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I paid the $75 dollars for driver's ed and was not told that there was 180 day limit to it. I called the service rep and she said that it was in the contract. I just looked at my contract and no where in there does it say that there is a cap. She said my only options were to pay and addition $20 to have it open for 30 more days but if I don't finish it in that time I'll have to pay an additional $20 until I do. I am a full time student and have a full time job, needless to say, I have very little free time and that time is spent taking care of errands, cleaning, cooking, and sleeping. The customer service rep was rude the whole time and treated me like I was an idiot or that I was being a b****. Do NOT use this site to fulfill your requirements. It is a total rip off and when you do call for help, the people are completely rude.


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