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world education serviceNot deliver

I have applied FSWP Canada on 16 June 2013 and my documents reached Canada office on 25 June 2013. Since then my application status is "documents received - review in progress" until today. 8 July 2013. (14 days)

According to WES policy, once our documents is received, WES will review our documents within 48 hours and at least will updates us what is the status of the documents. the sad thing is WES never updates me and never response to my call!. I called to Canada and have cost me lot of money since I from Malaysia but no one have pick up my call. I am waiting for more than one hour but no response at all. I emailed more than 10 times but the standard answer was given is " In progress" without any detail!

I need this sort out ASAP as today is already 2 weeks since my document reached WES office.
my reference number is 2442323.
Really disapointed with WES service.

world education serviceEvaluation- University not recognized

To Whom It May Concern,
I had sent my documents to WES for evaluation as per their requirement, reference #: 2423979/ca. On April 30, 2013, I online filed my case with all the details. The following working day I sent my documents through courier. I vigilantly went through their website, cross-checked my documents before sending and provided all necessary proofs. WES received my documents on May 06, 2013 and since I opted for the same day service, they emailed me the report stating that WES doesn't evaluate credentials from Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science of Technology (SZABIST). What on earth, took so long for such a well-recognized so called reputed organization to realize that they should not include SZABIST on their evaluation list? I checked the list of universities they consider for evaluation thoroughly before sending my documents and SZABIST was there. The university also appeared on their form while submitting my application.
If they had to remove SZABIST, they should atleast consider the applications that were sent before their website was updated or information was made public. Now, I am badly stuck since I have to apply for immigration and at the eleventh hour no other organization will accept my documents for urgent processing. Secondly, I want to know about the payment I have made. Since the error was made at the WES front by mis-representing the information and keeping the participants in dark. However, my priority is to get done my evaluation and I think WES should accept my application and provide me the report due to mis-information at their end.

Qurat-ul-ain Malik

  • De
    Demsen Jun 16, 2011

    First of all they make it impossible for you to be able to speak with someone in the organization. My complaint has to do with the unbelievable change in status of my application from waiting for documents to documents received to evaluating documents to waiting for documents. My transcripts were sent years back to WES and they have everything they need to evaluate it and dispatch to my designated recipients.

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  • Am
    Amir Bilal Aug 02, 2013

    I am in the same situation. Could not even imagine that such high ranked university will not be in their list.

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  • Do
    donnaja Jan 21, 2015

    WES is a fraud. DO NOT USE THEM. They should be renamed "WORST EVALUATION SERVICE (WES)". For example, it takes a minimum of 45 minutes to speak to customer service and do not even bother to send them an email because you will wait for an eternity to get a reply.

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  • Va
    vasim vohra Jan 31, 2015

    i am also in same situation my university is well recognise and well reputed in india.and UGC apporved it is also MHRD and Govt of india approved .what do u want extra in this nw?.wes never check properlly is this proper or nt and they declai directlly non recognise
    what should we do nw.our career depend on this assement
    .plz do something.if it possible...

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  • Nu
    nusrat mehjabeen Oct 27, 2015

    I m on the same boat my institution status is given non recognised. I don't know why wes declared it? My university is well known and top most university in Bangladesh which named as Stamford university Bangladesh... I feel 😔 sad with lot of tens... What should I do now??? If you have any solution about the matter please share it.

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  • Sh
    shahrior Sep 08, 2017

    @nusrat mehjabeen Hi, Nusrat! Any update after that? I've also faced the same !

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world education serviceFraudulent business practice

They took my money, told me what documents to get from my English Universities. I was informed by my universities that they did not have the types of documents WES was requesting. I emailed WES asking what to do next - got no reply.

Called a week later and was told to wait for a reply. Still nothing. Emailed a followup another week later. No reply. Called "Customer Services" was told that I'd signed a document promising to submit the required documents, and if I couldn't submit them as requested I couldn't have an evaluation. So I asked for a refund in writing. I got no response, not even an acknowledgement of my request.

I got another contact number for WES from my Uni admissions office, and emailed and left messages - got no response.

I called customer services (10 days after the refund request). They told me that the refund had to be "considered" and they didn't know when that would be finished. I said that since they were unable to provide me with the translation service they couldn't also keep my money. The woman was very rude and just kept repeating to me that I had to wait for them. I asked how I could believe they would contact me, since they have never contacted me about anything ever before. So she just hung up on me. 1hr later, they emailed me a refusal to refund my $170. It was obviously a vindictive response to my (really polite!) phone call, and still I have no way to get an evaluation.

I called the San Francisco office, and she told me that they won't refund if I "fail to provide the required" documents I told her that I assumed that if they asked for xyz documents from English universities, it was because these documents exist.

How was I to know that such documents did not exist in the 80's and 90's? WES already had the dates of my degrees when they told me what documents to get. With their supposedly "35yrs" of experience, they must have known that my institutions did not have these documents for students who graduated before a certain date.

So this has to be a scam - they knowingly take money, demand documents that don't exist, then blame you for failing to do your part in the evaluation and refuse the refund. Its unbelievable.

Then I looked them up at the New York BBB - 130 people have filed complaints in just 3 months (so that must be the tip of the iceburg) check it out:

If anyone else is having problems you might get a resolution by complaining to the Better Business Bureau who seem to have resolved some of the complaints:

If I can't get anywhere with the BBB I will also complain to New York Attorney General Charities Division;

You can also post a review of them as a charity on the GuideStar database which is an important nonprofit reference, taken seriously by funders and nonprofit researchers - people should be told what a scam this place is:

world education serviceterrible customer service

They had all the information (transcripts from two Canadian universities) October 28. I phoned and they said it would be sent out within 3 days. A week later, I checked online and saw that due to a misunderstanding/incorrect assumption on their part about some info on one of the transcripts, my record was awaiting yet another transcript from an institution which I never attended. I phoned and explained, and they said it would be sent out right away. A week later, same thing. I also emailed a couple of times explaining the situation. Each call represented an average of 20 minutes on hold. Last week I spoke to a "supervisor" named Narda. She promised me she would call me back the next day and take care of it. I have left her several messages since then, but the status of my evaluation still shows that they are waiting for that non-existent transcript. Each time I call, I explain that this time lost is costing me money. I can't enroll for classes without knowing what credits I already have earned, and as I am near graduation, this delay means I cannot apply for a job and tell them I have a degree until my ed. institution can review WES' evaluation and assess my credits, so I know how soon I will have earned my diploma. I am frustrated and angry. The "customer service" reps there STONEWALL and obfuscate. All I am trying to do is get the service I paid for. I've been hung up on, and the only one who even apologized was Narda, for whatever good that is worth. USE A DIFFERENT EVALUATION SERVICE FOR YOUR FOREIGN EDUCATIONAL CREDITS. I WISH I HAD.

  • Ja
    jan220 Nov 24, 2009

    So sorry you went through this. i'm trying to get my money back right now. What a nightmare. The NY Better Business Bureau has handled 129 complaints about WES in just 3 months, and for any business what makes it to the BBB is the tip of the iceburg.

    They are a "Nonprofit" raking in $10m+ per year on this credentials business. Their CEO gets about $250k. They look pretty for profit to me.

    If anyone else is having problems you might get a resolution by complaining to the Better Business Bureau who seem to have resolved some of the complaints:
    (check out WES's BBB file here: )

    also complain here to New York Attorney General Charities Division;

    You can also post a review of them as a charity on the GuideStar database which is an important nonprofit reference, taken seriously by funders and nonprofit researchers:

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  • Pr
    Pramod Sinha Dec 04, 2009 is being run couple of CEO's promoter who has made education institute like a Wall Street WHORE. You call WES customer service, no response means from customer service means that evaluation has no meaning.

    In Capitalist society, without slavery there is not Capitalism. This is one of promoting Capitalism thru slavery. WES takes the payment promoptly which all CAPITALIST does, and NEVER GIVES service. And SHOW the profit.

    Earlier USA is the country of IMMIGRATION but not THIS country hase become COUNTRY of SLAVERY/

    Pleasse tell your Company or Institution to ask to alternative who can give evaluation report on time.

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  • Pr
    Pramod Sinha Dec 04, 2009

    Comment is corrent and reflect American Capitalism.

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  • Ka
    karolineeee Nov 22, 2011

    I completly agree.They are horrible, the service is alwful.And what is worse than the service and the attitude is that they are very very slow and i have missed my deadlines.I dont understand what is wrong with this people and why they make evryhing so complicated.Horrible i haope all of them die.I hate them, they are complete idiots and absolutelly useles...

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