J.D. Byrider, Erie PA / rip offs bigtime

United States

I purchased a vehicle from them during what was advertised as a " 0 down sale". Despite that I had to put $800 down! Within an hour of purchasing the car the engine light came on. I took it to the dealer and they gave me a myriad of things that it could be but didn't do anything to fix it. I mean what kind of reputable dealership of any kind sells something that is bad within an hour of selling it and doesn't fix it? WOW!

Then the ignition went bad. I was lucky as it had been recalled so it was done by a GM (at last a reputable car dealer) for free. Again I asked myself what kind of reputable dealership sells a vehicle under recall?

Finally, the wiring harness went bad and the car simply wouldn't run without major expense. I had had enough. So after almost 2 years of paying, and always two weeks early, I have no vehicle.

This fine car they sold me (and apparently someone else before it was repoed for mechanical problems the dealer wouldn't fix) is now being sold at an auction. Gee they make my point for me. An $8, 000 balance sold at an auction for what ? Maybe $500. Does that tell you what the car is worth compared to what these predators sell it for?

People can have bad credit for may reasons. Divorce, illness, job problems; not always because they're screw ups. Rest assured J. D. Byrider isn't prejudice, they'll screw anyone given the chance. They sell you a car for many times what it is worth, sell you a car with a history of mechanical problems, and as if that weren't enough they charge you the highest introduce that state allows. Now that's a public service isn't it?

May 4, 2017

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