Jenco Canada / Poor quality led bulbs and lights with fake certification

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I recently purchased GU10 cob bulbs, nearly 40 of them. Within few weeks some started flickering and in a month they started to burn. I took them back to the store, the lady was kind enough to give immediate replacements as she remembered she had only recently sold them to us. We replaced the burnt bulbs, but in 2 weeks other side of bulbs started flickering, some would blow so bright and then start fading. I called a licensed electrician to check if there was a fault in any wiring or fixtures.

He thoroughly examined and said there was absolutely no problem with them, it was the bulbs. He also mentioned that the energy star logo on their bulb was fake as bulbs beyond 5000k do not even come under energy star category.These bulbs had a colour temperature of 6000-7000k on them.

I was so furious that i just removed all of them and replaced ones from Costco for half the price and genuine energy star product.

Guys please be warned of such fake logos, they claim to be a super store, lets see how long they survive fooling public and the government. Wonder how authorities don't do anything about this.

Quite a few of my friends too have lots of complaints about their bulbs and under cabinet lights. They look cheap with third rated packaging and don't even last a couple weeks let alone the 50, 000 hrs. they claim on their sub standard packaging boxes.

Nov 30, 2016

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