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Thursday, 8/19/10: I ordered 2 sets of iRenew bracelets online. It did not give me the opportunity to review my order before giving me a confirmation that 3 sets were ordered at $19.99 each, plus a shipping charge of $52.65 was added onto that. I immediately called the number listed [protected] and spoke with a customer service rep that could not find my online order. She told me that it usually takes a day or two before it is in their system and before it gets shipped out. I told her that I did not order 3 sets and that I was not about to pay $52.65 for an order that would probably take $2.00 to ship out. I also sent an email to [protected] asking them to cancel this order before it ships out and I NEVER received a reply from this either.

**Keep in mind that the policy states a 100% satisfaction guarantee with any return within 30 days. They pocket the HUGE shipping charge that they trick you into paying...period!**

Friday, 8/20/10: I called the customer service line and spoke with the same girl. Again she told me that my name nor my order was in their system. She asked that I call them back the next day to check in again.

Saturday, 8/21/10: I called and spoke to another customer service rep and once again I was told that my order could not be canceled because it did not show in their system. I told them that if the order shipped that I was going to fight this charge because I am making every attempt to cancel it. The customer srv rep at that time told me that if I do receive it that I could still return the product for a money back, except of course the convenient "$52.65" in shipping charges. At that point (I am steaming big time) I asked to speak with a supervisor. A guy by the name of Troy got on the line. I told him that I had already contacted my bank and was in the process of disputing this charge on my bank account. Finally at that point Troy said that he would reduce the shipping charge to $7.95 if I would accept the shipment. I gave in and said, well I can deal with $7.95 in shipping so okay I will try out the product. Whew!

Approximately 7 - 10 days later I get the product and the packing slip shows that it was shipped on Friday, 8/20/10 when the customer service rep told me TWICE that it had not been entered into their system yet which meant that it had not been shipped yet. LIARS!

Conclusion: NOTHING! No difference in anything stated on TV. Product was sent back immediately!

Sept. 7, 2010: Received a confirmation that product was received from
Sept 16, 2010: Still no credit issued to my bank card. Tried calling "Return" department several times but kept getting cut off and disconnected. Finally I pretended that I was a new customer and got a customer service rep on the phone right away. I spoke with a person by the name of Jeff and he looked in their system and asked me, "Now how many bracelets did you send back and when???" Right away I told him that I sent back 2 orders (I kept 1 for the heck of it) and that I have a delivery confirmation # that proves that they received the product back. Once I said that he said, well since you have a delivery confirmation # then I can go ahead and issue the credit back. Now, not sure if you've caught onto what is going on here yet, but apparently my "credit" was in their system once again but it doesn't seem that I was going to get my money issued back unless I proved that they actually received the product back. When I asked him why my credit had been sitting in their system for 9 days without any action, he said he did not have that information. I then asked Jeff when should I expect to see the refund of $39.98 on my bank statement and he said approx. 3 to 7 business days. Ugh! They make we wait all this time for my money that they've been holding onto, and when I originally placed the order online on 8/19/10, my bank statement hit within 2 minutes!

You will see another complaint from me on iRenew if I don't get my money back as promised! Beware of iRenew!

Yours truly,
A Very Unhappy "past" iRenew customer

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      Feb 24, 2011

    Thanks alot for this review. I just got suckered for $71.78. I am hoping that I can get to the bank in time to stop the payment or I may even just close down my account. Man I wish i would have read over some of the reviews or googled this before i was dumb enough to go to their webiste. If anyone has any contact numbers for this place or emails addys please post them. It seems you can't get ahold of them until your 24 hrs are up.

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