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Home Finance of America / Poor service!

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Home Finance of America
I was going to go ahead with a mortgage with Home Finance of America until I found out the night of closing I needed to bring 2,000 to the table. When I called my loan officer Joe I asked him what this was all about he said he made a mistake on the good faith estimate. As luck would have it he made the same exact mistake on my brother's good faith estimate. Sounds to me like a business practice, not a mistake. So now I payed $300 for an appraisal that is of no use to me and $75 application fee that they are not refunding to me.



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D  5th of Jun, 2007 by 
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I was Darren Barra's loan officer Joe. Mr. Barra wrote this comment on this board before we resolved his situation. Mr. Barra was not misquoted on a fee from our company. The mortgage tax from the state of New York was higher than expected. Mr. Barra was refunded his application fee of $75 and also the $300 for the appraisal that was done on his home. The statement about his brother is also false. I was his loan officer as well. His loan closed and he was very satisfied with my services. Mr. Darren Barra was a repeat customer to our company Home Finance of America. He obviously liked us to do business again. His own brother closed a loan and had no complaints with us. My business practices are where they should be. I take care of my clients in every way. Thank you.
D  6th of Aug, 2007 by 
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I had a great experience with HFA. During a time when virtually every broker was giving me "stretched" information that served their interests only, HFA was to the point, sent a written list of the costs and -with little chit-chat - got the loan processed at an interest rate that no one else could get me (and the competition even told me that I was getting ripped off - they were wrong).

HFA carries your loan until they can place it elsewhere - in our case, a very short period of time. All other aspects of it remain the same. I'd recommend HFA. Just ask a lot of questions and do your homework.
A  5th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I agree. Its not business practices that are unfair. Its the fact that the hours and pay are horrible so they cannot get people to work there. So in order to get as many people working there and as fast as possible they have a terrible training program from an idiot boss. Then these workers are thrown onto the floor and are basically clueless. I would never get a home loan from this company after watching their practices. BEWARE!
A  28th of Nov, 2007 by 
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Joe, just admit working for home finance really blows and what they do is unethical business practices.
A  5th of Dec, 2007 by 
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Home finance of america is a joke! The company has employees who see your information to other companies for money. They have destroyed many families lives by scamming them out of there money and not returning it after being caught. Do not trust this place, people without licenses in certain states are signing contracts.that practice is is completely fraud. Please do not chance your life with this fraud poorly ran trash company. You will be sorry!
A  5th of Dec, 2007 by 
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I agree after working for Home Finance I have seen the damage first hand and how it has ruined people's lives. Especially after witnessing that scandal of an employee selling customer information to other companies. The information they provide their employees is not updated and does not provide an adequate estimate of costs. In fact it's not even close and the information needed is never enough and customers are backed into corners and eventually are just screwed. The management of this place sucks especially that Fran Kelly. He is an idiot and will do anything to get money for the company. It seems the company makes money off of the application and other upfront fees and then the customer is in trouble when their rate lock-in expires or they cant have a provider before settlement. Do not even waste your time even looking at this company first hand I know that there is nothing good here!
N  19th of Jan, 2008 by 
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I was looking into them.....seen enough here to change my mind....thanks guys!
A  21st of Jan, 2008 by 
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I tried this company once and they left my family in the streets. They take a bunch of upfront fees and they dont care what happens to you next. Speaking to company management is like speaking to a wall. when it came timeto move into my house nothing was done for me and my family had to live in a car for 3 days. They went through the whole process with me and at the end told me that my rate expired after i told them i needed 37 days and they gave me the ok. please stay away from this company. They have ruined my familys life.
A  1st of Mar, 2008 by 
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I used this company 2 years ago after my Mom died to buy her house and give my brother l/2 of the morgtage. I too was told I needed money at the closing and now after really thinking about it they took me for alot of additional money I should not have had to pay. I referred my brother to them, and when he called to refi when interest rates came down 3 weeks after he closed they told him another several thousand dollars. They too are all about how much they can make and not about how they can help you keep your payment low. HOPEFULLY do your homework and realize that when you borrow money, you shouldn't be paying thousands more on that mortgage to give to them for their fees.
D  6th of Mar, 2008 by 
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I worked for Home Finance of America for five years and I can attest that they are the most reputable and honorable mortgage company that I have worked for. I was in the mortgage business for 17 years prior to working for them. They give each and every customer the lowest rate anywhere and they always return the application fee if a loan is denied unlike every other company I worked for. I worked with some of the people who posted negative comments above and I know that they were fired because their customer service did not meet the standards of this fine company. Disgruntled ex employess, no doubt. Use them for great service and the lowest rates.
N  12th of Mar, 2008 by 
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There was no Bob employed by this company for 5 years with 17 years of experience. Pathetic attempt to salvage the reputation of this company.
A  25th of Mar, 2008 by 
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There was definitely no Bob that worked at this company for 5 years. I would definitely know. This company is terrible because of how they train their employees. They have a difficult time keeping people and hiring new ones because of the environment and they lack of money offered. The training process is quick and simple and gives the employee no time to comprehend the practice. I would advise not to got with a company that has inept people dealing with something as important as a home loan. Also, they claim to have the lowest rates but you are actually paying higher fees. So, no home finance of america is not the lowest lender and most of what they do are illegal.
D  25th of Mar, 2008 by 
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As per that last comment about disgruntled employees who were fired, nobody was fired from that place. I only saw one person fired there my time there. They can not afford to fire people because they are so understaffed. This place is like somebody's basement. I can't say it enough just stay away before you end up being one of the many victims of this companie's practices.
D  26th of Mar, 2008 by 
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It should also be noted that the owner of this company does also own a couple of businesses in the real estate field such as an appraising company. So when you keep hearing people say that they were stuck paying an apprasing fee but didnt get their loan...well you get the picture.
N  12th of Apr, 2008 by 
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Do any one knows of a lender that's pretty decent in 2008. I have several properties that I have paid cash for and I would like to refinance them for 1/2 of the apprasial. Not looking to pull all of the equity out, but need my capital to continue to buy properties. Any infomation would be gladly appreciated.
D  15th of Apr, 2008 by 
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Just don't go with Home Finance of America... unless you are in the market of having your life destroyed by incompetence.
A  28th of Apr, 2008 by 
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I do agree with all the above complaints.I went through hell with my refinancing with HFA.Will never recommend them to any one but mine enemies.They came up with reasons for not closing couple days before my closing date and took forever to refund my application fees.As a matter of fact i had to file a credit dispute with my credit card company in other for my application fees to be returned.They also made me pay $500 towards appraisal knowing fully well they would not close my loan.Lost considerable time.To avoid headaches please stay away from this company.More so getting to report to management often fell to deaf ears.Looks like this bank is not legal.I wonder why they are still in operation.
D  12th of May, 2008 by 
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Kemi, there is alot of incompetence and deceit at this company. I'm sorry you went through that and just hope more people learn and not make the same mistakes we have.
D  14th of May, 2008 by 
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I just closed (refi) 4/30/08 with HFA. My agent was Jaqui Green. I live in CA. and the only propblem I had was with the time difference. My good faith estimate was to the T on what I signed at closing (% rate, estimated date of closing, and all fee's). Sorry to hear of those that had problems with this company. I was getting totally ripped off by a Lending Tree referral (forfeited $400. appraisal fee) untill I happen to call HFA and spoke with Jaqui. I was thrilled with her knowledge with the real estate business, her honesty, and integrity. Maybe it's different with who you deal with???
D  20th of May, 2008 by 
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Has anyone noticed that immediately after I or just about anybody else writes a negative comment about the company a positive one comes up. Folks, I used to work here and I know that they do look up on these site and put in false statements. I know from the inside that home finance is a despicable company and should be put out of business. The upper management is utterly incompetent and the company does not even institute a structured training program and place new employees on their floor unprepared. Money is made off of application fees and other upfront fees that are NON-REFUNDABLE. My experience was that so many loan applications would build up to the point where all control was lost and was told to just "toss" the ones that wouldn't not generate a high enough profit. What would happen then is that family would have their rate lock-in expire and most times would give up on home finance or unfortunately would not be able to close on their house. You can only imagine that anguish that would cause. I also saw another employee sell personal information to an outside source. When the ### finally hit the fan management intervened but it was the worst kept secret for the longest time their. I would suggest if you have a major issue to go straight to goverment agency or threated legal action. Management folds very fast once those things are mentioned. Complaining straight to management will fall on deaf ears. We were specifically instructed that if we received any phone calls from customers for management that we could only put them into voice mail and not surprisingly calls were never returned. Go straight to higher authorities if you have truly been scorned by this company. I cannot say it enough people Home Finance is a TERRIBLE COMPANY. Please do yourself a favor and spare the aggravation and AVOID. Also, for the many people who have been screwed by home finance please let your stories be known. It would only be fair to the other people here and a great way to get back at this company for all the wrong they have caused.

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