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�� I was telephoned by a representative of International Media House and offered to put an advert for my house on Google which would come up on the top of the first page of a given listing. It was a verbal contract on the phone, I was NOT told that unless I "cancelled" the contract they would debit my card monthly, nor was I sent a copy of anything to say that this was the "contract" I was entering in to. I spoke to them yesterday and they deny that they did not give me full contract terms up front. They are doing this to others as well since I have found evidence on google. They need to be investigated to stop this is the future. They are operating In breach if ���Consumer Contract Regulations���.In particular the ���Information canceLlation and additional charges regulations���. They do not give sufficient information of :- ��� Pre contract information ��� Cooling off period ��� Must reply with written consent not verbal They have debited my credit card and are demanding further payments to cancel the contract. I only agreed to one payment for a 2 month listing on google. They deny this. They are not regulated by the Financial Ombudsman. I am furious and these companies have to be STOPPED. I have blocked my card obviously but I want a refund of the second unauthorised payment they took. They say they sent me an email, which I can prove they did not with a forensic check on my computer. They sent me a copy email which they have fraudulently reproduced, or it looks like they sent it but they do something to stop it coming through. I found on a scam website other people having the same problem with this company:-

Dec 11, 2015
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  • Ex
      Mar 24, 2016

    Well thank goodness people are starting to come forward about INTERNATIONAL MEDIA HOUSE!!! This company need to be seriously investigated.
    Please DO NOT repeat DO NOT be fooled by the very convincing salesman on the other end of the phone. They are canny, clever and very thick skinned and incredibly persuasive. I always thought I'd never fall for a salesman tactic, but unfortunately I did exactly this.

    I received a phone call saying they can rank my website at the top of google and guarantee me sales all I had to do was choose 3 keywords so that these would be used when someone is looking for what I do. Simple right? Well the keywords that I chose were NOTHING LIKE the ones that came back in the e-mail they sent. They even got my name wrong, nothing like my name! They had chosen keywords that nobody would google. These were not the keywords I chose, nothing like it, I complained and they still got the second lot wrong insisting this is what I had chosen.

    As I told the man who named himself 'George' but I later find out his real name is Callum over the phone my chosen keywords there was no evidence to back this up.
    I was told a price for a month's google advertising that guaranteed my website hits and sales, top of google yet I was billed way more than this!
    When I googled the keywords I chose NO SEARCH RESULTS whatsoever. They had not even put me on google. They had my card information, had taken my money, and well and truly scammed me. I phoned the bank. Changed my card, then went through an investigation to claim my money back which was hundreds!

    The bank initially wrote back saying we have investigated and we are pleased to tell you you're entitled to your money back.I was so pleased as justice was done, but couldn't believe it that after a month or so I received a letter saying International media house have provided us with sufficient evidence to suggest they are entitled to their money as they did what they said they would do and this was to advertise you on google and promote your website.

    They included photocopies of from international media house of FRAUDULENT SCREEN SHOTS showing me there at the top, and the most laughable thing of all was one of the pieces of paper showed google analytics that over 1 MILLION people had visited my website! Just utterly unreal! I am a small business unheard of and unless you know my name this just isn't going to happen. They had fabricated false evidence and screen shots because they have the equipment to do this as they are a CEO company they can manipulate what they want.

    I was enraged and powerless, I wasn't prepared to fight this out in which could be a very lengthy, nasty, costly procedure against a company that are so skilfully corrupt I was a small fish. The bank did say that the address in Manchester was already red flagged as a fraudulent company offering to fix computers! So they already had this information!

    INTERNATIONAL MEDIA HOUSE ARE EXPERIENCED CONMEN. Please please be wary no matter how amazing the sales talk is. If it's too good to be true it usually is. I learnt the hard way, through sheer desperation to get my business up off the ground I have very little money, and the last thing I ever thought would happen to me would be caught in a swindle and conned of hundreds of pounds.
    I hope this company rot for what they are doing to people. They MUST be stopped. Fate will sort them out but I learned a big lesson.

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  • Bi
      Jul 16, 2018

    Unfortunatley, I have had the same experience with International Media. 1 month trial then they would send me the stats and I could decide whether to continue based on results. No enquiries from my supposed 1st page Google ranking, no stats received. Telephone number on the website connects to a fax machine and telephone number they put on their email doesn't appear to exist. As far as I can tell they have only taken the 1 month payment from my card but why wouldn't they try and take more so have had to cancel my card and get a new one just in case. I am hoping to get the money refunded by the card company as any item over £100 is covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.
    Like others I did not believe I would get scammed but these guys run a slick and very persuasive operation

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