Irvine Companywoodbridge apartments

Ho Nov 28, 2018 Irvine, CA


We moved out of the Woodbridge apartments a few months ago. We were given a list of what to do when checking out. It never mentioned that we had to return out cards for the woodbridge community association. After leaving the complex and getting the okay from the manager Victor, we received a bill for $50 for the cards. We were billed for the paint of the apartment. It is very frustrating and misleading when we were told everything was perfect when we left to then get a bill.

They way I received the bill was only because I asked a month or two after moving out why we did not receive the deposit money back. I email Victor to ask why we did not and he sent me the bill for about $350. He then told me that it will be sent to collections in a week.

We never received a paper bill or a phone call or an email even though they had access to all of that information.

The management is very poorly run. We were not dissatisfied with the property but just the horrible rude management. Zero customer service skills.

We now live in the Woodbury complex and love the staff. Such a great experience now!

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