Idrivesafely.comthis company is an absolute joke

This company is an absolute joke!!!

I can not stress that enough. I decided to take it for my own education and to enjoy the 10% savings on auto insurance. There are 8 Units, each taking about an hour to complete. Before starting the course, they do a voice authentication to establish a base point for your identity, for what I can only presume is to prevent other people from taking this course for you. So after FOUR HOURS of reading documents, watching videos, and taking tests, I have to complete a voice authentication and sure enough, "The voice does not match".

Wow. Awesome security there!

I start an online chat session to bring this problem to the company's attention. The person I get, "Claudia", does confirm that there are multiple failed attempts at my verification and offers the less than comforting advice that "Hey, if you fail again, you can redo the course at NO CHARGE". Well golly gee, let me count my lucky stars for that.

So I call the company and am greeted by a less than amicable person that continues to emphasize, "It's ok if you failed one. You got one more", completely missing the point that their system is botched and that it is hopeless. Then in an effort to get me off of the phone, she tells me that he can transfer me over to another department that will change the way I am verified. I agree, due to my overall lack of other options.

The guy that I get transferred to says that he can change my authentication process, but only if I agree to restart the course and lose my 4+ hours of work. No thank you for that. So I decide to continue and and hope that whatever outsourced job-holding Indian fellow that programmed this software didn't screw up too bad. But nope. Within another 30 minutes of doing the program I am met with another voice authentication test that I fail miserably. End of course. You do not pass go. You do not collect $200.

Thanks a million IDriveSafely!


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