like it was nothing. We all know why he did not appear and that is because he was "dirty" . There of course isso much more to my casethen that but that is just wrong.

    When I recieved her letter last night telling methat the issue was dissmissed i started looking up to see if this was a pattern for her well it seems it is. Judge Nygaard is an elected judge that does need to be eleted back nto te curt system. There are many things that we can do to make this stop. We need tostart with sending the complaints to the proceeding judge in the supierior court house... please remember they must be detailed and yur proof would be best sent along (copies of course). That office needs to be bombarded with the complaints about how nfair and unjust this judge is. The proceeding judcge is Judge Jan Keerney, you can send it right to the court house.

    This is where we start I guess the next step after that is to make sure she is not dreelected to that seat!!!

  • Sm
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    I am also really upset with this Judge. I would like to know if we could sue her? As a judge she is not allowed to bring her bias or her opinion into play. Her rulings should be on facts and evidence. I have adopted 5 other kids. Which means that 2 other judges, CPS, and several other state agencies believe that I live a fit life to take care of my own biological child. I did have letters and some of them did testify this. Judge Nygaard thought he would get better care from his father. Since then I had to take him to the doctors because he has had a yeast infection and his finger was severly infected. He has also been sent to his school office almost ever day this year. Yet his father has not taken the time to spend the day at his school. He lives in Pheonix and Im in Tucson and I have done so.

    There has to be something that we can do!!

  • Wi
      7th of Jun, 2010
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    A few years ago, Judge Nygaard, admitted pictures of my 4 year old grandson's butt covered in bruises, then give the person who put them there more parenting time. I have seen Judge Nygaard admit libelous letters from private school teachers(who are not even real teachers). Then make a ruling based on those lies, to not allow the grandparents near the school. Even though, for months I picked up my grandson on my day, and this teacher never even talked to me. I didn't even know what he looked like, up until a week before court. Throw out actual testimony of a therapist who had admissions from the father's girlfriend, to slapping my grandson, in the face, for an inherited neurological condition. She said the testimony was ambiguous!!! The psychiatrist's evaluation was ignored, because the father's therapist had written a letter saying she had talked to the psychiatrist and he had changed his mind. No proof and no way to question, since she didn't show up.
    My grandson is at risk for serious behavioral problems. He has started wetting the bed, been caught kicking his dog, killing a lizard at school. The therapist who didn't show up in court, and admitted she didn't have the original pysch eval., is now in charge of all mental health issues.
    I keep thinking, "this time this judge will see what is really going on". Instead, she just keeps taking time away from the people who love and understand my grandson. I gave him a wishing stone, and the first thing he wished for was to spend more time with his mother and me. He keeps saying "I want to go see the judge and talk to her now". If my grandson ends up in juvenile court, I hope Judge Nygaard is held responsible!!!

  • Ar
      13th of Jun, 2010
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    So the only way to handle this is to make a complaint to Judge Jan E. Kearney who is the 'Boss' or to go and file complaint to the Board of Advisories in Phoenix Arizona. I am here to offer a better solution's to try to avoid any consequence to all parties involved.

    I am a single parent, I work for no one and have no other intent to find that the board can see what damage this commissioner has done.

    You need to think carefully, when coming together for a complaint, it can not be that you disagree with her decision, we all do. But that would be appeals not complaints of misconduct.

    If she is taken off the bench non of her decisions will be overturned, but you will know that she will not be able to do this any further:

    It has to be acts of inappropriate conduct, exp. being rude, threatening, making comparison to her personal marriages, ect ect, she does all these hings but you need to make sure you can prove this:

    First go to the 2nd floor of The Pima County Superior Courts, order the hard copy of your file, write down all motion and hearing dates and times.

    Second print all data that would be applicable from court and keep evidence, I suggest scanning and keeping it on SD cards or some formof memory that is safe keeping.

    Third, go to the 7th floor and pay fro the dictation of the court hearing its self. After receiving listen and make note of exact portion in digital reference where her 'misconduct' is.

    Usually it is $20 dollars per Cd but if you organize everything you can get as much data on one disc. The gal in records is very helpful and so are the clerks in records.

    Please send me any information to see if I can help, I am trying to do a case action complaint and possibly also a case action litigation against her.

    When sending your information let me know if you want to stay confidential and I can use some data as 'case proof', I do not have a law degree, I just am a normal working parent but I firmly believe that this will show the courts that this is in fact needs change. I have just as much to lose as much as you. My promise I can make is I will try my best, I will keep what data confidential that you ask and that I will keep you informed.

    I can be reached at
    or on FaceBook at 'Togetherfor Thebestinterest'

    You can also go to Supreme Court
    Robert Shelley
    Court Improvement Coordinator
    (602) 452-3416
    He currently is taking submissions on how the system is working.

  • Le
      10th of Jul, 2010
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    Take a look at

    and sign up on Facebook as a group member.

    Our numbers are growing!!

  • Ba
      14th of Dec, 2010
    -2 Votes

    I happen to know Judge Nygaard very well. She is the absolute polar opposite of being biased against women. That is actually the most ridiculous thing I have probably ever heard! She is a very well respected and honorable member of society. There is this thing called EVIDENCE, and if there is not enough of it, there is nothing any judge can do. You shouldn't take your frustration out on someone who is doing their job and has dedicated their entire life to serving the community.

  • Be
      29th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Not biased? I had a STACK of EVIDENCE. All ignored. HIS words were written as fact in a ruling which contained several contradictions and errors! Not only that, she interjected crucial testimony to discuss something completely off topic! She is a joke and a disgrace to the community and to justice. Her LAST thought is about what is in the child's best interest or she would have actually paid attention or taken steps to further her understanding of the case.
    You must be one of those paid services that people employ to attempt to resurrect a semblance of dignity in the face of a self-made, and well deserved negative reputation.

  • Wo
      4th of Jan, 2011
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    Judge Karen Nygaard is the most Bias Judge and very unethical.She allowed a batter to be considered a "great Dad' her word after she had solid proof ARS 25-403.03 yet still let the abuser have way too many rights that specifically was against the ARS law guidelines. She should have recused herself instead of allowing profit through child support from opposing counsel such as her Ex husband works for Waterfall Economidis, D. Michael Mandig... and should never be allowed to except child support from counsel law

  • Tu
      27th of Sep, 2011
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    I lost custody of my daughter because my ex lied to her and said I kidnapped my own child. I was the one who raised her and he didnt even want to be a part of her life. I took all the evidence and witnesses and i proved one of his witnesses a liar. I still lost. He uses illegal substances in front of my daughter who is only 8. He is a manipulator and lies through his teeth constantly. I am trying to get a change of Judge because she completely favors men.

  • Mo
      30th of Nov, 2011
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    I also had a terrible experience with this judge. My ex-husband is an abusive narcissist (our psychologist said that) who didn't do our taxes for three years, and he is keeping my children from me. My ex-husband beat me up and then lied to the police and told them that I hit him, and now I am unemployed and disabled and she awarded him child support from me. I had evidence too. @Backer of Justice... There is NO JUSTICE IN HER COURT ROOM.

  • Ha
      7th of Dec, 2011
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    I also have this judge. She is a nightmare. Friends say that the circus feasco that she created for my daughter and I is horrible. She took my daughter away from me because my x (who has $ and is able to afford everything) said I was crazy and suicidal. I have proof by two psychiatrists that there is no suicidal ideation whatsoever. STILL, my daughter is with her dad. He took 3 months to take his drug test even though the judge ordered we have a week to complete it. I went straigh after court. I heard she goes into rotation in Feb. For every mother that has to walk through the doors of judge nygards courtroom, get ready for the worst. Our children will need counseling for sure. She is out to ruin our innocent children. She should retire. She has done enough damage

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