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Infinity Incentive Group / Not received the Travel Request Form

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I attended a presentation re: real-estate purchase at Wildwood Shores and was given a Vacation Voucher/Jetaway Activation Form in return. I sent in the Activation Form as per the instructions to:
Infinity Incentive Group
8777 East Via de Ventura, suite 399
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

After many weeks of waiting I had not received the Travel Request Form I was to receive I called the Customer Service number at [protected]. The representative was very nice and said that my voucher had been placed on hold because they had not heard back from me re: the Travel Request Form that they sent. Evidently they sent it to me but I did not receive it. No problem, they will send another one out.

I received the form on Aug. 30th along with a letter which was dated Aug. 25th. The letter simply stated enclosed is the new Travel Request Form you requested in order to continue processing the reservation. The instructions on the Travel Request Form indicate that the form must be received back to IIG within 21 days of Aug. 25th. I put the filled out request into the mail at the post office on Tues. Sept. 5th - the day after labor day. My 21st day would fall on Sept. 15th. This leaves 10 days for the form to be received by IIG. Remember I lost 5 days right from the beginning due to the letter being dated Aug. 25th and receiving it on Aug. 30th. I heard nothing back for some time. Then again received a simple letter on Sept. 30th which was dated Sept. 25th (there appears to be a 5 day pattern with things being mailed from IIG). The letter stated that: "Travel Request Form was not received within 21 days. Your voucher has been placed on hold. Your TRF was not received by us within the 21 day limit. Your voucher is now void".

I phoned for 2 days and was continuously directed to leave a voice mail for a call back. I was unable to do this as I am in and out of meetings all day at work and also work a 2nd job in the evenings. Finally on the 3rd day much to my surprise a person answered the line. When I commented on my surprise to have reached a live person the lady said that when all customer service agents are busy you will always be directed to leave a call back. She asked for my pin number which I gave her. Then.....

without asking what I wanted or how she could help she proceeded to state what appeared to be word for word what the letter said. I told her that couldn't be correct and went on to explain what I explained to you above re: the original form I never received, and then the 5 days lost but still sending the TRF in with 10 days to spare. She continued to quote that my voucher was voided. I asked for a supervisor and she said that she was one as I was actually speaking with the corporate office and calls have been forwarded to her to help since they are short 2 customer service representatives. She came across extremely rude and impatient and tried several times to dismiss me from the phone. Then she said" and besides you didn't follow the instructions and send the $50 per person fee in as per the Terms and Conditions": I quickly turned to my Terms and Conditions and tried to explain to her that I did not see that stated anywhere. And in fact, my Terms stated "do not sent in any money at this time"'. We went around and around with this for a while - she insisted that it is also stated on the TRF directly above my signature. She was very condescending at this point as if I were a complete idiot or something. She left for a moment to get a copy of the document and proceeded to read it to me. I immediately could hear that what she was reading was not what my TRF said. As I tried to interrupt her to tell her this she just became more agitated, didn't want to let me speak and went back to telling me my voucher has been voided. Then she threw in that in addition to this; I didn't request my dates properly because the 1st date I requested (it is to be at least 60 days out from the date the TRF is received by IIG) was not 60 days from the date they received the form. They received it on Sept. 21st. The date I requested was Nov. 14th, remember I sent the request on Sept. 5th with my 21st day being Sept. 15th - I did in fact follow the instructions correctly....Then we went back to the $50 issue and she said " I'm going to have to print out a copy of your TRF and see why yours doesn't say the same thing as everybody else's". (This was said as if I was making it up or something)." But it doesn't matter anyway, I have 3 other calls holding and your voucher has been voided good-bye. And she hung up on me..

After looking over all my documents again I realized something....When you receive your TRF you are also to receive a Welcome Letter and a Terms and Conditions specific to the TRF. I did not receive the traditional Welcome letter (I received a letter with a couple of sentences saying here is the new TRF you requested). That's it ! The Terms and Conditions that I have was the original document that was given to me by Wildwood Shores along with the Activation Request Form. It states " A $50 per person, ticketing/service fee will be required once you have requested your dates along with all appropriate airline and hotel taxes. Then on my TRF in the paragraph above my signature it states " Once my dates of travel are confirmed I will be required to pay for my hotel and airline taxes. No mention of paying the $50 at this time. My TRF in fact matches what my Terms and Conditions states about paying the $50 along with the hotel/airline taxes. Is it possible that I received a different TRF for a different type of gift then what I should have??? This would explain why what I have differs from what this lady was reading to me. And again I did not receive a Welcome packet w/ Terms and Conditions. Is there anything you can do to help? I may be reached at this e-mail or the phone number shown below.

I appreciate any and all assistance with this matter anyone can provide. Thank you.


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  • Sa
      5th of Nov, 2007
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    I sent it in. They sent me a letter saying that they didn't receive it in time AND it was incomplete. I resent with more info and a $50 check. I received a confirmation letter shortly thereafter.

    Then, I received a phone call in October saying that all of my destinations were unavailable and would receive a phone call in November sometime about the March destination.

    I haven't received anything. Each time I call I get voicemail. People are extremely rude on the phone.

    Now, all I want to do is cancel and my refundable $50 back and move on. But, I can't seem to make contact to do that.

    Maybe a registered letter would work.

  • Ti
      26th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes
    Infinity Incentative Group` - restaurant coupons
    Infinity Incentative Group
    United States
    Phone: 2152327122

    I'm far from needing a meal ticket , but my time and effort was insured. I have even this long have been unable to contact anyone. This is also okay by me but i don't appreciate having my time wasted. That is why there are scam artist, they're are made by people like me who " don't fall for their junk ".

  • Sp
      12th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    My experience with IIG has been horrible!! I was robbed at gunpoint and had my purse taken from me. Naturally I closed all bank accounts causing my $50 check to be returned. After explaining what happened to GAIL and "manager" LIZ, they insisted on charging me $75!! I informed them both that I had a case #, a letter from my bank, and the guarantee of a cashier's check to replace the check that had been returned, but they seem to be more MONEY HUNGRY than interested in assisting me in this matter. I too was told I would get a call back from a "supervisor" which hasn't happened. I would be very skeptical of doing business with any company who has no compassion for an honest victim.

  • Di
      29th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Yes, free airline tickets are not free at all. Now I can't get my $100 back! Ugh!

  • Ro
      1st of May, 2008
    -2 Votes

    The "Free" tickets you are referring to are actually a Promotional Voucher that your Sponsor (Organization that you received it from) has given you as an incentive to view their presentation or allow them to spend your time considering a service or product.

    These vouchers clearly state in the Terms and Conditions on the back that there are fees associated with your traveling on them. If you were told these are free that is very incorrect.

    You should never accept any representation other than that that is printed on the contract/voucher. Infinity Incentive Group follows a strict protocol when receiving or refunding client money. The $100 you are referring to is a deposit that is held and applied towards those fees. If for some reason you do not travel you may request in writing a refund of your $100. Like any major organization, the refund is processed and mailed to you.

    Should anyone have a question regarding our policy/procedure for traveling or refunding our clients, I would be happy to answer those questions directly.

    Robin Lusk
    Infinity Incentive Group
    P.O. Box 3479
    Lake HAvasu City, AZ 86405

  • Rb
      17th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have the same experience with them. I neglected to send the photo I.D.'s of driver's licenses and they voided the whole offer. Now I have to write to obtain my refund of $100.00 I already paid. Wonder if I'll ever get it.

    If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Nothing is free.

  • Ji
      9th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    One of your "companies" contacted me to receive said tickets. They were described as tickets - not vouchers. They were described as FREE + taxes - nothing was said about a $100 deposit. When anyone asks to speak with the person on the letter, said person is on a vacation for the next several weeks. No doubt on one of your amazing vacations. How does this company survive with their VP on vacation all the time? No really... I'm curious. I'm sure the rest of the corporate world could learn great things by your means of survival.

    Your company sells nothing more than air to anyone who dares to hand one of your associates their credit card. Your unscrupulous nature is clearly visible in the sheer number of "duplicate" companies that exist under your corporate name. Each one being two names - each website identically vague and full of dead links.

    You should be ashamed.

  • Da
      4th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I recieved a phone call saying I won a free trip free airfare and two nights stay. They said we do need you to just seat through a short presentation of what we have to offer. My wife and I go we are there 3 HOURS listening to the guys speech then sitting down with a repensentative who would not stop talking off topic I just wanted my free trip. They send me a voucher requesting dates and a deposit, we sends that in. They e-mail a qoute the is suppousedly only taxes and fees I have to pay came to $925.00 I looked up the trip on for the same hotel and they priced it at $1, 000.00. I told them I would like a break down of costs they said they could not do that.

    This trips are not free just SCAMS to sell you vacation packages do not waste your time.

  • Ci
      9th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree that IIG is a company that thrives on ripping people off. They present a nice package, but will look to void it at any cost. They are not to be trusted and I would suggest not doing any business with their name or logo attached. I was in a gas rewards program with them, and since they received my recipients 1 day late, they voided my enrollment. They set their program up for you to fail and not be awarded what is due to you. They are simply put, crooks.

  • Sc
      29th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I just got the same reaction as all of the other people. These people find any excuse not to give the free tickets they can. I better get my $100 back but like one of the other complaints said. Some one should be looking into this company and some compensation should be given to all of us that have been ripped off from this company. Not one of the people that attended the meeting got their tickets, not one. Also found out that the one couple that supposening won a trip while we were at the travel agent, was a plant! If I do not see my $100 deposit back, you better believe I will go to any means to shut these people down!

  • Sc
      6th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Infinity Incentives is a total hoax! Infinity Incentives just hung up on me! I went to a presentation for Dreams Vacations Plus to hear about joining a travel club. We were told we would receive two free plane tickets, two night's stay, a $150.00 gas rebate, and $100.00 event rebate - all just for listening to the presentation. We even spent 2K to join Vacation Travel Club, through Dream Vacations Plus, out of Coeur d'Alene ID. So, we joined and then asked about our free gifts. First of all, you leave empty-handed. Second of all, when you finally are contacted by mail, you have to jump through all kinds of hoops, taking lots of steps, you have to send everything by certified mail (twice now) and then you receive a voicemail saying you missed a tiny detail - and boy, they give you LOTS of tiny details and if one thing is not quite right, you are "voided from the system" and they can't do anything about it. Then, to add insult to injury, THEY tell you that YOU have to write a letter to get back the $100.00 deposit that YOU sent in with your plane ticket requests (by certifed mail of course). This also means we get NONE of the free gifts! Our simple request was for tickets from GEG IAH, nearly six months from now! That would have been very easy to do. But they LOOK for any little reason to deny and void your free gifts. What a HUGE SCAM!!! So, I called to complain and this person tells me that there is nothing she can do - we are voided out of the system because it is computer automated. I know that this handwritten, photo-copied form that they sent us to complete, is NOT computer automated. What BS!!! So my warning to all of you is this: ALWAYS ASK UP FRONT, AT ANY PRESENTATION, WHO IS HANDLING THE FREE GIFT ASPECT OF THIS PRESENTATION. And my advice to you is, if they say it is 'INFINITY INCENTIVES" out of Lake Havasu, run- don't walk- the opposite direction.

  • Le
      20th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Is anyone having any luck getting closure or justice from Infinity Incentive Groups ? I am just another " Unsatisfied Consumer"

  • Ch
      22nd of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    to whom it may concern . I recieved a travel request form for attending a festiva time share ceminar. And UPON my travel certificate returned the cruise travel request form had been mailed on october 27, 2010 and recieved on october 29, 2010 requesting the cruise of february 25 along with three other consecutive dates of travel leaving out of new orleans on the date recieved a operator named judy with infinity group stated that my form from february the 25 was one day past the 90 day period of travel and that i had to resubmit from the date of a new travel requesst form 90 days out from date of departure out of new orleans and i needed to upgrade which the amount was $750 prior to the travel package that i paid $179 per person for me and my fiance who had. Upon recieveng a travel form and filling it out on the dates march 5, 2011 out 90 days still have not recieved any travel complimation letter referring to the matter at hand.
    Sincer with marriage on hold very displeasedwith the service rendered .
    p.s. infinity incentive group po box 3479 lake heaven city az 86405

  • Jr
      12th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    Are there any cruise scams that people have gone through?

  • Jr
      12th of Aug, 2011
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    Has anyone been scammed concerning a cruise?

  • Mr
      4th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    Hi Robin,

    Your experience is extremely similar to mine regarding Infinity Incentive Group. We went to the presentation in July; we jumped thru all the hoops and received our welcome packet. I called to try and make arrangements for travel and was told that the whole thing was null and void because we didn't send back the money. However, my instructions also said the funds were due prior to travel when the travel dates had been selected. I just ended a lengthy hold time and finally a conversation with Jennifer ID 2204 who said that her supervisor was Lia ID2208 and that there was absolutely nothing that could be done about this because I missed the deadline on sending in the money and finalizing step 3 in the process.

    I asked how many people this had happened to; she said not many because others send in their money per the terms and conditions. I couldn't possibly be the only person who missed out on something here; so I began searching for others and found you all. But I'm sure that there are many more out there.

    Jennifer ID2204 informed me that I could send a letter to the CEO of the company at the PO Box in Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405. I will do just that as well as personally contacting the BBB as well as other credit and credibility companies to have investigations launched against this company.

  • La
      9th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    We received a travel certificate from this company. We were supposed to get free airline tickets and a free hotel for two for two nights. After months and months of letters which had to be sent by certified mail, a deposit which had to be a money order or cashier's check, and numerous phone calls and e-mails, we learned that our "free trip" would cost $1059.01. While we were told that there would be fees if we didn't go during the very few times allowed (literally months and months were not permissible), we were not told what the fees were. We had to jump through all sorts of hoops, and we still were not able to get the promised trip. It seems their goal is to make it nearly impossible to meet all of their requirements, and for those who do, they simply charge them the price of the trip.

  • Bl
      14th of Jun, 2012
    +2 Votes

    anyone interested in a "class action suit"?

  • Mi
      11th of Jul, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Has anyone ever actually gotten the reward trip? I did everything according to schedule, sent in the cashier's check for $100, completed the TRF and submitted it via certified mail along with copies of driver's license, etc. The letter states that the first trip must be 90 days from the date received. They received my form on 5/25, my first date request was for 8/22 - exactly 90 days. When I called to inquire about the status of the trip on 7/11, I was informed that my trip was voided since I did not comply with the terms of the travel date. I was told that everything is automated and that the 90 days are from the next day after they received the form. After reading all the complaints about this company, I had anticipated that they would come up with some reason to void my certificate and they certainly meet my expectations. I now have to submit a letter to request my $100 deposit back - but I am certainly not going to hold my breath. Since starting this process in April, I have received two more post cards in the mail claiming I had been selected to receive a trip - NEVER - NEVER - AGAIN, will I be this gullible. If you get a post card in the mail - THROW IT AWAY, if you haven't yet sent in your deposit - DON'T DO IT! With the number of complaints about this company - I would be interested in a class action suit. There are certainly plenty of disgruntled customers.

  • Ke
      29th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes
    Infinity Incentive Group - Free Cruise
    Kenneth Blietz
    523n 5th st.
    New Richmond
    United States
    Phone: 7152466629

    We went to a free cruise/air seminar on oct.27 2012. the company asked us to send them $ 598.00 to be used for taxes for the cruise.We sent this money on nov.2 2012 we recieved the travel voucher on nov.14 and we sent them a letter to cancel this cruise as they wanted more money.As of this time we have not heard from this co. and have not recieved the money back plz. help us
    Thank You Ken & Jennifer Blietz

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