ITV Ventures/Vitamins / fraud advertising

55 Cherry Hill Drive , Beverly MA 01915, MA, United States
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I had join Donald Barrett's ITV Home Business for $500.00 to sell his vitamin products. I was told that it was the best time to join. It wound up not the right time to join. Upline sponsor told me that I'll be making tons of money and because it is on ITV TV. It wound up changing to to receive phone call orders after they are seen on TV selling vitamin products for another $750.00. What about my first $500? It should only have been $250.00 cost because I already paid $500.00 at first. I complained to them and they just told me that it was too late to receive my $500 refund. I want my money back from these clowns. In the website they gave me none of the vitamins sold and I ha good advertiseing with MSN search. I lost more on advertiseing also. His other addresses are 100 Cummings Center Suite #142N Beverly, MA 01915, 900 Cummings Center Suite B07U Beverly, MA 01915, PO Box 414979 Boston, MA 02241 and 55 Cherry Hill Drive Beverly, MA 01915 all with title ITV Ventures.

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