iHerbunauthorized credit card charges

D Nov 28, 2017

I was extremley suprised to see that two payments on my credit card went through after I had recieved an email that my payment was unsuccessful. Then I contacted Iherb online support and after speaking with two representatives and an hour and a half later they told me that is how they verify credit cards (by charging it twice or three times and then a few days later the extra charges go away.) The problem is I had ordered an Amazon purchase a WEEK BEFORE I purchased the iherb stuff but thanks to iherb my amazon purchase was DECLINED which is so upsetting for me because my amazon purchase way WAY more impotant than the iherb one and was a time sensitive matter. So now I am screwed out of my amazon purchase which was 12 Canadian organic essential oils which were going to be how I made my Christmas presents for everyone I love. Very dissappinted and if I had know I would NOT have ordered until I knew the important purchases had gone through.

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