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Indy Mac Bank / Lied to

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After my wife had emergency surgery to her back she no longer brought home any money.After 4 months I contacted Indy mac for help, after two more months with no word from Indy Mac I called again this time I was two days from being 30 days past due, still Indy Mac couldn't help so I waited until they called me which was about 3 days later this time I was 30 days past due and they were willing to help me, they told me my loan was going to be modified for me to pay 200.00 less each month for 3 months and my loan would be modified.After 3 months Indy Mac called and said I was seriously behind on my loan by the tune of 2700.00 and could I start to catch up, Now I am in worst shape than before I asked for help, I cant catch up the payments and now I guess they will have to foreclose because I asked Indy Mac Bank for HELP.

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  • Da
      15th of Sep, 2008
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    I had three accounts at Indy Mac Bank, two CD's and one money market account. I asked if they were all totally insured and was lied to and assured by an officer of the bank that they were. After the bank failed I was told by the FDIC that I was not fully insured. So far, I'm out $120, 000. I've been told by other depositors that they were also misled. Something should be done to get our money back. We put trust in the bank and were not told the truth. Could it be they were doing this purposely to entice people to get more deposits since they were in trouble?

  • Je
      24th of Aug, 2009
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    I am in a big mess right now due to Indy Mac not having the right information on there systems. I have been trying to modify my loan and all the time I would call customer service for update they would always give me the same update that my modification is under review and there is no sale dale. Well guess what I received a knock on my door from a real estate agent stating that I was getting evicted and I needed to leave my home!!!I was shocked and couldnt believe it being a single mom with 2 children where was I going to go! I called the bank to find out what was going on and they still told me the same story that I mention earlier before, they had to call the foreclosure department to find out that my property was sold 2 weeks ago. My intention was not to loose my house but to get a better monthly payment with the cut of pay I received. Be careful and it can happen to you that they are not in top of there stuff. My loan amt 460, 000 and they want to put it on the market for 250, 000, why wouldnt they want me to fullfill my loan?

  • Ei
      6th of Jan, 2010
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    I just lost my house to Indymac will not work with us... My loan amt 380, 000 and the real estate lady just told me that they put it on Market for 125, 000... Why wouldn't they work with us to modify the loan? I did their modification loan for 3 months like they asked me then all the sudden, they "lost" the paperworks or that we didnt submit paperwork (believe me, I did submit paperwork by fax and certtificate mails)... We have fought back and forth for 2 years til the real estate agent came to our door that we were beening "evict"... Nice, huh? I have an autism child who live in that house since birth and we just moved to a "rental" townhome and it was hard for my child to cope with the change for 2 weeks... They offered us Cash for keys only $2000 after we clean out the house and everything, I mean everything that not nailed down to the house MUST be out by certain date and time... Indymac person came while I was cleaning out the garage was "very rude" to us... they couldn't even wait til we leave the house to change the "locks" on the house... that was a big insult to us...

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