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I purchased a 2001 Ford Explorer back in May of 2009. When I inspected the car everything seemed to work just fine, test drive went well, everything worked. This year (2010) May, I took it for routine oil change at my neighborhood jiffy lube because I refused to travel so far to get a oi change, and they check oil and trans and other fluids where ok. The guy told me ur trans fluid was a little low so we are going to fill it. I thought ok thats fine. There was a guy under the ground putting the oil pan back on when we heard him yell HEYYYY!!! I GOT ALL UR TRANS OIL COMIN DOWN HERE!!! So im like what the hell!!! The guy inspected the area to see if he could find the place where the leak was and he showed me that some smart ### used duck tape to cover a two inch gap in the housing for the dip stick. The tape had finnaly gave way and i can no longer get trans oil to my transmission. He suggested I call the car company immediately. I called JD Byryder and told them of our find and they swore that can not be possible almost argued the fact. I had the vehicle towed to them and the mechanic was very nice an appologized to me for this and said that if he finds who did this they are fired! i was ok with it. Long story short they replace the trans but didnt have the correct dip stick to fit the housing. They supposedly ordered it back in may, it is now september! So when i take my car to get the oil change they have to guess at the amount of oil to put in the trans. Last month August, , my windows stop working, i took it back again. I waited for eight hours and they said they found nothing. Me being the do it my self type of women I pulled all the fuses and found a 32 amp fuse in the distributor box that was fried. I replaced it the windows worked. Now why they couldnt find this I dont know. Two weeks later same issue again, I called them told them I had a wiring issue, they said take it to ford. Ford wanted 500 dollars, I called byryder back told them im not taking it to ford it cost to much and I have warrenty! They said well we cant find out whats wrong so yu have too. im like wtf! So all these 90 degree days i cant let my windows down, had my ac charged to find out it was a hole in the line! They wont fix this piece of ###!!! I have a contract lawyer that has since went over there contract and has found flaws so I hope there way excellent lawyers are ready cause the ### about to hit the fan!!! How dare you sell these cars like this to people who have less than perfect credit, make it sound good and stiff em. Karma is a B**** so get ready to recieve your reward!!

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      Feb 05, 2011
    JD Byryder - THEY SUCK
    JD Byryder
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    I have been reading all these complaints on JD Byryder and they are true. Here is my story. I was able to buy a new vehicle this week because of my great payment history with JD Byryder so I traded in my car for the new one that I still owed money on. My payment was due at JD today and I traded the car in this past wednesday. At the time I had 2 cars financed through JD but now I have one and I am still paying on. They told me today that I had to make the payment on the one I traded in on Wednesday. I talked with the supervisor and he said the same thing. I think it is ridiculous I have to make a payment on a car I traded in. They threatened legal action on me and I said what are you gonna do reposses a car I no longer own. They are just rude and blood thirsty people. I am going to refianace my other car I have with them somewhere else and say CYA JD BYRYDER. They are losers! One more point the payoff check is in the mail to payoff my trade and they told me they dont care and when they get that check they will refund me the difference, YEAH RIGHT. Small claims I am sure is in my future since they have no morals at all. The are a collection agency selling cars. GO TO HELL

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