JD Byrider/Russ Darrow / bunch of liars and they suck

West Allis, WI, United States

JD Byrider is a bunch of liars, I got a car from them back in 2002 a Pontiac Sunfire and I Completely paid it off in 2004 or 2005ish the car NEVER hit my credit report, and is making it so much harder now for me to get another car, I only had the car for about another year before it went to crap on me, JD Byrider is bogus.

email me back if you want to but I would never get another car from JD Byrider/Russ Darrow because you all are a bunch of liars and I'm telling every one I know that they are c***. You guys SUCK and do NOTHING BUT LIE!


Mar 1, 2014

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