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IERF / Service quality

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Extremely rude and unprofessional management that is unresponsive to genuine customer interests. Go to some other credentials evaluation agency. IERF does not have even the basic level of customer service your neighborhood drive-thru would have.


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  17th of Dec, 2008
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I am not too happy with the company either. They don't keep records of anything useful to the consumer and the head person, Susan Bedil, is very quick to threaten legal action with anyone who challenges them. I love how she tried to threaten me, intimating that I was an ignorant foreigner, ignorant of the laws here in the USA. Read the terms and conditions because apparently they have it written in there that you cannot complain about anything. You pay hundreds of dollars to get transcripts evaluated and then get a 1/2 page report sent to you which is very disapointing after expending that kind of money and effort. I'd have to agree with the original poster, the customer service is really poor if you are looking for assistance, guidance, open or useful communication, and what I'd consider a quality product. There company has been around for 30 years, I'm not sure what other companys who do the same do any better but I wasn't impressed with this company.
  23rd of Feb, 2009
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Yes I 100% agree with these comments. I used their services and I am extremelly disapointed.
  23rd of Feb, 2009
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100% agreed with these comments. Andrea Ben-Zion; the evaluator has no idea about evaluating certificates from Latin America.
  13th of Aug, 2009
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100 % agree. Very unprofessional. Do not use their service.
  25th of Aug, 2009
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Stay away from these frauds. No knowledge of international degrees. No response when errors pointed out.

Take them off of list of legitimate businesses with which to deal.
  29th of Nov, 2009
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extremely unproffesional and very rude. no manners to talk to their clients. dont have any knowledge about international evaluations from various asian countries. all the staff members are very hard to explain. money making agency. they should be closed down for ever

  25th of Sep, 2012
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Please!!! Somebody - did you complain, how did you do it? what's the results and, the most important - if you sent your diploma for another evaluation - where? My masters, that specifically stated that I am an "Instructor" in Russian language, was evaluated as B.A. of an "elementary and secondary level" teacher. And this is after 5 years of major accredited University in former Soviet union at the time when the only University diploma was masters! My community college job is in limbo!!!
  22nd of Oct, 2012
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Just got the IERF response to my complaint that was well-prepared and based on my week-long research of all reputable sources - they did not change their decision. I am going to post my comments on all available chatrooms and social networks! IERF IS A FRAUD!
  26th of Dec, 2012
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yes it is a fraud. I am one of their many victims
  19th of May, 2016
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I have submitted everything that they asked for and mailing fees are not cheap only to find out that they are too lazy to do their work. I cannot even understand if their evaluators have any knowledge about what equivalency means. I am very disappointed with their service and they will really bleed you dry. If they have found out deficiencies then they should have pointed ALL of them at one time and not make their client pay a lot on mailing costs for the documents they are asking for. In my case I already spent a lot on mailing the documents they are asking for over and over to tell me in the end that no change will be done on my evaluation. The schools have provided them everything they needed and now they are asking for another $200 to evaluate my papers again. I am A foreign RN graduate and I'm trying to get licensed here in the USA. Don't hire this company because the customer service sucks you can't even talk to a real person and will just leave a message for them to get back to you. I am very upset at this company and they should be penalized for getting people's money and not doing their jobs.

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