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I luckily did not fall for this one. A "woman" on Hoobly was giving away 2 savannah kittens for free because she said her daughter died and they were hers. She said they were free and I just had to pay shipping ($380)... She said she had to contact an airliner to deliver them and they would contact me. The first thing that was suspicious is they were free and the second was how did she know a cost if she didn't have an airliner yet?? So I went along with it and I got a call from [protected] and researched it. It is some type of site selling Maraijuana. The other number was a ladies personal number and she had no idea how I had it. I explained it called me. SOOO The "airliner" calls but it keeps breaking up and I cant hear a thing. About 5 min later I get an email from them that almost looked legitimate... They wanted me to MoneyGram $380 to them first before they gave me flight information. I emailed them back and said I need more info to see if they are for real. They gave me their website ( I visited the site to get a phone number but they didnt have any info. I found another website and realized they copies their front page from them! I also did a reverse picture lookup on all the photos the lady sent and they were copied from different websites. I feel bad for people that fell for this but I dont just hand out money unless I have plenty of info! The email the lady was writing me from is [protected] and she would not give her name or number. I want this person to get nailed for this! I will do everything I can to bring this to justice!!!

International Pet Movers
International Pet Movers

Sep 25, 2014

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