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Imperial K-9 has failed to provide a complete refund as promised. On 4/20/17 my wife and I contacted Richard Patterson of "Imperial K-9 Training and Services" regarding the purchase of an AKC German Shepherd puppy he had advertised as being available for sale. After speaking with Richard, we agreed on a purchase price of $1, 200. On 4/22/17 my wife and I drove 2.5 hours to his facility to purchase the puppy. When we arrived, his wife Christina greeted us. We were then told that the puppy we had come to purchase was no longer available. Luckily, my wife was able to find another puppy that she liked. We were assured that if we had any issues with the puppy we could simply return him for a full refund. I then paid Christina $1, 200 in cash. During the 2.5 hour drive home, the dog was exceptionally lethargic. Upon arriving home, the dog seemed slightly less lethargic, but suffered several bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. That evening, a guest seemed to have some sort of allergic reaction when in the presence of the puppy. We obviously don't wish to cause medical issues for people who frequently visit our home. We both decided that it would be best if we returned the puppy. As Christina specifically told us that we could return the puppy for a full refund, I did not anticipate any issues. The next morning we called Richard and explained the situation. Richard insisted that we return the puppy for a full refund. We agreed and prepared for the 2.5 hour drive to his facility. When we arrived, I was greeted by Christina who then began processing the return. She stated that we would be receiving a full refund of $1, 200 via PayPal as soon as they were able to verify that we did not try to register the dog with the AKC. This seemed reasonable, and I was happy to accommodate them. Christina stated that the refund would be sent via PayPal on either 4/24/17 or 4/25/17. After waiting a week for the refund, it had still not arrived.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Suffolk, VAOn 5/1/17 we emailed Richard and Christina via his website to inquire about the status of the refund. Later that day, Richard sent a PayPal payment to me for $500. There was no explanation of why the refund was for $500 rather than the agreed upon $1, 200. This seemed a bit odd, although I assumed he simply planned to send another payment of $700 shortly. On 5/2/17 we decided to email Richard and Christina again to inquire about the status of the refund. At this point, he responds that he has decided to no longer honor the agreement, and that we will only be given $500 of our $1, 200 payment back. He then remarks that his decision to only keep $700 is a "generous" and benevolent act. He then proceeded to threaten us that he would somehow "reverse" the $500 PayPal payment if we contacted the BBB regarding this matter. During the next week we exchange a series of emails. As the discussion continues, Richard becomes increasing unprofessional, hostile and belligerent. When I ask why we were told to return the dog for a full refund, he refuses to answer. At this point, Richard claims that we are somehow harassing him and warns us never to contact him again. During this entire endeavor, my wife and I have been nothing but professional and accommodating. I feel that we have been more than patient; we simply want our promised refund. We obviously would have never made a 2.5 hour drive to simply give Richard and Christina a puppy without the agreed upon full refund of $1, 200. Had Richard and Christina stated that a full refund would not be provided, we would have simply kept the puppy and made the necessary arrangements for anyone with allergies. We are rightfully shocked and disappointed that Richard and Christina would do something so blatantly dishonest and unethical. Their lack of integrity in this matter has reached the level of absurdity. It's clear that both Richard and Christina are unstable individuals who have serious integrity problems. We want no further contact with them, and simply request our refund.

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    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Imperial Kennels Customer Care's Response · Jun 12, 2017


    Sadly, you must not have read the contract that you signed when you purchased your dog. When you (and every other customer we've ever had) purchases a puppy; there is a written purchase agreement. In it, you initialed every paragraph, and signed it. (As did your wife as well)

    A copy can be found here for your reference:

    It is unfortunate that you chose to publicly bash our family business, that we've worked hard to build. As a proud member of the BBB, there is an arbitration process that you could have followed, instead of leaving negative reviews on over seven sites.

    We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and this arbitration process is also outlined in your contract. (Which you obviously think does not apply to you)

    Please read your contract, it is there for a reason. You'd want me honoring it if you had a health guarantee concern, or genetic problem arise.

    To make matters worse, I tried being nice and did refund you a portion of your money, even though your contract clearly states NO REFUNDS. (In bold letters and blue colored font)

    We wish you well, and am sorry you have not been pleased with our services. Unfortunately, we are adhering to the contracts we have in place, and which were agreed upon by you when you purchased your dog.

  • Updated by Johnathan Mitchell · Jul 27, 2017

    **Update - 5/19/17**

    Rather than try to redeem their deplorable behavior, or try to salvage what is left of their tarnished reputation, Richard and Christina have now resorted to the childish tactic of harassing me via email.

    One of their borderline illiterate ramblings is below.

    "You can make all the online complaints you want... I don't give a [censor]. I am posting your contract also online... since you can't [censor]ing read. Your a [censor]... and can take your complaints and go [censor] yourself."

    Clearly these are the words of abject sociopaths. No reasonable human being would respond to this issue in this manner.

    **Update - 7/27/17**

    Richard and Christina Patterson have continued to harass my wife and I since the last update. Since then, they have attempted to convince the administrators of various online review sites that I am simply making this entire story up, and have requested that my reviews be removed.

  • Updated by Johnathan Mitchell · Sep 05, 2017

    It appears that Richard and Christina Patterson are currently being investigated for bestiality.


    Unethical behavior
May 16, 2017

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