Ivy Tech Indianapolis/Franklin Campus / scheduling classes

Many problems with Ivy Tech: Not getting to speak with financial advisor, ever, after repeated requests. Advisor schedules not accommodating to working peoples' schedules, had face-to-face with Kara who I EXPLICITLY told I needed on-campus classes at FRANKLIN campus - it's the entire reason WHY I chose Ivy Tech. I set up appt. for 3/18/19 to meet w/Kara and when I called to confirm appt., only THEN was I told that Franklin campus doesn't offer MA Assistant course at that campus, I would have to travel across town to the Lawrence campus for the course I wanted. At that point, I withdrew my application and financial aid from Ivy Tech and searching for another, more qualified institution that understands a simple request of needing on-campus classes. No help with financial aid at all and I STILL don't know the total cost of Ivy Tech's MA Assistant course as I haven't been able to speak with anyone about this. This was the most discouraging, unprofessional, unorganized learning institution I've ever encountered. I will be filing a complaint with the Board of Education.

Feb 08, 2019

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