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IQ Data International
Everett, Washington
United States
Phone: 425 609 2000
This agency never sent a single notice of an account in collection, which allowed substantial interest to accrue on the account. Once i found out about the collection when checking my credit report, i contacted them to ask them to provide a written notice or invoice, which never arrived. They insisted that i give them numerous phone numbers and my employers name. I did not give them a real phone number. Instead, they tracked down my parents and began to harass them, demanding that they make my pay the account immediately "or else" and if i didn't "then i'd be sorry. " i have since called the agency to complain that i did not receive notice of the collection and they refused to resend the notice and threatened me with civil action. I asked to speak with a supervisor and the agent hung up. How can i pay the account if they wont even provide documentation of the collection? This company needs its license revoked.
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N  30th of Oct, 2009 by    -1 Votes
LOL, you guys are all lying debtors..too funny. Whaaaa, mean bill collectors want me to pay my bill, whaaaa. STFU and pay your debt, stop trying to lie your way out of things. Act like an adult, I know it will hard for most of you, but you should give it a try.
N  16th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
They garnished my check starting in November 08 i have a email from them and my payroll department saying the garnishment was complete. I was served yesterday for the exact same bill. They just added a 2nd judgement to my credit report for a bill that has been paid per the conversation between them and my payroll department. What kind of collection agency is this?
N  28th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
In respone to Bill Hunter...I will pay my F'n debt if the dumb B***H will send me something showing what I owe but as it stands it says one amount on my credit report and another that she is telling me if she does not want to send me something I am under NO LEAGAL OBLIGATION to pay her. Why don't you try looking up the Fair Debt Collections Protection Act and actually read the part where it says that any debt collecter is Obligated to send me written notification of a debt within 5 days of intial contact and my inital contact with her was over a year ago and yet I am still without anything in writing! when i get something in writing I will gladly set up payment aragements and pay the dumb thing off. Or maybe they can try to go after the main person on the account seeing as I was a Co-signer and not the main account holder. But whatever its just money and I will pay to clear my name...Just send me some DAMN paperwork I have given 2 seperate adresses where I can recieve mail and nothing has come so go back to your desk and STFU
A  8th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I totally agree here, i have been dealing with IQ Data for awhile now, all thanks to my ex husband. I have requested several times to have a copy of everything sent to me so i know what i am paying on, i have given it a week between phone calls and every time i call she tells me it was sent, this last time i called she said she'd send it to my email right then and there, so i gave my email address and sure enough NOTHING, big fat freaking suprise there!! So needless to say, i am thanking everyone who has posted things on here because i am taking this to the attorny general as well as hiring an attorney! I do work for a collection agency so i do know all the rules, inside and out, and we sure do not opporate like this! I have worked with 3 different people at this dumb agency the first one was Mr. Harrison, the guy who cant even speak english, he told me that if i do not pay that i will be going to jail, totally illegal, good going Mr. Harrison, the second dumb broad i talked to calle dme a dumb B**ch and a loser and all other sorts of things continually tried telling me that i was refusing to pay when i was openly stating these exact words " i am not refusing to pay, i want to make payments and would like some sort of documentation on what i owe" how you get me refusing to pay outta that, not sure, shes an idiot! And the 3rd was the so called operations manager! She was something else, she hung up on me 3 times because i told her i was not gonna give her my address till she confirmed that she was going to send me documentation! She never did, shes an idiot as well, so needless to say i am going through with speaking with the attorny general and taking them to court! i dont care how long it takes me, they are done screwing peoples lives up, especially mine! See you in court IQ DATA!!
A  16th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I hope everyone realizes that no one at IQ Data International uses their REAL names when they are corresponding with you by phone or mail. "Mr. Harrison" who left a message on my cell phone and didn't even state WHO the message was for, can barely speak English. How are you gonna tell me, his last name is Harrison? LMAO! This outfit is a joke. Shannon Harmon and Stan Snyder are aliases too. Gotta protect the "guilty" somehow don't they? I will tell you one thing, once they are named in a lawsuit for violating consumer rights and harassment etc, their REAL names will be revealed as AKAs in court documents which are public domain.

Mr. Harrison, Shannon Harmon, and Stan Snyder don't exist, so to them, they are above the law, and the law does not apply to them.

Another thing to keep in mind is how often this company or group of companies sells out. It's a cover-up and a defense mechanism when they get too close to getting caught and charged with crimes against consumers. Trust me, it will come around and bite them in the ###.

They next time you get a call from this company from any of their alias reps and many different UNKNOWN phone numbers:

1. Stay CALM and CONFIDENT (If you are nervous, upset or angry, it is better to just let the phone ring. I guarantee you they will either a: leave some cryptic message giving you a reference # and a callback number or b: they won't leave a message at all)

2. If they ask to speak to you "by name", smile and confidently say into the phone, "Who is calling please?" (If they refuse to tell you their name and/or the company they represent, smile again and confidently say into the phone, "If you won't identify yourself/your company then we have nothing to talk about. Please don't call this number again." Then HANG UP. DO NOT wait for them to start threatening you. Just HANG UP. You have already given them ample opportunity to identify themselves and the nature of their call.)

3. If they call right back, they have just bought themselves a harrassment charge. Chances are they will start in with threats, HANG UP! DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! The date, the time of the first call, the nature of the conversation, the fact that you asked them not to call your number again. Any names, any phone numbers, the date and time of the second call and so on.

4. If they do identify themselves and the company they represent (again document everything, names, times of calls, nature of calls, and any details that are pertinent, phone numbers they are calling from), remain CALM and CONFIDENT, remember that is YOUR power. Ask them about the nature of their call, keep a positive tone in your voice. If they are negative toward you in any way, remember this constitutes harrassment and harassment is ILLEGAL. (document everything) After they state their business, you need to state that you want and are entitled to, by law, written documentation of the debt, the creditors name and contact information, etc within 5-10 days and give them a mailing address. If they refuse or say that they don't have too, stay CALM and smile and say into the phone, "Well you may not want too, however I have a right to that information and if you aren't willing to comply with that law, the laws state that if there is no proof of the debt's validity, we have nothing left to talk about. Have a nice day!" HANG UP! Again, DO NOT wait for them to start threatening you, because they will. You stayed calm and confident, you were polite and to the point. Let THEM hang themselves!

5. If they call right back - refer to #3 DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!

I hope this helps a little and I also hope that everyone who has been harassed and abused by these clowns gets together a class action lawsuit.

Enjoy your evening! :)
A  27th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
3 years ago I was forced to break my lease due to roommate issues and working for minimum wage...in fact I was told to break my lease by the manager of the property she said "it will be a lot cheaper for you that way." This was my first ever apartment, if i only knew then what I know now!!! The collection company I dealt with was Debt Recovery Management Inc, which I am guessing is now IQ Data International seeing as a bunch of people have dealt with this Victor guy and that my credit report is reporting it as IQ. Victor wasnt so bad as the first person I dealt with Pamel Wagner...What. A. Peach! I broke the lease 9/5/06...let me tell you she called me before the end of that month to set up payment arrangements! The original debt amount for me and my roommate was $1, 828.40 Pamela told me that I would pay $914.20 and so would my roommate. By this time I was already in a different apartment, I moved out of that apartment 12/8/06, a week or so later I got a letter forwarded to my parents house dated 12/13/06 saying that my account was satisfied and I no longer owed them any money. 6/14/07 while I was pregnant with my son and not working and I got a phone call from Ms. Pamela Wagner she was VERY rude and stated that I still owed them $1, 290 and when I explained to her that I got a recepit of payment in full she screamed at me and told me that they sent me that by mistake and they would garnish my wages if I did not pay that only my roommate was supposed to get that letter. I laughed at her and told her to go ahead and garnish my wages I am unemplyed and if that letter was supposed to be sent to my roommate why was it not only addressed to me on the letter and envelope but sent to my address and forwarded to the correct one and why did it take her 6MONTHS to contact me? She said that they had no contact information on hand for me, well that irratated me and I yelled at her and told her what ### that was seeing as she just called me on the SAME phone number I had 6 months prior! I hung up the phone, 4 days later I called them back asking to speak to Pamela, I was told that she no longer worked for the company and that Victor was now handling her case load. I spoke to Victor and informed him of the receipt I got and he said that had to be a mistake, I then asked him to send me a break down of what was owed and what was paid. He sent it and i flipped out when I received it...Balance owed was $1, 828.40 Balance paid was $2, 174.40...Balance still owing (by me only) $1, 290!!! I called Victor and flipped out and he informed me that I needed to pay this I said no and hung up. 2 weeks later I got legal papers served on me and I havent heard anything from them since. But I will tell you that I pulled my credit report 1/1/09 and couldnt understant why the balance went from $1, 290 to $888.
A  10th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
this company is a joke. Shannon, i think is her name. That woman is a lying ###, and the rudest animal iv ever spoken to. I "owed" money on an apt somehow, the month after my lease expired. Me and 3 others on the lease owed 1400 bucks. I was told that if i paid my portion, they would release me from the collection, and drop it off my credit report. So i coughed up the 450 bucks (my portion), waited a month like they said for it to be removed. Its been 6 months, my credit is trashed, and its still there. I called The ### back and asked why it was still there, of course she had attitude as always, and told me i had to bite the bullet and pay the other 800 dollars if i wanted it off my credit.
She told me i had been released, like they promised, but it didnt mean it would come off my credit, it just meant they wouldnt call me about it anymore. Stone cold lied to me. Then they sent me a letter, telling me they recieved my final payment in full. Is this letter legit? Will it hold up in court? Has anyone else gotten this worthless peice of paper, that im hoping has some legal binding to it?
A  21st of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
this company is f****** up! all the employees that get all these complaints online and through the BBB and AG are ALL still working there!!! However they drive good employees away or fire them. You don't have to be an ### to get a debt collected, all my biggest accounts that have paid, I have been very nice to them!!! the company is purely money motivated. Employees do drugs in the parking lot, the vice president's assistant was smoking weed with an employee named Stephanie Siva... they act like they are invisible. it's all about who is collecting the most money, matter a fact they will even enter in someone's payment information false to get the check back (so they make commission that month) to buy more time for the debtor to gather the money. Then they fire employees who are making good legit money!!! They would rather more upfront money and BOUNCE ALL THE CREDIT CARDS AND CHECK BY PHONES... THEN THEY YELL AT EVERYONE TO MAKE THEM UP. WTF!?????????? I could go on and on, one day this company will go down for good.
A  13th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
Let's keep it real.

I messed up big time and got myself evicted from an apartment a few years ago. I just got on my feet, started making good money and now am in a position to pay off everything I owe.

I contacted the apartment complex that I got evicted from and they told me that I should deal with IQ Data because the debt isn't theirs anymore. When I got in contact with Mr. Victor everything was really cool. I briefly explained to him that, "Hey, I know I messed up but I'm good now. Would love to pay this off and move on with my life." He told me that I had 3 days to pay close to $5, 000 or else things will get bad.

Now wait. I'm a Marine Combat Veteran.. Been to Iraq 3 times, and a survivor of 9-11. What in the world do you mean, "things will get bad."

I was very curteous and said, "Excuse me? It is just impossible to pay it in 3 days. I can pay the full amount by the beginning of the next month, but not in 3 days. The most I can do is-" then he cuts me off and said that this is how it's souppose to be done.

I reminded him of several things. 1- I am the proud owner of a credit score of 500. There is about nothing he can do to my credit that I haven't done already. 2- This is a 3 year old debt. If I haven't paid it in 3 years, what makes him think I'll pay it now if he's being rude. 3- I'm the one contacting him!

He then ends up calling my father (how he got the number, I don't know) and almost convinced him to pay the full $5, 000 right then and there over the phone. At the last minute my father decided to call me to make sure. He was under the impression that I was under some legal trouble.

I let him know that I am willing to pay the freaking bill, ... let me say this again I WANT TO PAY THE BILL!!! BUT, it has to be done when I have the money. My son isn't going to starve just because Victor wants it paid in an unreasonable time. I called the Apartment Complex and tried to convince them that I'll pay them double of what I owed them (close to 10 grand) if they can just please have me not deal with these people. If they are going to act this way, then I would rather not deal with them at all. They do not assure me that they would actually take the debt off my record.

I know why they don't have an address, because crazy f*ckers like me will find their place of work and talk to them face to face.

I'm sorry... I know I messed up and shouldn't have gotten evicted. It was a harsh time for me and if you want to call me a dead beat for that, so be it. The thing is, is that now I'm doing very good and I want to make up for all those mistakes. All I ask for is that when I make the decision to come back and try to pay something off... don't threaten me. And Mr. Stan Snyder, I will be contacting you. Because I am going to need some sort of written agreement telling me that you guys will take off my debt off my report once I pay.

I'm a professional hustler by the way. I am a master in deceit and illusions. (I'm a professional Magician) There is no way I am going to trust a person like that, with that kind of money if there aren't proffesional.

~ www.smoothini.com
A  17th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
FYI everyone, the people at this company have to disclose their real names with the goverement, so even if they are going by fake names, when you do sue them the attorney will be able to find out the real names! I know this from expereience, i am in contact with an attorney as we speak, i just got off the phone with them. I have delt with Shannon Harmon, Mr. Harrison, Stephanie Silva and Micheal Branson. And just so you all know when u sue a collection agency you can recieve up to 1000 dollars per person that failed to comply with F.D.C.P.A and state laws. Mr Branson told me over the phone that he was going to request the original paperwork from the original creditor and if he did not recieve it within 2 weeks that he was going to drop the collection and it would be fully removed. He's obviously full of it as well. Do not make the mistake of giving them your bank account info because they will go and take whatever money they want regardless if you authorized it or not, also learned that from experience! Also if you can record all the phone calls you have with this company, remember to let them know that this call may be recorded! Thats what i have been doing! As far as Washington state law goes, they can only legally call you 3 times in one week and once at your place of employment per month! I wish you all the most luck and remember to be smart about they way you deal with this company!! **Happy Sueing**
A  24th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree with all of you i have been dealing with iq data for the past five months. They keep changing the amount that they say i owe them it went from 7, 000 to 1, 600?. I tryed working a deal out with them but they are very rude and dont let you talk always interupt you and always call you a liar, (they are the liars). They said theywant all the money today and not a penny less and if not i would regret it.
A  26th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
Well, Shannon Harmon has been harassing myself and my wife for 6 months now. Her first phone call was to my house while I was at work. Very politely she asked to speak with me, and when my wife told her that I worked from 5am to 6pm, she called her a "Lying B*$ch" and hung up on her... She called 5 or 6 more times in the next 30 minutes, and either hung up when my wife answered, or screamed obscenities at her. We documented all of it.
(My old apartment complex turned the account to them the day after we moved... we were not delinquent, just chose not to renew the lease with a 200.00/month increase in it). they tried to charge us for new carpet, new paint etc... We had been there 24 months which by law here in Cal, they cannot charge you for the carpet as it is normal wear and tear, and the paint after 24 months is also considered "normal wear and tear". We have the final walk thru form from the apartment complex and SIGNED by the assistant manager stating there was only a 140.00 cleaning charge.
IQ claims we owe over $1000.00)
I got her number and called her from work. once she pulled me up in the system, her voice changed tone and she took serious attitude. I stayed calm and was trying to talk to her about it, but she kept cutting me off, calling me a deadbeat, asking if I bounced checks across town, because "people like me who can't pay their debts always write hot checks". My account with them had nothing to do with checks at all...When I told her she was in violation of the FDCPA, she laughed and said "We don't have guidelines at collection offices dealing with losers".
I asked for a supervisor, and was put on hold... 3 or 4 minutes later, shannon harmon got on the line again and gave me a different name (I know her voice... unless her manager is her clone LOL). I repeated some of the things she said, and was then verbally abused again by her, and she hung up on me.
I filed a complaint with the Washington state Attorney Generals office...
"Stan Snyder" responded to them and told them he reviewed the tapes of the conversations in question and that it was ME who was yelling and screaming at them, and denied that Shannon spoke with my wife at all...
I responded back to the AGO, and they said they believed Mr. Snyder even though I had phone records and several abusive voice mails I could send them from Shannon as well...
So the AGO is unwilling to go after these jerks...
N  11th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
what you need to do is contact the 3 credit bureaus directly by mail requiring that they provide you with the documentation on this collection. They are required by law to have this with out reporting anything on your credit report. I can guarantee you 100% they won't have it you will have to send all 3 letters. It will be a process stick with it it will be removed and if ever reported again they will have to pay you I can give you more information on this if you would like
N  15th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Is there anyone out there who would like to join in a lawsuit against IQ Data? I am sueing right now for fdcpa violations but i am looking to go further. if there is anyone who wants to chat about this please feel free to email me, i really want to get the ball rolling on this as soon as possible. This company needs to be put to a stop, and they need to pay for all the pain and suffering they have put people through, they need to be put out of business for good!!!
N  19th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am interested SunshineGirl but you didn't leave an email address for anyone to contact you Please leave the email address or the name of the attorney so that people can contact you about this
N  23rd of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes

I didnt leave my email address in the open because IQ Data checks this all the time and thats the last thing i need is for them to have that. But i believe if you click on my name you can send me an email through this website, i did make it so i can get emails. I have not found the attorny to take the actual company to court, right now i am sueing for FDCPA violations, and the attorney that is doing that is helping me find another attorney to complete the actual sueing of the agency. But if you are interested we can definetly go further on this together. If for some reason clicking on my name doesnt get an email sent post again and we will figure it out from there, sorry about all that.
N  25th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Not gonna lie.. i owe 243 from my first apartment company, and i am in a bind right now. In order to get into a new apartment i need to pay this money. But the people that have the account is this IQ Data, and that 's the last thing i need is more harassing phone calls. I have made mistakes, and i am on tons of payment plans... but i pay my bills work hard and i don't need to pay something off just to hear for 6 months that i didn't actually pay something. Only up side is that i use a prepaid credit card when i pay for these things... and it gives me a weekly statement so i'll know if the money has been taken or not. And i only put the amount needed... so if i need to i will re-post my issues here and complain to every form of government we have and if they still say i owe or it's on my credit i will still have proof... so if i need to show it i will and this company can talk to my lawyer and my husband and i guarantee that if they are rude he is ruder.
A  25th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I disputed mine with Transunion and Experian and both found that they were reporting false information and deleted it. Then they send me something with a return address of sunnyside, WA/...haha but the post office stamped it in Everett, how dumb and the notice had waaaaaay different information, they can kisss my ###. I dont contact them because I know better now they can keep trying to collect this money the only reason they havent filed a judgement is cuz they know they are ###ed due to the fact i have areceipt of payment and now I have it deleted from my credit report...hmmmm.
N  5th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
This company is ridiculous. They have no proof of any debt which is why they cannot submit you any type of documentation. Do not even bother hiring a lawyer to deal with these people. Go on your credit report and dispute any items that they have added to your credit report. You can do this via online or mail in a statement to have your own words. The credit bureau will investigate it and from experience, will remove it from your credit report because IQ DATA INTERNATIONAL has no legitimacy whatsoever when it comes to your debt. They have 30 days to give the credit bureau the information they need, and trust me, they do not have what the credit bureau needs. It will be taken off of your credit report and when they call tell them you have hired an attorney for the matter, and you will not speak to them directly. Tell them any contact needs to go directly to your attorney and anytime they call you from now on will be documented and submitted to your attorney. They don't know if you really have or not.. and trust me they won't bother you if they know what is good for them because EVERYTHING THEY DO IS AGAINST THE FAIR CREDIT ACT.
N  11th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
If you have any written proof, or need assistance with a claim because you would like to take further action against IQ Data International dba RentCollect, please contact me in private at: seattle.consumers@gmail.com.

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