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ITT Technical Institute / poor education, con job, horrible company for which to work

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Hello all. I left my job as a representative/recruiter at ITT Technical Institute, not long ago. I have been perusing through the complaints online and have decided to share with you what we are taught as "Educational Recruiters/Counselors" at ITT Technical Institute.

First of all, be wary of any place that asks you to come visit the school and all of a sudden, you are being asked to schedule a financial aid appt. You see, as a former rep, I was instructed by my supervisor just to sell you guys the appointment and once you get in the school, make the sale.

Second, you will be told it is about you, the student. Well, wake up! It is not about you, it is about you attending ITT and padding the pockets of the Tax Accountants and Fat Cats that own and run the business. It is a For Profit Organization. That means it is about the bottom line and essentially, the students that sit in class make the bottom line.

Third, Check the credentials of your instructors or all instructors! At any other college or university, you must hold a Masters Degree or Higher to be an instructor. A Bachelors will not do. I have more education than the District Manager, the same as the School Director, more than my supervisor, the financial aid director and most of the instructors. The Dean is the only person there that had more education than I and I was relegated to the lowest position of employ on the campus, Recruiter/Representative.

Fourth, Always ask to see the figures on placement and average salary for the last years graduates. IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO SEE THAT INFORMATION. Don't be caught spending that $45K for an Associate Degree when your annual income will average less than half of what your education cost. CJ students be very wary! Don't let anyone, not even the instructors tell you you can use this degree to go into forensics or law school. YOU CAN'T. Forensics requires alot of science and anatomy, something you will not get at ITT. And as of last check, there is no "online or walk-in" law school in this country and that is the only type of law school you would be accepted to if you get an ITT CJ degree. Remember, universities with law schools also have undergraduate programs to make sure you get the correct classes in order to meet entrance requirements.

Fifth, Yes, ITT is accredited through the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) and every Rep will try to tell you that it is an important thing. Guess what! It means absolutely nothing to any other school that you apply too. It is a national accreditation and all state and local (non-profit) schools have a regional accreditation and will not accept your transfer credits. So, unless you go to another nationally accredited school, you will not advance your education past your ITT Diploma. Why do you think they put that disclaimer on their commercials that "not all credits will transfer". Protecting their butts!

Now that I have shared some tidbits, let me explain why the reps do what they do. It is all about production, meaning that the more students they enroll, the more time off they get and the higher their salary rate goes. We are given a quarterly quota and woe be the rep that doesn't meet the goal. They will be working Saturdays, forced overtime, and placed on a 90 day letter that ultimately results in termination if they do not improve their enrollments. That is why we call you more than once or twice. You see, it really isn't about you. It is about me and being able to keep my job and keep food on my table so that my kids can get braces and be in gymnastics. It upsets reps when you fail the entrance exam or can't qualify for enough financial aid to cover the cost. Oh yeah, that reminds me. Did you know that if you cannot cover the cost of school with the Federal Aid (which you won't) that ITT will float the remainder of your balance, at no interest, until your next installment of Federal Aid and the time that you may qualify for a personal education loan! Sounds good, doesn't it? Personal education loans, the interest is based on your credit score and will be significantly higher than a Federal Loan and in most cases, you will be floating a higher balance than what the Federal Aid covers in the first place. So, ITT gets their money and you get a high interest rate. Bad thing is, the company preys on those who cannot afford the $493.00/Qtr Credit Hour cost. Yeah, a university could cost you more, but they have more FA opportunities in place to help those less fortunate afford an education. You can go to a community college or JUCO and cover the whole thing with Federal Aid. I have some guilt for working for ITT for as long as I did. I never quite understood how people couldn't see right through the BS, but then I realized that I am presenting myself as a counselor and a mentor. That is when I woke up and quit ITT Tech. If anything I have integrity and when I realized that it wasn't really, truly about the students, I had to decide if my integrity, pride in who I am, conscience, and professionalism were worth selling out for the company and the answer is "no". So, if this little dab of information helps you make the "right" decision for your future, then yeah, it was worth leaving and I wish I had done it long ago. Don't forget, in 2004, the Corporate Headquarters in Indiana was raided by the Feds. Can you really trust an "institution" that the Feds don't trust?

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  • Bi
      29th of Mar, 2010
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    I have just taken five classes in this school, and reading all the bad feedback I decided to quit, so I quit last friday but I am not sure how to make sure that those people won't bill me for things I did not receive?



  • It
      17th of Jul, 2010
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    That is sad but true ITT is the evil empire of all colleges

  • An
      5th of Nov, 2010
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    I am a former student of ITT Tech, and I'm in the process of forming a case against ITT Tech for fraud based on deceptive business practices, false advertising and predatory lending practices. Anyone who wishes to participate in this effort is free to contact me on my new blog site,

    My goal is to gather evidence from former staff and students from all over the country and present this evidence to the appropriate agencies who can put a stop to what they are still being allowed to do. Even better than that, I hope to be able to put a strong enough class-action case together on all of our behalves to convince the courts to force ITT to reimburse us for the costs we've all incurred because of their deception.

    If we can all get together and fight this, maybe we can at least cause some kind of student loan reform where this illegal activity is no longer allowed to continue and it can no longer rack up victims. And yes, we are victims...we were charged for goods and services that the company did not even attempt to deliver or provide and we deserve to be compensated, or at the very least we deserve a refund of all charges incurred because of this fraud.

  • It
      28th of Nov, 2010
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    im going in for a tour to itt tech. for there Asso. in Elect. Eng. does anyone have any advice? my options are limited due to many reasons. I need help here.

  • Up
      22nd of Mar, 2011
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    I actually went in yesterday and spoke with an enrollment counselor who informed me that this was a golden opportunity and wanted me to take a test and apply for financial aid. After seeing the cost of $465 per credit hour I stopped him and advised him that this was a program for someone who couldn't do any better. The tuition is extremely high and you can obtain a quality education from a local community college for much less. In fact if you do the research, you will realize that you can obtain a Masters degree for what they are charging for an associates degree. I was told to look at it as an investment in my education. I informed them that I already have Bachelors from a private University which didn't cost this much and didn't see the benefit of a $50, 000.00 Associates Degree. I also asked if they were an accredited program and the counselor danced around the question by telling me about other programs that they were registered in but never would say if the school was nationally accredited. This is a very important factor because most employers want accept degrees unless it from a nationally accredited program.

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