Jack In The Box / yelled at/ignoring the customer/waiting too long.

Contact information:
Phone: 281 359 5225

I'm going to keep it short but first off... Don't get me wrong I love the food... When its less than 5 minutes of waiting,... Not 15 minutes...

It is only one person that I would like to complain about that caused all of this... I don't know her name because she wasn't wearing a

Name badge or whatever its called. Any way she told me my food would be ready in 6 minutes and that it would probably be just warm

And that she doesn't even like working there.

So I pull up to the front of the establishment which by the way was well kept might I add as far as the outside goes...

I drive up and I see its a hispanic female in her late to middle twenties (kind of on the heavy side about 50 -75 pounds overweight)

She could be pregnant. It took her over 2 minutes to take my money or talk to me and she just kept texting and calling someone on her

Phone. Jack doesn't need people like this and this is the 2nd time she has done this.

This happened either the 5th or 7th of this month the recent one.

There were people behind me and it was embarrassing seeing them get their food when I had one breakfast order... Sad...

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