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Hughesnet / terrible service and cust support!

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I have had Directway then now I am constantly getting FAP'ed even though no one was home for 4 days. I am on a wireless network, but out in the country. Unless cows have gotten laptops then no one is close enough. Calling them is a 3-4 ordeal. You have to deal with their "English" names although they are in India. They have no clue to how to troubleshoot. After a major problem on their end my 6000 just suddenly quit working. I suspect they disabled it so I would have to upgrade. Then after the 7000 was put in, now they tell me I have to be repointed to another sat. I found the signal meter on the modem and repointed the dish for a stronger signal. I suspect they have a transducer problem on the sat and are trying to force customers to another sat to take this problem bird out of service. And all this at the cust expense. It is funny how every time they have a problem I have to raise Holy H**l with them for two days and suddenly the service is working again. I have been working for over two weeks since the last problem they had. I have written corporate and they have refused to answer my letter. They hide the corporate E-mail for customer service from you and refuse to give you corporates phone number. If I had anything else available I would drop this ISP in a heartbeat. They simply do not want to deal with customers and customer complaints, but they do want our money for shoddy service.

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  • Su
      27th of Apr, 2008
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    I am so dissatisfied with Hughes and frustrated that there is no other ISP I can use where I am located. I am paying a lot each month for nothing but aggravation. This speed is as slow as dial up, not at all worth the price, and I can't get one customer service rep who is a US citizen and cares about the frustration. No one ever told me I had to be concerned with how much I downloaded, and I swear I don't download what they are saying I download. It feels as though they cut me off sporadically, even when I am not around to download a thing! I am just about ready to stop service altogether, but have no idea who to go with. This is the worst service I have ever experienced as far as internet connection goes. HughesNet is interested in the money only and could care less about customer satisfaction. I hope others learn how disappointing their service is before they sign up. Their commercial is full of #$@%! I just called because of problems with my internet connection and was put on hold for over a half hour only to get hung up on. I can't stand having to call them because it is always a problem. I would never recommend this service to anyone - they take advantage of those unable to get service from anywhere else.

  • Ha
      9th of May, 2008
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    Been through nearly everything I've been reading about, the pidjin English of the customer service reps, the FAP crap, which appeared out of nowhere, the incredibly slow service even when FAP isn't in effect. I've upgraded to Pro Plus, got a static IP, and still it's slow -- 20 minutes to download a 5 MB song.

    But it isn't always slow, just evenings and weekends, which tells me it's all at their end, and not me "sending too much data through the HN7000S" as their troubleshooting page and customer service reps like to say.

    Can't wait for them to get a wireless tower built out here.

  • To
      23rd of Feb, 2010
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    i agree with everything that is posted on this board. i have the same problems and have been a customer for as long as direway and hugesnet have been avaible. if i could go to another service i would in a heartbeat.

  • Ai
      28th of Oct, 2010
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    God I am sick of all of the xenophobia and thinly veiled racism of you people. Intead of calling them furriners, and not US citizens (as if those in the US are the only people that should have the privilege to work). Why don't you just come out and call them sand [censor]s. I know you want to, it's as obvious as the two brain cells in your head colliding.

    The FAP "crap", that "came out of nowhere", has been there the whole time, how's about next time do a little research. It's all right there on the website.

    Oh, and here's a shampoo recommendation for you.

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