JackInTheBox.comservice at the drive thru.

My name is Jerry Robinson, I am a senior citizen. On 12/01/2018 at approx.10;00 I went into the drive thru to order a burger[ I luv the ultimate cheese burger and curly fries] I ride an electric motorized bike . when I got to the drive thru window, the young lady at the window said they do not service bikes at the drive thru. I asked her to make an exception, there were no cars waiting behind me. Again she said no and that there was a camera pointed in the drive thru. She informed me that I would. have to go inside if I want to order. I asked to talk to the manager she said there was no manager. I am still on the bike I get to the front doors get off the bike lock it up go to the front doors and there locked. I was pissed.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Costa Mesa, CA From the drive thru to the front doors is maybe 25 ft. Again I am on a motorized bike. Needless to say I was really pissed off That they locked the front doors before I could get in to order. That is [censored]ed up and
being a senior citizen and being on a motorized bike and not getting service. To get the bike unlocked and get on, went to Del Taco down the street, was 40 minutes and they serviced me at the drive thru . i really feel I was discriminated against because am a white senior citizen on one of the top of the line electric motorized bikes out there right now. My BIKE RETAIL IS $3200.00 dollars. So to end this little problem about not getting service because no bike's in the drive thru. might turn into a big problem. Now that I think about it I am going to talk to a lawyer tomorrow about discrimination.

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    The location of the Jack in the box is on Baker just of Fairview in Costa Mesa. the address is1205 Baker St. Costa Mesa Ca.92626.

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