James Taylorfraudster and website broker crook scam artist and criminal

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This crook has a very chequered past and has been owner of the website for trading in non-existent crypto currencies are non-existent gold and also for eBay fraud. There are various people involved in this and this is Apparent from all of the interactions both on social media and on the wider web.

He owns and loads of other scam sites like

Be warned. Total Scam artist and ripped off loads of uk customers and almost every foreign customer he has ever sold to.

The only changes his name like most people change their underwear and opens and closes companies and a rate that seems almost unbelievable.

His latest scam revolves around the company that he has closed down called profit LTD but he still has two goals carry on trading and using the name which is of course completely against the terms of even running a business I means anybody unlucky enough to buy anything from him is paying money straight into his bank account and not even to business.

James taylor is his current name and he has others of course including james marnley.

Alex mcdermott and lisa matthews do his dirty work here in the uk and he has eloped to italy after defrauding hundreds of people. His partner emanuela di tillio is part of his scams also and as guilty as he is.

The Golden Rule here is don't pay any money to anybody unless you can meet them in person and you know the money is going directly to a uk-based limited company that you can then take to court if you get screwed over.. or in the case of when you get screwed over.

This type of business and investment fraud is on the increase due to the high revenues that generates for the criminals involved but you can curb this by simply listening to the age-old adage which says if an offer sounds too good to be true than 100% of the time it always is.

Don't be tempted to shortcut things buying eBay accounts from anybody as eBay simply don't allow it and that's a fact.

Don't be tempted to buy any kind of business or invest any money with James or any of his cohorts as you can read on Google years and years worth of crooked history and criminal activity and if you still invest after reading that then you should probably just set your money on the fire because you're doing the same thing.

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James Taylor
James Taylor
James Taylor
James Taylor

Jun 02, 2018
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      Aug 12, 2018

    Nathan coombe and Jordan James Snell and Victoria Davis plus Chris Funnell is all part of this scam that has been doing on for years. sterling businesses ltd plus many others!

    Not sure what the last guy is talking about! Type these names into Google and you will find court cases, fraud charges, police arrests

    I have spoken with James and also met James and lisa in person. They have a office in Sheffield where customers are able to meet and discuss requirements..

    All these posts has been written by a competitor it's very clear to see this. If you do your own research into the names above and see what companies they own you will see it's the competitors writing the comments.

    Please do your own research because these competitors are criminals and have a criminal past history all recorded online!

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