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Roseville, MN, United States

Hi I'm writing to inform you of my experience yesterday, 9/17/17 at a Journeys location at Rosedale Mall, Roseville, MN. I was in at around 3pm and had such a negative experience. I was approached by a young lady and was told to let her know if I needed any assistance, moments later after I found what I was looking for, I checked around to see if anyone could grab the size I needed, I walked towards the register where I saw 3 employees gathered, one was trying to fix the register and the 2 other girls were talking amongst themselves. I just stood there waiting for anyone to give me eye contact, until one girl finally did, whom I think may have been in charge.. confused as to who was going to help me, I just look at all three of them and ask for a size 6 in baby shoes. The one who gave me eye contact seemed so shocked and appalled that I had asked for help, she rudely asks me what size I needed, I once again said I needed a 6, the other employee heard me the first time and repeated it also to this "person in charge" I then see her nudge her employee/coworker demanding her to grab my size. At this point, I felt so upset, unwelcomed and annoyed. I placed the shoes next to the register and informed them I no longer wanted to make a purchase and made it clear to the one person with the attitude, it was thanks to her. The girl who was so rude just yells out at me to have a nice day as I was making my way out. She was so unprofessional, rude, unproductive and I really hope she wasn't the one in charge, she would be a horrible mentor, leader to follow and take after. I did try calling a number given to me by a friend who is a journeys manager from a different state. I waited on the phone at least 3 minutes before hanging up. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would please inform these particular employees who represent the Journeys brand, that their poor attitude, horrible customer service needs some major changeable is unacceptable . Thank you.

Sep 18, 2017

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