J.D. Byrider / my car had been out the shop and back in the shop going on 3 weeks

Jackson ms, United States

I'm so frustrated!!! I'm trying to remain humble and calm... but today I have had enough!! I've had my car going on 3 years never missed a payment nor have I ever been late in my car note... my car had been in and out the shop going on 3 weeks now and today makes a week I been without a car they never once tried to accommodate me in any kind a way I've missed days of work due to not having vehicle but they want car note how can I pay for something I'm not driving and not making money because I'm not at work because of not having a vehicle I've talked to the Shop manager I've talked to the lady over my account and still no car they fixed my car and as soon as I drove off my car brakes locked up on me talking about dangerous I missed work that day and that was a week ago and still no car I just hope someone reach out to me and show me the direction of the correct one to get this issue resolve please I'm begging and the killing part my car is under warranty I will never wish this on anyone you'll think I'll be raising all kind of you know what but I'm still nice and respectful to them and all their doing is screwing me over but it's ok I don't think I'll ever do my loyal business with them ever

Jun 22, 2017

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