Home Security Consultants of America, Inc.stolen money - deposit for materials for employment

Home security consultants of america charged me a fully refundable equipment deposit of $385.00 to begin employment (As home security consultant) with their company.

Work/employement was to begin in 1/2017. This never happened and brandon kept saying it would soon begin, things are just behind. I never received equipment and the company still has not put anyone to work, at least in denver as far as I know.
The contract we both signed (Myself and the company) states the deposit is fully refundable. I never received equipment, as I stated.
Brandon informed us by email he is so sorry things are taking so long and we can request that our deposit be returned to us if we can't wait any longer.
He gave us the steps to take to make this request and the email address to send it to.

I made that request over a month ago, on 4/22/17. I received no responses to my inquiries on the status of this refund and no return calls from brandon reed ever, until finally on may 24 he emailed me saying my refund was process and mailed.

Today I received a check for 185.00.
The amount I put down was 385.00, so obviously 200.00 is still owed to me.
I am not cashing or depositing this check. I am demanding the entire amount owed to me in full.

My contact was brandon reed, director of sales for hsc america - he never answers his phone and almost never returns emails now..
The website is

I have receipts proving that I sent the money order for $385 to hsc in december 2016 and copy of the independent consultant that was signed with hsc.

May 31, 2017

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