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Jason and Zulma Breakey / Fraud, Deceptive Trade Practices, Non-Performance against a Legally Binding Contract

1 6310 La Cosa DriveDallas, TX, United States Review updated:
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Jason Breakey, owner of several former and current dating service websites, was arrested in Dallas County in December 2008 for a) possession of a handgun, b) possession of marijuana, and c) resisting arrest.
Jason Breakey, residing at 6310 La Cosa Drive, Dallas, TX is currently out on bond, pending upcoming criminal hearings in Dallas County for the charges of Possession of a Handgun and Marijuana. He has already plead guilty to the charge of Resisting Arrest.
Prior to this charge, Jason Breakey was arrested in Cleburne, TX in April 2008 for possession of marijuana.
Jason Breakey was also charged with possession of a handgun and 4 to 5 pounds of marijuana in 1991, in which he was found guilty and assigned eight years of probation as his sentence.
In addition to many criminal charges, Jason Breakey and his many bankrupt companies have been involved in 18 civil cases in Dallas County over the past few years.
His wife, Zulma Breakey, is also no stranger to the legal system. Zulma Breakey has issued several bad and unsigned checks, and has criminal charges being filed against her for issuance of a bad check in Dallas County. She is also being brought to court for Fraud and Deceptive Trade Practices.

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  • Zu
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    To whom it may concern : I have not ever pled guilty to bad check writing. Check publc records my record is clean I have never been to jail or been in any law suit. To who ever wrote this slander you are wrong please check for yourself if you feel I am lieing. This board should really verify things before they let lies be posted to hurt a stay at home mom and her sons. If you have a beef with my husband take it up with him please stop saying these lies about me.

  • Zu
      6th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    To whom it may concern I do not have any legal or civil charges ever filed against me. Mr. Jim Adcox has filed many false truths about me because when I did business with his wife I wrote her a check that bounced. I have paid for that check outside of court. I have no criminal record please check background checks for your self if you do not trust me. My husband filed a [redacted] because Mr. Adcox would not leave me or my son alone. I wish him no harm nor will I slander him as he has done to me and my family. I pray that he finds peace and happiness and instead of hurting people maybe he could use his time better and go out and do some good. Thank you, Zuma Breakey

  • Aw
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    Let the record show Zulma Breakey submitted a bad check in the amount of $849.23, which she was notified of and failed to address over a period of almost one year. Let the record show that insufficient fund fees were incurred at the time of the attempt to deposit the check. Subsequent inquiries by the bank, over a period of several months, indicated the account has insufficient funds to successfully deposit the check without an additional NSF fee.

    Let the record show that Zulma acknowledged in multiple emails that she was responsible for the charges and that she would pay out the remaining professional fees due as her monthly alimony payments were received. No payment was ever received nor did she ever provide a replacement check for the bounced check in the amount of $849.23. Correspondence from Zulma in the form of many emails where she acknowledged responsibility for the professional services rendered and resulting charges due and not paid are on file and available to post on this and other forums, as needed and appropriate.

    Due to Zulma’s demonstrated lack of payment for fees due and lack of responses to emails and phone calls, she was notified that legal action may have to be taken to receive compensation for the fees that Zulma acknowledged responsibility for.

    A Demand Letter was sent registered and regular mail from an attorney that was retained. This letter was never acknowledged or responded to by the Breakey's. The letter is known to have been delivered as it was sent registered mail. Subsequent to inaction by the Breakey's, they were contacted by phone to work out an amicable solution. Both Zulma and Jason hung up on and subsequently changed their phone numbers. It was in this conversation with Jason where he indicated “I know where you live” – which can be construed as a direct threat.

    Subsequent to this threat, Jason Breakey assaulted me at a children's football game and assault and battery charges were filed at the location of the incident with the Dallas Police department. Multiple witnesses saw him kick me twice in the groin and he was dragged away just before he attempting to punch me in the face. Witnesses include parents on my son's team, other team’s parents, and several coaches from the YMCA league.

    Following his assault, a posting was entered on /link removed/ with a signature of Zulma Breakey. Inconsistent in Zulma’s comments above this reply, she indicates that her husband posted the rifoff report. If she in fact did not do it, then Jason falsely issued the report in his wife’s name, which you can see at: /URL removed/

    Regardless if Jason posed as his wife or Zulma filed the report, a public notice was sent to her from the same website to make the Breakey’s aware that defamation of character and slander charges could be filed due to several false claims in their posting, a bad check charge was imminent, and the possibility of civil charges for all applicable charges allowable under law for not fulfilling a mutually agreed to contract in which consideration was previously provided and liabilities were acknowledged verbally and in writing by Zulma: /URL removed/

    Given the lack of response and Jason Breakey’s assault, charges were filed with the Dallas District Attorney's Bad Check division. It was only after taking this step that compensation was received in the amount of $849.23, plus an additional $30 for the bank charges incurred from the original NSF fee charged. This check was not received by Zulma nor was it at her own free will, which she implies in her above statements - it was a check issued directly by the DA's office only after they had to get involved. Zulma only paid the DA's office after being presented with a potential felony offense. Records showing the filing with the DA office are available to post on this forum, as appropriate.

    Since the DA was able to intervene and receive payment by Zulma on our behalf, Zulma has not made any attempt to pay the remaining amount due no additional monies have been paid by Zulma despite her previous commitment to make good on the remaining services she requested and for which time was spent on her behalf, despite other client commitments that would have otherwise generated revenue.

    Zulma's husband, Jason Breakey, is currently out on bail for charges filed in December 2008 for possession of marijuana, unlawful concealment of a handgun and resisting arrest. He has already pleaded guilty to the charge of resisting arrest and has a court case scheduled for August 25th for the remaining charges, which are being heard in the 8th Criminal Court of the Dallas County Court.

    This is the third known charge for possession of drugs and the second one known for unlawful possession of a handgun. He previously was charged with a felony for possession of firearms and 4-5 pounds of marijuana, which resulted in a ruling of eight years of probation. Records regarding previous felony criminal charges, as well as misdemeanor charges can be verified at:

    Jason has had two subsequent charges for possession of marijuana in 2008 after the felony charges in which he was sentenced to eight years of probation, which includes an arrest for possession of marijuana in Cleburne County, TX and the additional one in December for which he has a trial scheduled for hearing on August 25th in the 8th Criminal Court of Dallas County. The link provided above can be accessed to verify these charges and to see if any additional delays to the case will be allowed by the court.

    Since being released on bond for the charges of possession of marijuana and unlawful possession of a handgun, Jason posted on a blog an acknowledgement that he assaulted me and made threats such as "watch your back". These threats are being taken seriously and have been shared with the DA's office and the Dallas Police department. Jason’s threats and acknowledgment of his assault can be posted on this forum, as appropriate should any express an interest to see them.

    Let this serve as public notice that the police, DA, and our attorney are aware of Jason Breakey’s acknowledgement of his assault and threats to harm me.

    Let this serve as public notice that any attempt at harming me, family or personal property will be dealt with severely, expediently and to the full extent allowed under law.

    Let this serve as public notice that any harm that would be done to myself, family or personal property would identity him as a primary suspect, given his assault and threats that are on file with our attorney, the Dallas Police and the Dallas District Attorney’s office

    Let this serve as public notice that Jason Breakey and his associated companies he has operated have a long history of reported deception, with multiple judgments awarded against him and/or his companies. Judgments against Jason and/or his companies include but are not limited to Fraud, Deceptive Trade Practices and non-payment for goods or services rendered. Jason’s civil court history is available online by searching civil court records at the following two links: and at:

    Instrument numbers to reference to verify these cases include the following:

    Further evidence of Jason Breakey’s unethical business practices can be reviewed from additional sources including the below resources.

    Let this serve as public notice that Jason Breakey and his associated companies have filed bankruptcy multiple times and have been the focal point of a WFAA investigation:

    Let this serve as public notice that Jason Breakey's associated companies have had multiple complaints filed with Better Business Bureau's across many cities and have ratings that reflect as such. Below is an example of just one. Note his company has a BBB rating of “F” – the worst possible rating possible for a business.

    Note many consumer complaints have also been filed against companies owned by Jason Breakey, including but not limited to the following:

    Let this serve as public notice that I made one phone call to Zulma Breakey to attempt to reach an amicable agreement, which was an unfruitful discussion, and that I have never harassed her son.

    Let this serve as public notice that Zulma, while working on her own sobriety and inner peace, may want to review the events leading to this situation and make good on the obligations she agreed upon herself and which documentation is on file and can be reviewed with her should she need help in jogging her memory.

    I cannot speak for Zulma’s sincerity of wanting peace for me, but I can definitively say I wish her nor her son any personal harm - my sole objective is for my wife to receive the compensation she is rightfully entitled to and in which Zulma obligated herself to.

    All records regarding outstanding liabilities of the Breakey's, including emails, invoices and a timeline are generally available to post online, as needed.

    To reiterate my previous notice, let this serve as public notice that any attempt by Jason Breakey to harm me, family members or personal property will be dealt with severely, swiftly and to the full extent allowed under law.


    Jim Adcox

  • Zg
      9th of Nov, 2009
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    Jason Breaky, residing in Dallas, TX, was found guilty and put on probation on 11/4/09 for a period of nine (9) months for charges associated with his arrest in December 2008. Jason was arrested in December for charges including a) possession of marijuana, b) unlawful concealment of a handgun, and c) resisting arrest. Jason plead guilty to the charge of Resisting Arrest and has been on bond for the remaining charges until his case was heard this past week on 11/4/09, after rescheduling his case nine times.

    Those whose children attend the Shelton School in Dallas, TX may know Jason or his wife Zulma Breakey, who also goes by the name of Zuma.

    Prior to these charges, Jason was arrested and charged on April 14th 2008 in Cleburne, TX for possession of marijuana.

    Prior to the two arrests in 2008, Jason Breakey was arrested in Dallas County on November 4th 2003 for Resisting Arrest. He plead guilty to this charge and received a reduced charge of disorderly conduct on September 29th 2004.

    Prior to the above three arrests, Jason Breakey was arrested on May 31st 1991 in Dallas County for possession of between 4-5 pounds of marijuana and unlawful possession of firearms. He was found guilty for these charges and was sentenced to eight years of probation.

    In addition to a long history with drugs, illegal possession and/or concealment of firearms, and resisting arrest, Jason and companies he is associated with have a long history of judgments awarded against them for charges related to non-performance, fraud and deceptive trade practices.

    Records located for such charges span a time period from October 2003 to as recent as March 2009. The records identified only are those found in Dallas County – more may exist in other courts in other cities across the country in the markets he and his companies have operated in.

    Jason Breakey has also been the focal point of two news exposes’ by Tracy Harris on WFAA TV in May and July 2004. The nature of the two news exposes’ was a result of a multitude of complaints of Fraud, Deceptive Trade Practices from many of his clients.

    One of Jason’s known companies – Premier Singles - received a rating of “F” by the Better Business Bureau. A previous company – Christian Singles – was sued out of business.

    Several former clients and employees have posted a multitude of complaints that although cannot be substantiated, indicate a pattern of sexual harassment, non-payment and/or bad checks issued to employees, misleading business practices, and unprofessional business management practices.

    Comments from former clients and employees of his dating service companies can be obtained by searching internet records on sites such as /link removed/,, and

    Specific examples of on-line reports that provide comments regarding business partners Jason Breakey have been associated with, reports by former clients, and reports by former employees can be located at the following sites. Note while these are comments that cannot be substantiated, there appears to be a common thread in the type and nature of client and employee complaints. /URL removed/

    /URL removed/

    /URL removed/

    /URL removed/

    Examples of a Better Business Bureau Rating and Complaints on File include, but may be not limited to:

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