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I attended ITT [protected] for Computer Networking. I graduated with an associate degree. As with probably every student who has ever attended ITT. My academic advisor (Raj) led me to believe that my credits would transfer over to a university if and when I was ready to attend one. I was told that attending ITT would give me a head jump on my classes. It wasn't until after I graduated that I found out that my associate degree that I owe $40, 000.00 for isn't worth a penny, and that ITT was a noncreditial school.
The teachers can't teach but they insisted that I fill out a questaire about them so that they get a bonus. Well, I didn't and there was one teacher I had that was very upset with me and gave me a hard time in class after that. Why should they get a bonus when they're not teaching us anything.
The labs I was supposed to have "not one lab worked". The teachers would tell us something wasn't being updated, either the books or the software. It was always one or the other. No one knew anything and their answers to this problem were "move onto the next lab." How do you do that when nothing worked and you're not learning anything?
I was promised that I had career service to help me find employment and that is a lifetime guarantee. Whenever I tried to contact someone from career service there was never anyone there. When I was lucky enough to reach someone they would tell me "they couldn't even get me an interview with anyone." There's were times that I called, left messages and they had the nerve to email me the listings from Craig's list. I didn't need to put myself in debt of $40, 000.00 to have some idiot send me this. I was doing this myself because they weren't helping me but I was doing it "FREE".
Since I have graduated I have not had a position in computer networking. Now there is the economy situation, I can't even make enough to live off of. My parents help me whenever they have a little extra, just so I can pay my rent or other bills. How am I supposed to pay this loan when it comes due. I CAN"T!!! I have even thought about filing bankrupcy, but that won't help because I am still responsible for this loan.
Someone needs to step in and help. How can a so called school get away with this? People are still signing up to attend there just to end up like the rest of us. Everything I was told was all false information, and they should not be able to keep getting away with this.
I would appreciate talking to someone that is willing to take this on to help us all.


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