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JD Byrider / shiesty car sales women

1 Muskegon, MI, United States

. I agreed to purchased a vehicle with JD Byrider company based on false facts that was given to me by the mentioned associate(Rhashika Jefferson). She lead me to believe that (without taxes included) the vehicle I purchased would be dropped $1000, from the original price, and that my car (2000 Dodge Stratus ) would have full coverage insurance for only $87 dollars a month. I agreed to purchase the vehicle under those terms. I also told her I had transfer tags to put on my vehicle from my old car, which later on she said she didn’t recall me mentioning(but she was the one that brought it to my attention that I had transferable tags.) When I went to sign all the legal forms to complete the contract the numbers did not add up, so I inquired once again with her about the total on the contract, and she informed me that I would not be paying that amount, and that they did drop the price $1000(to 8000) . That was one of the only reasons I agreed to go through with the contract because it was more affordable for me. When she set my insurance up she told me it had to come directly from an checking’s account and that the insurance she got me wanted $145 up front, which I agreed to pay. I put the money into my account and went back to Miss. Jefferson and she started the insurance process. About 20 or 30 minutes into the process she said my insurance had went up to$106/amonth, but the rate to get me started had went down to $135 (which I accepted).; She gave me my insurance papers without any prices on it, just portion showing that I was covered. I left and went to work. After getting off work I went to my bank and was informed that the place Miss. Jefferson had got me insurance through over drafted my account for $182.50, which was not the price she gave me. I was very displeased with the service I received from her and thought you should know what type of sales associates she really is, I had to pay my bank an overdraft fee because of her dishonesty. I went back to Jd Byrider and the first guy really didn't care about my sitaution and reminded me of my contract i had with them and threatened to agarnish my wages until the car was paid off, even if I did'nt want the car. The other guy I spoke with told me to write a leter to him and he would to something further after voiding my contract with there company. I feel like the only reason he really did that, was to avoid legal matters and bad problicity of the thier company. I wrote the letter to him and he did nothing. She still works there;she told him I never liked her so that's why I made this scenario up...well why would I have agreed to purchase a car with her then? ;was my reply to him.

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