IQ Data International / RentCollect / violated our credit report

Ze Mar 02, 2016 Everett, WA

This collection agency doesn't have their facts straight. We have filed complaint to the agecny regarding our situation with the apartment complex. The apartment complex discriminated us my husband and I have health issues and was given thirty day notice with the doctors note they did not approach us for another apartment they told us we could not afford the first floor aparment and basically we couldn't afford any of their apartments as they over charge people. We are on ssi we have paid everything on time and we were being charge for ridicicouls charges that our not even ours. We have the walk through papers and was told we were getting our deposit. We were lied to and threats were made to us. This collection agency refuses to get the facts straight and we had our an attorney to file complaint against this agency and to restore our credit report we have been an emotional wreck can't sleep and have been goint to the doctors. Please help us out.

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