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John Russell Insurance Agency And Encompass Insurance / No assurance from Encompass Insurance

1 MA, United States

My first issue, is with the company that sold me the policy - John P. Russell Insurance, in Stoughton, MA. Every time I call the office to discuss my policy the man is on vacation. I am not exaggerating. The past two months I've called and he's been on one full week or two week vacations. And I get transferred to one of the women in the office, who speaking frankly, do not know what the hell they are talking about. With each time I've called the office, it's been a complaint of the bill Encompass Insurance has sent to me for the month, and as I have a 'time limit' on when I can pay the bill before they cancel on me again and charge me more ridiculous fees, it would be nice if someone in the office could speak to me in a timely fashion. Which brings me to why I'm calling their office in the first place, Encompass Insurance itself. The problem I'm having with them as of late began back in April, when I got a voicemail indicating they were going to cancel my policy if I didn't pay upwards of $700 by the end of that week. I hadn't received any notifications in the mail of this cancellation, nor did I understand why it would have been cancelled in the first place as I had not gotten a statement in the mail that month, called John Russells office and spoke to one of the women working there, and paid what she told me was due. I called the office again, and spoke to another of the women as John was yet again not there. I was told, that the amount that was given to me over the phone was $150 off from what was actually due, so the policy was being cancelled for the difference. I was also told that there was nothing that could do and I had to have the money in their office by the end of the week if I wanted to keep my insurance going. I wrote the check and brought it in to the office before the date of cancellation and received notification in the mail that it would not be cancelled. Back on track? No. The next bill was an odd amount, so again I called the office to see what could be done. Being on a budget doesn't coincide with an insurance company that cannot figure out what to bill me each month. I was told, this time by John Russell himself, that if I paid what was on this bill I would have 6 more payments of a certain amount. I paid the bill, & the next month, the bill was $50 more than he said it would have been. My mistake, but I didn't call this time. I was sick of dealing with the companies & the amount was only $50 dollars off. The NEXT month the payment they wanted was double what it had been all along. Not knowing how I was meant to pay this without selling some of my own organs, I called John Russell again. He explained to me that when I 'missed' a payment back in March the company was trying to get me back on track this month by doubling up my bill, & He swore in his own words 'I will take this to the grave with me' that the next 3 payments (ending the year) would be a set amount each month. At this point, I should have already been $50 ahead of my payments if the doubled up one was to 'get me back on track' again, this month, the bill is $30 more than it's supposed to be. I don't know what to do anymore aside from cancel my policy with this useless company, write this complaint and be rid of John Russell and Encompass Insurance.

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