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St May 25, 2015 Review updated:

my disable wife she suffers from seizures was terminated 5/24/15 after 20 dollars she left on top of safe on camera then other employees in and out the office money disappears last person around money was asst. manager Tyler he was written up while my wife was fired even though the cameras show her not taking the money just forgetting it she suffers from seizures and jack in the box knows this she has provided doctors notes the incident happened 5/19/15 the day corporate manger screamed and demeaned my wife in front of the store for not sending people home and calling to many employees in to work which the GM Sasan Falaheed did before he left work she is a team lead not the asst manager who was there that day taken one hour break under the impression of going to the bank or another store he has failed audit before cant do inventory GM took over because his incompetence to do his job Rodger took the extreme when he fired my wife by cornering her at the end of the day with the GM of 5/24/15 and forcing her to sign self termination form or be fired for petty thief when clearly the camera showed her not taking the money and the asst manager was supposedly written up I am written you as her husband I telling you then we will take this to the labor board on Tuesday 5/26/15 I have seen with my own eyes asst manager take money out the drop box for his personal needs to eat and gas for his car and the blame of missing money goes to the regular employees Rodger has demeaned my wife on many occasions my wife has had mini seizers on the floor and sever at home and always was expected to perform even with a disability such as epilepsy

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      25th of May, 2015

    Why isn't your wife doing her own complaining? If she is mature enough to be working she should be able to do her complaining, or are you one of those control freaks? If your wife's grammar and spelling aren't any better than yours, that could be one reason for her termination. Depending on where you live, a person can be fired for absolutely no reason. You accuse one of managers of taking too long of breaks under the pretense of going to the bank or to one of the other stores, apparently you aren't aware of all the times managers sit in the office eating their meal, while doing paper work, and the time they spend in the store before the other employees get there and long after closing. What in heck drop box are you talking about? When a person pays for their food, doesn't it get put in the register? Even IF you did see one of the managers take money out of the box, you have absolutely no idea what the money was used for. You have no way of proving that he used it for gas for his car or for food. You make it sound like you think your wife should be shown special consideration(NOT BEING ABLE TO PERFORM HER DUTIES) because of her epilepsy. IF that is the case maybe she shouldn't be working. Several years ago I worked in a fast food place with a 19 year old old young man, that from what management said was a severe epileptic but he was managing to keep it controlled withe medication. He had it so well controlled that he was able to drive his own car, etc. Then one day, a couple years after I quit working there, he had a severe seizure, while driving and drove into a tree and was killed instantly. He was a crew leader in the store and when I started working there he was assigned to train me. If your wife wants to work, she can't expect preferential treatment because of her seizure disorder. ALSO keep in mind that you only know what your wife has told you, and being you are doing her complaining, that means you are a CONTROL FREAK, just like my "ex" was/is, and therefore, she more than likely told you a version that would make it look like she was wronged. I know how it feels to live with a control freak, and I sympathize with your wife.

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