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This report is regarding Josef Silny and associates so called "translators"

I am pretty sure I gave my transcript to a person that doesn't know Spanish and will be able to provide a better translation than the one josef silny gave me. I went to the office by myself, and I gave them my university transcripts for translation, and when they turned back the documents, it had errors everywhere.

The first thing I noticed is that my transcript was missing a part, where I had my grades written (right side of the page) so error number one: the rude employee that is right on the window, that hardly says hello, made a copy of my transcript on her copy machine and made a mistake, it seems she put the page incorrectly and the copy went out with one part missing. She didn't check the document of course, and she sent it directly to translation, without showing it to me.

Then, I realized that my grades were changed, for example, in my transcripts the grade system is from 1 to 12. I had grades of 15 and 13 in the translation!!! i couldn't believe it. The grades that were changed were made on some of my grades that were partially missing from the copy. For example, I had a 12, but since the copy was cut, you just could read "1".

Well, the translator though that she or he was very smart, so she or he invented some nice grades for me, placing 13, 14 and 15 grades that doesn't exist in my university grade system, not only she or he thought that it was very smart, but he or she also thought that I could be that stupid to accept a translation of my transcript with some made-up grades.

Like I said, I don't need to be bilingual to be PROFESSIONAL to have ETHICS and to actually be SMART. this translator FALSIFIED MY TRANSCRIPTS and INVENTED GRADES IN MY TRANSCRIPT THAT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST.

When I realized the damage they have done I called the supervisor of the translation section, I had to send her a faxed copy of my transcript with all the fixes, plus some words that were wrongly translated.

To my surprise, she wasn't surprised at all, she didn't apologized to me and she didn't offer me a discount at least for all the time I spent fixing their messes.

So in sum, from the employee that received my document at the front door, next the translator, and finally the translation supervisor, all of them failed and that is because the company is a complete failure and a complete scam. I am pretty sure they will read this and they wouldn't care since it seems they have pretty good deals with many colleges and universities.

Finally stay AWAY from josef silny- try WES instead or other companies, they are more strict but that is because they are serious, when something seems so easy and cheap, is because something is not right. Use your instincts.

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  • Gu
      16th of Apr, 2012

    You get what you pay for. I would stick with more well known and more strict companies like WES. At least this guarantees correct evaluations and more recognition by colleges and employers.

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  • Ed
      21st of Apr, 2012

    guest 1321, I agree- Unfortunately I didn't know about this when I just came to this country, and I didn't check the reputation of josef silny before sending my transcripts for evaluation. Now I am trying another company that charges almost double for evaluation and it doesn't have bad reputation, at least from what I found on my research. Let's see what happens.
    By the way I don't care how much they charge, the difference is not that much, I do care about the quality of the service and josef silny is a complete disaster. I still can't believe how they are still in business.

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