Jack In The Boxrude server ad manager, food wrong, long wait

Sb Nov 28, 2018 Burleson, TX

I pulled up to drive through and there was only 1 car in front of me. I waited 15+minutes for my food. I ordered a sourdough jack meal (med) with a regular oreo shake, no whip or cherry. I was already irritated with the wait and when I pulled up I could immediately see my shake had toppings. Layla (the window attendant )did not offer an explanation or apology for my wait. I wasn't going to say anything because I manage a sonic and I know how it goes. But as I was pulling away Layla yelled sarcasticly at me, 'you're welcome!' I told her I didn't say thank you in which she replied, 'yeah! I know b*@ch!' Then when I called to get the girls name and general managers name, the manager on duty (Lisa) refused to give it to me. Then when I told her I would let the general manager know she was refusing, she finally told me. Then she asked me if I was the customer that drove off without saying thank you?! I am shocked!! I will be following up with the general manager every day until I know this matter has been resolved.

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