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Our friend booked a trip to Costa Rica for all of us. It should've come as a clue when we entered our credit card and the trip was "booked" that the very next day they called and said, "Sorry, you are not booked". That was the first thing. We fixed that issue, no problem. I'm pretty easy going.
My biggest issue with them is their "Cost-saving" propaganda. You book your flights through Spirit airlines, which charges an additional 45$ for each carry-on bag and 45$ for each checked bag. That bumps the price up. Still, we get to Costa Rica (by the way, don't use Spirit, our flight was delayed several times!).
Now, we wander around since our travel agent didn't feel the need to explain where the car rental was. FYI, if you are using "Thrifty" it is about a mile from the airport. They have shuttles, but we were lost for a while. Still, obviously, we should have taken the time to find this out before we went.
We go to rent our car (included in the package) except OH, we need to purchase mandatory insurance which is not included in the package. To the tune of nearly $400 extra dollars. I don't feel like we are saving money anymore. We finally get the car. By this time it's about 3-4 PM and we need to drive over to our hotel which is three hours away. We didn't realize the drive would be as harrowing as it was. They rented us a Yaris which barely had the muscle power to make it up the mountain! Oh, and please be aware...that three hours was actually six. Six hours. I suppose we should have researched driving in Costa Rica before we went. But, then, I thought, "Surely, the travel agent would warn us of the traffic, the dangerous roads, the people randomly walking in front of your car, the cost of mandatory insurance, the PLACE where you would need to rent your car".
So we make it to the first hotel. We were supposed to be with our friends but they couldn't manage that. So we were in a different hotel the first night. Then traveled over to the 2nd hotel. Just a mile away. That was fine, sure. The last hotel required driving another 8 hours to the other side of San Jose. All this driving? For a six day vacation?
I only blame myself for not doing the research. But isn't that what a travel agency does? Make vacation planning easier?
I do not suggest using them. They should be well aware with all the trips they book to Costa Rica, that tourists driving there should be well cautioned.
In accordance to what I have seen, I can imagine Mr. Robert of Jetsetvacations (Also known as Travel by Jen, see Yelp) will offer a myriad of excuses. I am not interested in them. I chalk it up to a very expensive mistake.

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  • Al
      Jul 26, 2013

    I definitely would not book with this company again. I made the mistake of purchasing a Groupon (which does NOT mention the company by name) before I made my travel arrangements. They don't answer the phone until you've been waiting for 30+ minutes, they don't clear travel arrangements with you before they make them, they don't have a fax machine even though they require you to fax in paperwork and they refuse to make any changes to your itinerary even when you're willing to pay for it! The "agents" also use their personal credit cards to arrange flights so they can rack up miles, so there is absolutely no protection for the traveler. I'm scared that our trip is going to be a disaster and I'm seriously considering walking away from a $3000 trip because I don't want to get screwed in Mexico as a result of this company. HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL SCAM TRAVEL COMPANY! BUYER BEWARE!

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