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Jagex Runescape / unauthorized charge and denial of it

1 44142 y and o rd.Wellsville, OH, United States Review updated:

Ordered two month subscription, runescape or "it comes up Jagex ltd. on my bank statement, charged me the 12.00 for two months and also a 61.09 charge for which I still have no idea what for since they are denying the 61.09 charge completely and I even obtained proof from my bank, attached it in the e-mail to them, and they still deny it ever happened. Horrible Company!! Parents better beware!!! They should be sued, I'm betting there are more out there since there is literally millions playing. Please if there are any more that are out there, let's get together and start a class action lawsuit against them. They should NOT be allowed to even exist with these kinds of scams.

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  • Ja
      22nd of Dec, 2008
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    Jagex Runescape - BANNED????
    United States

    What the heck i'm STILL paying for my membership on runescape and for some reason i'm a free worlder its really ticking me off what is this a scam or something?!?!?!

  • Mi
      15th of Oct, 2010
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    Jagex Runescape - Swearwords
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom

    Jagex has the word gay listed as a swearword. I understand that there are many players in runescape who are young and may use the term offensively, however there are many other words which you can get away with. For instance, dam, shut up, ### and any combinations with ###, butt and any combinations of butt.

    The list is extensive. Is banning the word gay in any way of teaching people about tolerance and understanding? I understand completely the need to stop offensive material, yet this seems totally out of proportion. I am aware that many people use the word gay to mean bad or stupid when referring to someone else, but banning the word sets up in children's minds that they shouldn't use that word in much the same way that some people refrain from saying black to refer to african americans/englishmen etc.

    I have attempted to contact Jagex and runescape through customer support, asking why they feel they need to ban the word gay as well as explaining why I feel it is more damaging to have it listed as a swearword, yet nothing has come back.

    In the general sense the word gay is not offensive. I strongly hope that the many young players will not register this ban subconsciously, and be nervous to speak about the ranges of sexuality that our society today accepts.

  • Tr
      24th of Nov, 2012
    -1 Votes
    Jagex Runescape - giving money
    United States

    I have made a new account on runescape because i havent played it in a while and so many things have changed, so i decided i want to give all my money 800k to my new account so i did and that worked, then i changed my mind and decided i would tranfser it back to my old account but it didnt work it said there is a 25k limit. so i researched that problem and i heard of a way of bypassing that which was to get killed so when i drop it my other account can pick it up. i tryed that and i only left 25k behind and lost all the rest. Im so furious, Im also sure that many other players of the game hate this 25k limit rule espiecally if its the same scenario as mine where i want to tranfer stuff from my own accounts. If there is anyway you could fix this problem for me and possibly give me my '###' back please email me.

  • Xx
      22nd of Jul, 2013
    -1 Votes
    Jagex Runescape - BANNED????
    England, West Midlands
    United Kingdom

    i would like 2 know why my account has been banned. I was playing in a normal browser (chrome) and suddenly logged me out it had happened earlier and I didn't know why it did so i logged back in, and now i am permanently banned and i was doing really well. if you would like to discuss more about this the i suggest you should unban me. Also when i click show evidence it wont load so i am assuming this was a mistake and it better be because i enjoy playing runescape as it adds a fantasy world in my imagination with witches wizards warlocks warriors etc... Finally i would like you to please fix this and soon as i would like to play along side saradomin against zamarok.

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