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Jeff Wyler Kia Fairfield Ohio/Sedona / kia service

1 Fairfield, OH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 513-862-2500

We brought our Kia Sedona in for service due to check engine light that remained on. We brought the car in 4 seperate times. They couldn't figure it out. The 5th time my husband was there for 4hrs. on New Year's Eve and was never offered a shuttle service that other customers were receiving. After overhearing another customer ask for loaner my husband also did so and was told that they do not give loaners . He spoke with the manager and his response was the only give loaners for certain problems with your car. Which one is it? After a long process my husband finally got a loaner. The car only had an eight of a tank of gas and dirty q-tips with wax on them all in the car. Kia was supposed to call us the next day. No call. We called them and were told service was closed until that Monday. Monday we finally got a call saying our van was ready but had a dead battery. What a coincedence! They were willing to replace it for $130.00 Dollars. Ha Ha! My husband called to talk to service manager and was told he would cut us a deal-we pay for the battery and the service would be free. The battery is $100.00. My husband didn't want to bargain he just wanted the car fixed. He was told it would be taken care if he never stepped foot in this dealership again and was demanded to return the loaner instantly and was hung up on. How is that for customer service. Still awaiting for a call from the manager. Please do not go to Jeff Wyler Kia service Dept. Unless you want a pack of lies!

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  • Je
      14th of Jan, 2009
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    I received the phone call from this customer stating that her husband and our service manager had a heated phone call about their Sedona. She explained that we had called and told her husband the battery was dead and how much it would be. They thought that they should not have to pay for the battery. I told her I would check the vehilce and get back to her. I checked the situation and decided to goodwill this customer a new battery, not knowing of any of the claims stated above. I called the customer and informed her of my decision. She asked that I call her husband to let him know. He picked up the vehicle with the new battery installed before I had a chance to call him.
    After reading this complaint I looked into the situation further and found that he should have been offered a loaner. We were currently out of vehicles when the vehicle was first brought in and why we did not convey this to the customer is a problem on our end. The vehicle he received had just come in from another customer and should have been cleaned before being given back out. The customer being in a hurry was no excuse for a dirty vehicle.
    Our dealership definitely did a poor job conversing with this customer and we have used this complaint to shore up some area's of weakness.
    Some points about this complaint that need discussion are the fact the vehicle has only been to our facility four times. 7/21 for a loose motor mount (no check engine light) 12/08 for a check engine light which was an evaporator canister valve 12/19 to replace leaking radiator hose which was ordered on the 8th and 12/31 for the check engine light which was a fuel tank pressure sensor. The battery they had was an older aftermarket battery and was not installed properly, but we still put in a new one. As far as asking them not to come back, this only happened after the customer started using foul and abusive language toward the service manager. We do not tolerate that behavior from our customers.

    We definitely did not handle this customer the proper way when he had his vehicle in on the 31st and our followup was poor, but it was not as bad as this customer indicated. We have fixed the vehicle properly each time it was in our shop and the customer has never paid a cent for the work.

  • Jv
      20th of Jan, 2009
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    Mr. Wyler first let me say its notable and a shame that you have had to devote so much of your time to craft that response and it was well done.

    I am a 16 years verteran of the car business including being a Kia Service Advisor and a KIa Service Manager.

    Heres a couple things that come to mind:

    #1 The customer waiting for 4 hours?? The dealership is not a Mcdonalds . Mr Customer you need to figure out how to drop your car off and give the dealer ample time to repair the problem without being under pressure. They are not responsibe for making those arrangements for you! If I were to guess this customer probably didnt even have an appointment.

    #2 Loaner cars or rental cars are not included in the Mnfcrs warranty of Kia product. Its a great expense to the dealer to provide alternate transportation to a customer via rental or internal loaner. No dealer can afford to provide transportation to every customer in every situation - These are 101 business decisions that are based on circumstance ie: A loyal customer that repairs and maintains there car or purchases there new cars AT the dealership. This car is clearly past two years old (the coverage for a kia battery is 24 months) So this customer did not purchase there car there, and is NOT spending money. The dealer wants to satisfy the customer - but its a BUSINESS - not an institution paid by tax dollars! Clearly this dealer provided the customer a loaner car to assuage a very difficult cusotmer - NOT becasue it was merited! And the customer STILL complained about the condition of the FREE car further demostrating there un-realistic expectations. Sometimes you have to fire your customers ! This one really needs to be FIRED!

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