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Early this morning, when the Internet is usually faster than daytimes, I tried to surf the net. Using iBurst. The iBurst signal monitor says I have 100% signal. Yet it seemed slow, for the last few weeks it has very very slow. I went to a few online speed test sites. This was the result: an average upload speed of 100-140 kbps. That is slow for a broadband service for which I pay for. And a download average of 40, yes FOURTY, kbps!! That is dialup speed!!! Shocking. What a slow speed. And disgusting, seeing that this is supposed to be broadband, and at a time of night when many users are sleeping and thus not online. No excuse for this. Try download something using iBurst, ha good luck. Rather buy that pigeon. iBurst should be pigeon pie. When my contract is up I am leaving them.

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      Jun 03, 2016
    iBurst - They charge 10 times the normal rate for usage out of a bundle
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    My son was using my niece's i-burst internet. When he used it for July 2009 and he reached the 40mb capping it sent him an e-mail to tell him. He then purchased a bundle of more internet time and continued to use it. In August he used the internet and on numerouse occassions tried to log onto the i-bust site to check his usage but was unable to log in as the site was having 'technical' difficulties. When I phoned i-burst to check the usage they told me they could not give me this info and no one could log onto the site as they were having 'technical' difficulties. In September this problem continued and on the 120909 they sent an e-mail to say we owed R6083.00 for 3.5g that had been used. When I phoned to find out what was going on they said they had changed all the contracts to be uncapped and this was the usage for September 1-12. They charge 10 times the normal rate for usage out of a bundle. Today I was told we owe R18000.00 for August and R6000.00 for September that is a Total of R24000.00. This is absoluteley ridiculous !!! I am having a heart attack !!! I am prepared to pay for usage but not at ten times the bundle rate.

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