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Incall International / KAREN SALAZAR

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yo trabaje alli casi un año y les cuento q no se como hice!!! Alli te pagan cuando ellos quieren, hasta dias tarde, tambien siempre te estan tratando mal y no respetan a las personas, contratan personas sin papeles, no te dejan ir al baño, las sillas estan quebradas no hay headsets, tu primer break es cuatro horas despues d q entraste y si tienes suerte te dejaron almorzar... Mi opinión! vio de pie en la esquina de la calle haciendo crack y ella vende cuerpo para el sexo, heroín de un usuario compulsivo y mentiroso. Ella siempre coqueteó conmigo y quería reunirse conmigo en secreto...ella gustaría tener orgías y hará cualquier cosa para tener relaciones sexuales...toda vez que podía ella siempre puso ella manos sobre mí!!! Eso no es lo peor te pagan por ´´ talktime´´ o sea si estas alli sentado en un dia sin llamads por 9horas probablemente solo te pagan 4!!! Tras de eso siempre te maltratan, y si no pueden creer q hay un lugar asi, SI LO Hay... Si renuncias la liquidacion seria entregada d 2-5 meses despues si quieren probar a ver si es cierto el lugar queda frente al IMAS de los yoses en san pedro... Pero no se lo sugiero!!!


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  • Lu
      11th of May, 2012

    I agree that Karen Salazar is a scammer and a thieve. This is also true of Stephanie Murcia. She is a supervisor who cheats everyone and is a money hungry scam artist. It is the truth.

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  • Am
      2nd of Jun, 2012

    I agree, Stephanie Murcia will try to shake you out of your money. She is exactly like Karen Salazar, a liar and manipulative addict thief. On top of all that - while at work in the office I often saw her selling her own private stuff like knick-knacks and cheap jewelry. ¿Who brings their own stuff to where they work to try to sell it?

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  • Ja
      28th of May, 2013

    I work there aswell and i do not agree, i was threated fairly even though i had an issue or two with Karen its something that i have experienced with all my employers with an agenda and pressure to reach their goals.

    I was paid always on time and overtime aswell with no excuses, my compensation was given on a timely manner.

    In regards to Jorge Noa C.E.O i did not had the chance to talk to him much but at least he was always smiling ( i saw him mad just once in 14 months).

    Overall the company was full of people that I had the pleasure of working with and I wasnt a supervisor or something like that if that is what u think, I now work for SITEL wich is a very reputable company that has a lot to learn from Karen Salazar ( she has a temper is true but she will threat u with the respect you deserve ).

    Thats all folks, I took the time to write this down because i feel that I owe them that much at least.


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  • Sf
      29th of May, 2014

    Yes!! This is scam company. be careful ! They hire people to take calls from home and they do not pay them anything

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  • In
      6th of Nov, 2014

    SITEL and InCallInternational are connected as per when I got fired SITEL's HR representative called me the very same day; as I was totally unaware that I will be removed from the "Nesting Chat" as per they call it. They are operating off-shore and they are playing with customer's rights, as per 99.9% of people do not read the Terms and Conditions, they provide you with 14 day free trial; and then... Even tho if you haven't got any of those products, you are "legally bounded" to pay or cancel FUTURE billings. I got payed, that is correct, for 4 weeks or >75hrs - 516USD. Fair for me? - No. Fair for customers - no? Will eventually I get paid - I will report on that as I have wait for oDesk.

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  • Se
      29th of Dec, 2015

    They have changed the company name from Incall International to Gruponoa International. They have the worst management team. They have kept an old man as manager. He spreads lies on others and creates bad impression so that he can fire us for no reason just to show that he is working. They don't respect any employee. They give promotions to some goofy headed Team leader and after promotion even that team leader starts to act like the old man disrespecting everyone and creating big issues for small things.

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  • Jl
      8th of Feb, 2016

    This ad is totally untrue and discriminatory. Referring to someone age is not appropriate. The website is irresponsible for allowing age discrimination and false statements to be placed with no chance for someone to set the record straight. Our company has tried on many times to address these claims but unfortunately no one responds or allows us to address the false statements made here.

    How can you allow people to attack others without any repercussions?

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  • Ri
      13th of Mar, 2019

    Grupo NOA International SA, a Costa Rica based SCAM group .. BE careful

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