Ikea Canada, Calgary Alberta / Penalize customers by its pending procedure/ No customer care

Eu Sep 03, 2014
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Phone: (403) 273-4338

Penalize customers by its pending procedure/ No customer care

Don’t know whether the headquarter of Ikea Canada notices it or not; Ikea at
Calgary definitely is home to many de-motivated employees. It’s an
exceptionally bad example of inept management and tardy front-line to those who
are interested in studying Commerce/ Management.

We bought a dining table set and some chairs (with tags of “see for
details”) at Calgary Ikea in-store. We paid all the items already but were told
to pick up those chairs at the delivery counter. Once the chairs were in-stock,
we didn’t know what was the purpose of waiting there for an hour? After an hour
of waiting, we asked the staff for why some people could get their things ahead
of us and those were waiting first? Of course, it wasn’t surprise that the
staff were foaming and babbling, making up some kind of alibis.
That’s just illogical and isn’t worth to mention here.

The department supervisor wasn’t around. So, other customers weren't sure what the hold-up was. We got the call numbers but never knew the time it took to wait there. The order still hasn’t completely processed.
We should consider to cancel it for good. It’s just a headache.
Maybe Ikea intentionally processes certain items/ orders in this way?!

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