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Posted: 2009-06-18 by Akram Banai


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Hyatt Hotel
880 West Lake Village
West Lake Village, California
United States
Phone: [protected]

Dear Board of Complaint:

In July 25, 2007 I was hired by Hyatt Hotel located at 880 West Lake Village, West Lake, CA 91361
Tel: [protected]. My position was an Accounting Clerk. Later they give me responsibility about
Being as a General Cashier and to supervise over 16 Cashiers for their daily balancing and
Currencies exchanges and keeping hotel vault for over $45, 000.00 daily balance. Therefore, holding
Two positions as full charge payroll clerk and general cashier. My duties were very heavy and some
Time I must work over time to complete the processing on time and all the pay checks be given bi-
Weekly to employees. In fact, I could work for them until June 23, 2007 and there was disagreement
About my duties at accounting office. During my work few time I got to processing error which the
Controller told me you must be experienced on duties to be perfect at your job. I he also gave me
Several options to keep job.
But, during my work on March 2007 I became very sick and Inflammation on my feet did not let me
Continue the job without visiting doctor monthly. I use the Company’s health insurance which was
Health Net. Health introduced me to Doctor Farah. He is General Practitioner, Located at 17130
Ventura Blvd. Encino, CA 91316 Internal Medicines. He prescribes me the medication Hydroxyzine
HCL 40 mg and 25Mg later over few months. I did not get any improvement which getting worst
Suffer of pains day and night. Now this medication is disapproved by FDA as a result of
Prement disability and my even cause patient’s death. During My work at Hyatt the controller
LeRoy Russell caused few problems which I got in to stress and Emotional sickness.
One he paunch my back shoulder and another time he came to me during processing the payroll-
Checks he pooled my breast and presses them very hardly which I started crying.
I tried several time to hired attorney to complain about the Hyatt but, they all wanted
Money which I could not pay them. I believe this is negligence’s of motional sickness caused by
Pervious controller of Hyatt Hotel. Over two years I cannot find a job and I am completely sick and
My kidney is failure now by miss treatment of Health Net Insurance Doctor and the Controller
Abuse. I hope I could have protection from you office. I am losing everything I have, my rent is due
My utilities are due and I cannot continue my education by not having any income. I do not have
insurance to continue my health recover for kidney problem. And, disability SSDI also denied my
Very truly yours,
Ms. Akram Banai
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      Jun 18, 2009

    Very good

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      Jun 18, 2009

    I believe the complaint is very good

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      Dec 05, 2009

    You're full of crap. You are here in the US living off of the Government. Just like most of the people from Iran. Your rent is less than $600.00 a month and You drive a Toyota. Sell Your car and start paying Your own bills.

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