[Resolved] Joshila Desai INC / Taken advantage of for expressing my desperation

Randburg, South Africa

I've just been taking advantage of because I am a bread winner and trying to look after my family. I've just been killed by sahl and joshila desai inc. Because I have so much on my plate. I decided to switch my home loan from standrad bank to sahl. Sahl promised a cash payout of r86000 on the condition of the value of my house. I was approved for r500 000. All the documentation with sahl and joshila desai inc showed a cash payout of r86000

After a 3 month long process. I received a cash payout of r51674.47 today. The intention was to pay off my one loan with the cash payout as I have so much on my plate. When I asked what happened to the rest of the money I get no reply that makes sense to me

When I switched from std to sahl, I was not looking for pocket money. I was looking to settle my one loan so I do not drown as much. I was sold a dream by sahl and given false hope just so I can switch!!! Now the cash payout has changed completely!!! So sahl is fraud, they sold me a dream so I can sign up with them

I've just been killed by sahl and joshila desai inc. They ruined my life as i'll be paying r1700 more!!! Why? Why would I do that to myself when I am battling so much already? Why would I drown myself like that! I know i've been desparate for money but you cannot take advantage of people like that.

  • Resolution statement

    Good day Herewith confirmation that I did receive a call from Joshila and she explained to me in detail all the amounts involved. Joshila does care about her clients and takes pride in her company. She went all out to ensure that I am satisfied and the matter is resolved to the best of my interest I am satisfied with her explanations and I confirm that we have reached common ground The matter has been resolved Thank you very much

May 10, 2017

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