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A writer from iwriter disguised himself/herself as working with another company and solicited my services as a freelance writer between sept 4-sept 21, 2018. Over 70 articles were written for which the writer did not pay. The writer went ahead and made submissions to clients as if the article was his/her own. I wish for complete compensation for my services and for the time and money it costs me to locate the writer.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Florida, NY I am also seven months pregnant and this writer abused my services having me work over time at times. This can be easily verified. For example a most recent submission was made to this site:
I will attach my submitted article. You can verify with the customers the similarity between the two articles.
I am owed $1428.00 usd, however, with all the added expense and time to locate this writer I now require an amount not less than $2000.00 usd

Sep 27, 2018

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