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This organization is not offering enough for the money I paid in my opinion.
First: we home school, an need flexibility. You CANT start early., but some days the web system was just down, and we could not access it at all. And, we followed our local school calendar for days off, as well as taking a different week off in the year for vacation. When we add up the number of days attended (by law must be 180), we could not finish the online school year to meet the days needed. They give no reminders or warnings that everything shuts down on a certain date. Year ends on their schedule. Why? My son had 2 more weeks of our structured school year and could not do it.
There are also assignments that say for the kids to e mail it to a jubilee address do credit. The parent teacher cannot see was sent to the e mail, but the parent/teacher is still the one required to correct it. How do you do that without seeing it. Here is another good one parents. ...When a writing assignment is to be done, each answer from the other kids is there for them to read! Really????? Each day on this curriculum, it took my son 2-3 hours to do...not an appropriate time by my guidelines or the states!!when I questioned it, I was told feel free to add something. When kids sign into study hall...when you "add" something, there is a block on how many study hall hours you can log. The system does not work!!!So much more...but I have wasted much of my time stressing about this is behind me and will never be used again.

Aug 13, 2016

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