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Hope Now Modifications / Fraudsters and cheaters

1 United States
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Called Hope Now Mods LLC back in November, 2008. I talked to a guy name Eric Simkin extensively as I was very unsure about the validity of their claims but at the same time I needed help. Eric went a VERY LONG way to assure me that they were legit. He spoke of honor, claimed he was a family man and that HNM saved his home. He would reply to my emails mostly from his Blackberry, never received an email from him that wasn't from the Blackberry. I asked him to talk to me man to man, I have a family and was wary of putting them in harms way trusting them to help me. I told him that if I gave him the 2000 I would not be able to recover easily and I would fall further behind in my mortgage. He said all the right things. I looked up HNM on BBB and there were no reports filed but that seemingly was only the case since they were new. Eric continued to answer every question I had being very accountable and forthright.

I agreed to sign up for the modification and gave them the 'escrow' payment. I was told that I would have results in 72 hours or at least an update. A week went by and nothing. I called and left voicemails for a week and sent emails. No response. Eric would email me back once in awhile assuring me everything was moving forward and about once a week I would get a call from some Indian sounding guy telling me my mod was still in negotiations.

This same pattern went on for months. I got a letter from my lender saying that HNM did send the paperwork over to negotiate on my behalf but this was months later. I kept calling and calling. Always had to leave voice mails. Finally spoke with a lady named Mgdalia and she was sweet as pie! Sounded like an older soft spoken woman who claimed she also had her home saved by HNM and talked my down from my rage on the phone. She assured me that the only reason things were taking so long was because lenders were so backed up with mod claims. I spoke with Mgdalia a few times over the course of 2 months or so and she always was able to convince me that it was still in process.

5 months later I got a letter from my lender stating that the modification package that was sent was denied because of 'no response from 3rd party negotiators'. I was FURIOUS and immediately called Mgdalia. She was again apologetic and gave me the name, email address and phone number of my supposed case worker. I proceeded to email and call this person numerous times over the next months and I got absolutely ZERO reply from her. COMPLETELY ignored and now they've been shut down by the FTC.

I would gladly join any class action lawsuit against these THIEVES. I have everything documented. I have every email ever sent to and from the company saved with dates, names, everything. Please contact me to help in any legal action being taken I will do everything in my power to help bring them down. They deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and goto PRISON.

HNM should be ashamed of themselves and I truly hope they take a good look in the mirror. What goes around comes around and they will get their if I have anything to say about it.


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