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Iberia Airlines / Horrible Service + Missing Luggage

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I flew with Iberia Airlines from New York to Madrid and to Istanbul, round trip. Overall, I had great experience with Iberia; the service was outstanding, there were no major delays, the personnel were helpful and the food was great.

I have only one big problem: Some of my personal belongings disappeared when I arrived to Istanbul. I checked in 2 pieces of luggage in New York. I got both pieces when I arrived to Istanbul, but I realized that the side pockets of my sports bag
were opened and many personal belongings were taken out. I immediately went to the “lost Luggage” office that represents Iberia (CELEBI) and reported the damage. They took down some information and told me that I should be getting a call within the next 24 hours.

I haven’t heard from Iberia for 20 days. I e-mailed the airlines twice and faxed a document a few times and got no answer. Eventually I got a hold of someone from the corporate office after I sent a letter to the CEO of Iberia. The person reviewed my file and told me that I had no claim but as a good faith Iberia was willing to offer some money; less than 1/3 of the actual value of my missing items. They told me that the reason for offering so little was that I didn’t declare all the items at the lost luggage office in Istanbul. I tried to explain to this person that I was told by Iberia staff the following

“OK, don’t worry about your missing items, just fill out this form and someone will call you in 24-hours and they will take your statement. You can give them to full list of missing items. We don’t need a list from you”.

I had horrible experience with Iberia customer service. They would not transfer my calls to the managers; they would not give their names or ID numbers. This company is run like a banana republic.


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  • Au
      27th of May, 2008
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    I am also having a huge customer service issue...with almost no tangible responses from Iberia. I was charged 280 euros for my service animal one year ago. I was told to contact Customer Service when I returned home. Although I have sent documentation several times, have faxed letters from my doctor, at this time there has been no response. An airline is as good as its customer service...this airline offers none.

  • He
      7th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Iberia is the absolute worst airline we have ever encountered, and we have flown many. Our dream-of-a-lifetime trip to renew own 35th wedding vows in Venice, Italy was ruined by this airline. The flight delays initially caused us to miss a whole day in Venice, eight hours innecessarily in the Madrid airport wasted for a connecting flight. The Iberia personnel are very unprofessional, inconsderate, unhelpful and rude. They directed us to six different counters, all with a minimum wait of 30 minutes, only to be told we were in the wrong line.

    Upon arrival in Venice, you guessed it - they lost our luggage. All our personal items, my husband's medication and our vow ceremony clothes were in the luggage. We spent the first few days in Venice in the same travel clothing and had to unexpectedly purchase new items - from clothing to make-up to everything else you would need. Our luggage arrived the day of the ceremony but you can imagine the frustration, irritation and uncertainty of these first few days. Our luggage had been plifered thru, several things missing and my husband's medication spilled out. I packed two velvet cases deep in my husbands shoes and you can imagine the surprise to the thiefs when there were oulet protectors in one and hair clips in the other...however the point is they violated even the depths of his shoes with their filthy hands. Our opinion of this airline is that they are definitely not passenger friendly, their personnel uninformed, customer services representatives liars and their baggage handlers thiefs.

    Shame on us for not researching them beforehand. We booked the air portion of our trip through American Airlines and had confidence that Iberia (being a partner to American in the one-world program) was was not so. We have not received any comments, responses or contact from Iberia - through all our dealings, never once an apology, ounce of concer or amends. In speaking with other passengers at the airport they too have had horrible experiences with Iberia. Passengers beware ! !

  • Mi
      23rd of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    You are absolutely right about Iberia being the worst airline in the world. Extremely unprofessional. I also made the mistake of trusting them because they were a part of the One World Alliance. This means nothing and now American and British Airways wants to join them! All 3 of these airlines are now in the trash as far as I am concerned!

  • Se
      18th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I travelled Athens - Madrid...Madrid - Chicago with Iberia in Late November 2010...I had read all the former complaints etc for this airline and was worried!!! My flight from Europe to U.S was wonderful...good food...great entertainement and friendly staff...I loved it!!! Coming back though was something else!!! Food fit for ... no comment...staff rude and looking very tired... the same film played 4 times ( a really bad Spanish comedy)!!! and to top that a Captain and staff who you could not understand their English!!! Would seriously avoid this airline in the future and I travel alot!!!

  • Sb
      7th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    I travelled to Nigeria on a Friday which was the 13th of December 2013 on a BA/Iberia flight. The aircraft that took us to Madrid from Heathrow London terminal 5 was half empty and ….., I wonder why. Well, it was a connecting flight to Lagos, Nigeria and the aircraft, crews and service were appalling. While at Barajas Airport in Madrid (where we were going to connect) sitting on the aircraft, a fellow passenger drew my attention to something happening on the tarmac. On looking, I saw that some luggages were not been loaded on to the aircraft. A gesture by one of the people loading the luggages into the aircraft to say that there is no more space could be observed. The remaining luggages that couldn't make it into on to the aircraft were taken away by two of their cargo vehicles. The passenger then started praying that he hopes that his luggages are not among the ones taken back.
    On arrival in Lagos, Nigeria after a long journey with no inflight entertainment provision, we (all passengers) proceeded to the baggage reclaim section and I waited on my luggage to come up, but there was no luggage. Some others and I then proceeded to a nearby stand to make enquiry about the whereabouts of Iberia staffs and we were told there are no Iberia staff around. After much vocal protest which seems to be unbearable to the security personnel around, we were told to go and speak to someone who is claimed to be Iberia representative. On speaking with her, she has no clue what happened to the luggage as there were no communication from Madrid about the non-arrival of the luggage. We were told to come back on the immediate Sunday as there were no inbound Iberia flights on Saturday. Upon getting there on the Sunday as instructed, my luggage was not among the few found. I kept going to the airport every other day and it was the same thing, no luggage. Eventually, I received a phone call on the 25th of December 12 days after arriving to come to the airport that one of my luggages has arrived. I quickly went there (to the airport) to reclaim my luggage only to find the suitcase damaged and the lock broken. I immediately checked its content and was satisfied that nothing was missing. I was then told that the other luggage cannot be found as of now.
    As of writing this, Iberia cannot locate my luggage and no APOLOGY has come from Iberia for the loss.

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